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    [font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]Peering out the large window curiously, Keira watched as the vast arrangement of creatures scurried through the streets and in shuttles. This was a very bright planet compared to her home with lots of busy people to preoccupied with themselves to stop for a moment. It was very alien to her. " [/size][/color][/font][color=#800080][font="'comic sans ms"][size=3]Why do they run i wander? What could be so important? Hmmm.... Maybe there is a party and everyone is late. There are no silver clouds for racing either. What odd specimens...[/size][/font][/color][font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]" Reaching into her belt pouch she removed a small halo pad mentally started typing her observations for Earth. After a few moments she returned her pad to her pouch and skimmed the area and pressed her goggles. "[/size][/color][/font][color=#800080][font="'comic sans ms"][size=3] Recording Specimen Human, planet Earth. Data entry 307. My time spent on the human military vessel is over. After a week of cell time from false accusations by the commander the humans brought me to their home planet Earth, where I was transported to a small medical facility for treatment from their star's rays. While in treatment I met human doctor who has had contact with another Traveler other than I. If my suspicions are correct then Zev may still be alive. I will continue to try and find evidence of his location as well as study the Humans. Keirka'Gora Rath Navi signing out[/size][/font][/color][font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]."[/size][/color][/font] [color=#000000][size=3]Suddenly a quite voice echoed from the intercom overhead. "[/size][/color][color=#800080][size=3]Doll Kilsa your ride has arrived[/size][/color][color=#000000][size=3]."[/size][/color] [font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]A large smile crept across her cheeks as she jumped down from the window pane and dashed towards the reception desk. Skidding to a halt as she nearly rams the desk, Keira giggles and wiped her skirt. " [/size][/color][/font][color=#800080][font="'comic sans ms"][size=3]Whoa that was close! I keep forgetting about these floors haha.[/size][/font][/color][font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]" [/size][/color][/font][font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]Looking around frantically her eyes stumble upon a Vourian eyeing her suspiciously with his hands behind his back. Walking up to him casually she looks him over and winks. [/size][/color][/font] [font="'comic sans ms"][color="#000000"][size=3]" [/size][/color][/font][font="'comic sans ms"][color="#800080"][size=3]Well well well if isn't Angel. I've gotta admit I was not expecting to find any of my contacts when I landed here, but thank the stars I did. Can you believe that the Humans actually tried to arrest me? They're lucky I am not the type to hold grudges or they might have found a few essential data files mysteriously gone hahahaha! I'm teasin Kitty no need to get involved with that.[/size][/color][color="#000000"][size=3] [/size][/color][color=#800080][size=3]It's nice to finally meet ya face to face by the way. There aren't many others that I trust enough to actually meet with. So what are you doin around here?" [/size][/color][size=3]รข?? Noticing that she had unknowingly interrupted him every time he tried to speak up, she blushed and rubbed her neck. " [/size][color=#800080][size=3]Oh damn I'm sorry. I tend to either talk to much or not at all when I'm nervous.[/size][/color][size=3]"[/size][/font]
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    [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Name[/i]: [/size][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Sage Silverthorne[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Age[/i]:[/size][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2] 23[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Gender[/i]: [/size][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Female[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Clan[/i]: [/size][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Harvest clan[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Race[/i]: [/size][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Omega[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Appearance[/i]: [/size][/font][/color][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][color=#800080]Crest is located on the back of her neck. [/color][url=""][color=#800080]http://ninjatic.devi...unk girl&qo=354[/color][/url][/size][/font] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Wolf Appearance[/i]:[/size][/font][/color][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][color=#800080] [/color][url=""][color=#800080]http://www.freewebs....Jared_Leto_.jpg[/color][/url][/size][/font] [size=2][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][color=#000000][i]Personality[/i]: [/color][color=#800080]Sage is hot-tempered and introverted. She prefers to be alone unless out with her pack on hunts. Her trust is not easily gained and those who wish to gain it must prove themselves worthy to fight by her side.[/color][/font][/size] [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2][i]Thoughts[/i]: [/size][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]She does not care whether the soldiers are human or wolf as long as they are strong enough to conquer their enemies togther.[/size][/font][/color]
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    (O.O.C. I tried to remember the important info since I didn't save it...whoops XD) [b]Name[/b]: Keirka'Gora Rath Navi (Keira) [b]Age[/b]: 22 [b]Race[/b]: Elzorian [b]Appearance[/b]: [img][/img] [b]Background[/b]: Elzorians are a species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence. They are a highly technologically advanced species that has the natural ability to harness and control electricity. Their planets skys are one massive lightning storm constantly, because of this they have no direct sunlight and have very pale skin and UV sensative eyes. Elzorians are very distrustful of other species and find them bloodthirsty and primitive. This is why they never leave their planet and only make contact with other species for trade and occasional weapon manufacturing for the right price. Keira was one of seven children chosen and trained since birth to be "Travelers". Since the Elzorians don't leave, they select a group of their own when needed to travel throughout the systems collecting information on planets, species, materials, and technologies. Because of their human-like appearance they are often mistaken for them and can travel undetected. She is currently on her mission to collect what she can, as well as trying to find one of her close friends who has been MIA for the last 5 years. [b]Code Name[/b]: Cyber Doll [b]Job:[/b] Tech expert, "Traveler", and Ship mechanic. [b]Weapon(s)[/b]: [i]Shock Gloves[/i]- Consists of an electrical insulating polymer mesh glove with a number of electrical contact "studs" on the knuckles and palm. [i]Cyberwhip[/i]- Contains a taser module in their grip that can be activated to send a powerful shock along the outside of the kevlar sheath. [i]Mini Bots[/i]- Tiny robots mainly used for spying and hacking when Keira is not in range. They are directly linked to her mind and are inactive when she is not controlling them. [b]Skills[/b]: Technopathy (the ability to control and manipulate electronics with the mind), Hacking
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    [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Name:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle Ravensveld [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Mutant Name:[/COLOR][/B] Hex [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Age:[/COLOR][/B]19 [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Sex:[/COLOR][/B] Female [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Mutant Ability:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle has power over the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Though she hasn't thought of herself as a mutant, only a "Natural Witch" as her "Mother" calls her. Her abilities are limited however, such as; Her fire is powered by the sun([I]Can only be used during the day[/I]), and water from the moon([I]Only at night[/I]), unless she is near that particular element. She also uses her books to cast spells, as long as she has the items necessary to do them. [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Bio:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle's parents were murdered and her memory erased when she was 10 years old. After a few months of wandering the streets an old witch found and took her in. She raised her, teaching the child everything she knew. Upon realizing the girl's powers, the woman deemed her a natural witch, and gave her access to the ancient texts. As the years went on, Arabelle perfected her spells/ summonings and decided to leave the comfort of her woodland cottage, to go into the world and continue her teachings, along with some fighting skills along the way. Now she wonders the country sides, collecting new magika books and searching for the answers to her past. [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Short Physical Description:[/COLOR][/B] [URL=""][/URL] [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Personality:[/COLOR][/B] Arabelle is an independent, introverted, book worm. She loves to read, and spends most her time summoning "The Old Ones" for advice and power. She can usually be found in one of the abandoned libraries or cemeteries. [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Character Snippet[/COLOR]:[/B] "Oh my God no way!!" Excitedly rummaging through the pile of singed books, Arabelle quickly pulled a large book from the pile and hugged it tightly to her chest. "I can't believe I found The Book of The Dead!" Stuffing it into her worn leather backpack, she headed out of the rubble that was left of the museum. [B][I][U][COLOR="DarkRed"][Finish Later][/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]:catgirl:
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    [I]OOC: I'll finish later..[/I] [B]Your Superhero name[/B]- Nocturna [B]Your known identity[/B]- Drusilla Eon [B]Your powers[/B]- The ability to morph into a Vampire Bat, and control them. [B]Your background[/B]- [finish later] [B]Why you think Aquaman sucks[/B]- He is an overestimated fish lover, with horrible fashion sense. Plus he's way too's gross. [B]Your Archnemesis[/B]- [Finish later] [B]Your Personality[/B]- I am dark and mysterious. I love nature, and despise the immorality of humans. Most people would describe me as a "tree hugging loner with a witchy attitude", but I'm only mean to those who I dislike...which is mostly everyone...unless they love bats, then were cool. [B][I]Drusilla (Me normal)[/I][/B]: [IMG][/IMG] [B][I]Nocturna (Costume)[/I][/B]: [IMG][/IMG]
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    [I]Pounding music echoed throughout the old storage house. It's basement filled with drunken adolescents raving violently whilst deafening themselves with the horrid misconception of a new generations idea of so-called music. Their bodies moved awkwardly with each other, simulating a wild seizure of what they call dancing nowadays. Personally it disgusted me...yet I continued to return there night after night. My own body and mind just as bit as consumed by impure human nature as everyone else. The only difference was...I had an alternative purpose then those peons. While I was working, they were lazing about, throwing themselves at each other like uncontrollable horny beasts...I on the other hand, had a very important job...[/I] Shoving her way through the crowd of sweaty teens, Emilia made her way to the top of the rusting metal staircase. Never keeping her sight from the men in suits ahead of her, or the man they were dragging. Entering a vacant room, she slammed the door behind her and removed a shapely dagger from under her leather jacket. Glancing to the man beside her, she pointed towards a chair near a rotting desk. " Tie him up...and hurry." She twisted the blade into her index finger as she walked towards the frightened man. "What a pity Leo. I was really hoping you would come through for me, but I suppose you were more interested in helping your friends." " wasn't like that. I had no choice, they said..." "No choice! Did you actually think the fucking cops would protect you from me? I own those men! Tell me...what do you fear?" Angrily backhanding him, Emilia stuck the dagger to his throat. " Aw...don't whimper like that Leo. It's, I'm not going to kill you." Leo looked up hesitantly. "Your not?" Slipping the dagger back into her coat, she replied. " Of course not. Your not dealing with my father remember? Why would I kill someone who could be a valuable asset to me? He always regretted that you know. Now...apologize." "Oh thank you Miss Giovonii. Thank you so won't regret it. I promise." "Release him." Smirking evilly, she turned around and unsheathed her dagger once more. "By the way weren't one of those that were valuable to me..." Briskly spinning around, the dagger flew from her hand, abrubptly protruding into the man's skull. She pulled the crimson stained blade from Leo's brain, and chuckled softly. " Dump that disgusting thing into the peer." One of the guards laughed and starred at her amazed. " You used to be so innocent. Now look at you." Smiling sweetly she kissed his cheek and wrapped her hand around his arm. " Innocent? Ha! Your idiocy astounds me sometimes J, but your cute so it's ok." Smirking wildly, her ruby eyes gleamed over the crowd below.
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    Sorry I wasn't here for trashing Vicky, but I was in Vegas [woot] for the week, and wasn't able to access the internet...for free :animeswea But I won't be leaving again fort a while ^.^ Everyone fears something. Unfortunetely for all of will be your gruesome end...[I]muahaha[/I]...:modrod:
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    [CENTER][B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Name:[/I][/COLOR][/B] Emilia "Luther" Giovonii [I]The Mafia Princess[/I] [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Age:[/I][/COLOR][/B] 19 [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Sex:[/I][/COLOR][/B] Female [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Nationality:[/I][/COLOR][/B] Italian [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Clan:[/I][/COLOR][/B] Sin [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Powers:[/I][/COLOR][/B] Emilia has the power to transform anyones greatest fears into a gruesome mirage. No one but the victim can see and feel the images, thus making it worse for the prey. The hallucination doesn't actually hurt them, but while induced in the mirage, they will feel whatever pain is given, to the extent that it is real, even as to kill them if their brain and/or heart cannot handle it. As her power grows, she will be able to trap multiple people in these mirages, possibly even bringing the images to the real world.... [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Appearance:[/I][/COLOR][/B] [IMG][/IMG] [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Personality:[/I][/COLOR][/B] Emilia is outspoken and domineering. Her violent sense of humor brings chills to her comrades, along with her eerie cruelty. A quiet confidence leads her to obtain whatever she desires, even through deadly means. Her belief in force over persuasion often causes trouble, but she usually gets her way. [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][I]Background:[/I][/COLOR][/B] [/CENTER] Emilia was born into the powerful Giovonii family. Raised as her fathers princess, she grew up getting anything she wanted. She was sent to the most expensive schools, whilst being followed by armed bodyguards, which seemed average to her. Over the years, her fathers "business" became a personal interest of hers, even to the point of becoming highly skilled with her pistols. She even took care of a few "marks" her father had been searching for. Once she was finished with school, she became very involved with underground clubs and learning the ropes in her fathers loan operations.
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    Xavier mounted the rifle on the mound of earth beneath him. After adjusting himself properly, he peered through the scope, scouring the land for the droid. "I'm in position captain. Just give me the word." "Finally, I've been trying to dodge this thing for what seems like hours. My blades don't do much, unfortunately, it heals itself." "Then the rifle won't do much much either..." "As long as you destroy it's chip it will work." "Alright...[I]lets hope my shot has gotten better[/I]..." "What?" "Nothing, just..err..trying to find a perfect shot." "Well hurry the hell up!" Launching herself off the ancient tree, Shiva spun to the ground, holding her thigh from the recent impact from the droid's dagger. Diving behind an abandoned shack, she grasped her blades firmly. Breathing calmly, she closed her eyes, listening to the air quickly brush the leaves around her feet. The droid was coming closer, it's light frame barely making a sound as it stormed its way through the ever-changing field of trees. As it neared the wounded Makiarii, a sudden weightlessness erupted through its body, raising it over the trees and preventing it from moving. "Aw, whats wrong? Anti-gravitational telekinesis got your tongue?" Chuckling, she slowly crept out from behind the shed, her eyes glowing a wild sapphire. Raising her hand and spreading her fingers, shiala smiled as the droids limbs creaked from kinetic force surrounding it. Exerting more energy into the strong pull, she quickly yanked the lifeless limbs from the mechanical bodes. Releasing the torso, she stumbled back holding her head. "Ok Xavier, blow her fucking head off." Smirking, Xavier took his aim, pinpointing the back of the droid's head. After a moment of proper breathing, he squeezed the trigger. The burning bullet sped through the air with laser speed, piercing the skull and exploding on contact, leaving a metallic torso sizzling on the grass. " Bullseye..." Lifting the rifle from the ground, he ran back to the ship. "Thanks X." Walking back to the ship, she headed for the medic room. Sitting on the large table, she began to remove her pants to inspect her wound. " Your always getting into trouble Shiva." Thor returned from the back room with some supplies, and began to prep the wound. " I think you should take someone with you next time you decide to wonder off." " Fine. There is a town nearby I was going to check out. I suppose you can come along, as long as you bring those hammers with you." After her wrappings were finished, she quickly pulled on her pants, and ran outside. Once Thor arrived, they headed towards the town.
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    Shiva groggily crawled out of bed. Her head pounding intensely from the overexertion of power used to stop the ship. "Hell...I need a new Medic..." Grabbing her Tiger-Heads (Chinese Hook swords or Twin Hooks) from the end of her bed, and strapping them to her back, she headed out the door. The ship had suffered greatly from their last fight, and it probably wouldn't be fixed very soon. Walking into the engine room, she watched as Driver worked frantically to fix the damaged engine. " Whats the damage?" Removing her goggles, she smiled and wiped her hands on an old rag. "Well, nothing to bad. Luckily her core wasn't hurt. Although, I may need some fusion plasma." " You want glue?" " Why not? It's cheaper...and it works." " Fine, I was going out to look around anyway." "Cool, but be careful. This region isn't very known in our database." " Don't worry about me Driver. I've fought alot worse than what this little planet can throw at me." "Whatever you say Captain..." Chuckling under her breath, Shiva made her way out of the ship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The planet seemed lifeless as she walked along the silent river. The peacefulness was soothing, but she knew it wouldn't last for long. "Shiala Kai'mae I've been looking for you." Eyeing the mysterious Makiarii, Shiva slowly removed her weapons. " What a surprise. I would have never thought to have seen one of you out here...especially alone." "Ha! Don't act so confident Shiva. You might have gotten away from the assassin's, but you know they were going easy on you. Your mother isn't here to protect you this time." Revealing her pistols, she smirked wildly. " Oh...How dare you bring that miserable witch into this. She has been trying to kill me for decades. I suggest finding an alternative excuse for your pathetic attempts at assassinating me." The droid smiled as she started to fire rapidly at the Makiarii. Fortunety, Shiva's years of training made it easy for her to dodge the girl's predictable moves. After a few moments of dodging, she angrily weaved through the gun fire, charging the hologramed droid. Spinning rapidly through the air, her blades sliced swiftly across the girls torso. Stumbling backwards, the droid held her stomach and screamed. Shiva chuckled and stood over the girl, her blades lifted over her head. " Aw...did that hurt?" Swinging the blades towards the girls neck, she was surprised when the droid caught the sword and laughed. "What the hell?" The girl smiled and pulled a dagger from her sleeve, quickly plunging the blade into Shiva's thigh. " Not really, but my kind doesn't feel pain." Her image started to blur as the hologram disappeared, revealing a metallic droid. *Dammit! My blades are shit against this thing. This will be interesting.* Hooking one blade to the other, she turned towards the droid and hooking the blade into its side. Yanking out the blade, along with some electronic innards, she kicked the droid into the river behind them. " Alright guys. I have a slight situation out here, I need the twins to bring out their rifles." " Roger Captain...and by the way, we have names. I would prefer it if you would actually call us individually." " Fine, Lucian and Xavier! Give me my damn rifle!" "Thank you...were on our way."
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    [B]Name[/B]: Shiala Kai'mae "Shiva" [B]Race:[/B] Makiarii, They are a mono-gendered race, though they have a female exterior. ( Like the Asari from Mass Effect.) [B]Age[/B]: 83 [B]Birth planet[/B]: Abyss Mul' of the Onyx Rhaiyne Cluster. [B]Bio[/B]: Shiala was born and raised with the Nocturnas. Taught how to fight and kill at a young age, she was quickly hardened into the warrior she is now. It was sixty years before she ever left her region to explore the lands, since traveling to the other regions was greatly frowned upon.. During her long travels, she met another Makiarii from the Sisterhood. The girl was on her pilgrimage to find "inner peace" with her furry companion Cho Cho (a miniature bear with a long tail and tiny antlers). After a while of talking, Shiala decided to go with the girl [Lee'net] on her pilgrimage as a body guard. This traveling lasted a few years, all the while bringing the Makiarii's closer together. At the end of their journey, Shiala had convinced Lee'net to return home with her. She had never found a partner as kind as Lee'net, and was not willing to let her go so easily. Unfortunately, when they arrived home, her fellow Nocturnas were not so accepting of the new blood. This was quite surprising the Makiarii, since she had grown with the belief of equality amongst the species. Apparently this wasn't the case for fellow Makiariis. Over time, Lee'net started to grow on the others as well, since they also knew only of violence and fighting. The new girl's strange companion, and loving nature was strange to them. The most intriguing aspect however, was the girl's relationship with the sea beasts. These beasts which they had been fighting for centuries were calm around her, even showing affection towards her. This talent reached it's way to the highest level. Catching the attention of the Nocturnas leader, and Elder amongst the Makiariis, Verdana. When she heard of the Tamer amongst her people, she was not pleased. Through her anger, the Elder sent her assassins after the traitors. Fleeing the planet on a stolen ship, the girls traveled far from home, even racking up a reputation of their own. Whilst trying to make a living, they had become space pirates, now not fleeing only from their own people, but bounty hunters as well. Earning the names Shiva and Vishnu( They were actually quite the opposite since it is Vishnu with the temper and blue skin). Roaming space raiding ships and killing any that got in her way, Shiva loved her new life. Vishnu, however, was not so pleased, she had led a life without violence or hardships, but now she was a criminal on the run. In the end, it was her kindness that begot her capture. During a raid of foreign transport vessel, Shiva had gone ahead to seize the captain and his ship, while Vishnu stayed behind as a lookout. After seizing the ship, Shiva went back to retrieve her partner, only to discover a bounty ship hauling her away. Once her chase of the hunter failed, she dedicated herself to breaking her companion out of the Nocturnas prison, and finding the hunter who dared take her. In order for her to do this however, she herself needed to become a hunter. Giving up her pirate status, she gave her crew a choice to stay with her, or leave. Those who stayed were willing to change their occupation for a while in order to help their captain, hence starting her hunt for the hunter. [B]History[/B]: The Makiarii are a very protective species, with a prudent "family" code. They originally lived together in a peaceful medieval style environment, until new races started to visit their planet, bringing their customs and technologies. Most of the Makiarii refused to conform to the alien customs, but there were some who did. Eventually these two groups separated, causing the planet to split into three sections. The first section lies on the lower east region of the planet, these "Phoenix's" follow the old customs, refusing to change their ways or mix the bloodlines, their fighting style is very tribal. They are recognized by the large phoenix tattooed on their body. The second group is the " Nocturna's". These mixed-bloods lie on the outer regions of The Sea of Medusa in the North Western region, this ocean is filled with many deadly creatures, ancient beasts from the olden days. Because of this, the Nocturnas have become very territorial and violent. Constantly in battle with themselves and the creatures around them. These "girls" are hardened warriors with incredible skill. No longer medieval like there Eastern sisters, they have formed a large city, filled with multiple races and mixed-bloods alike. They are recognized by a large tribal bat tattoo, and more modern apparel. Lastly, the third group is the " Sisterhood". These are the neutral Makiarii. They believe in peace and harmony amongst all species, excepting anyone willing to convert to a life without violence. The Sisterhood live on a large island in The Sea of Medusa, spending their time taming the wild beasts (including the sea creatures) and meditating in their temples. Against self-mutilation, they are recognized by a sun pendant and their tamed animals by their side. [B]Personality[/B]): Shiva is very hard-headed and independent. She believes in never giving up and standing up for your beliefs. Her hot temper does cause alot of conflict, but it fuels her to reach her goals. She can be very protective of what she loves, and isn't afraid to risk her life for her comrades. "Captain! We have a problem!" The young man hurriedly yanked on the controls, trying to slow the massive hunk of metal hurdling through space. Shiva quickly ran through the long hallway to the cockpit, easily evading the protruding wires frantically waving through the air. The hull had been severally damaged during their recent fight with the newest bounty they had been chasing. *This one was heavily armed...and psychotic. Never a good combination.* Making her way through the jammed door, she stumbled to the back of the mans chair. "What's the problem?" " That last blow hit the engine room, I'm afraid we won't be having a very fun landing." The man smiled cautiously and turned to assist the identicle man beside him. "Hey,don't mess with that!" "I know what I'm doing runt, get out of my way!" The other man screamed back angrily, causing the other to get more violent. The twins were a great asset to the team, but their constant fighting made things more complicated then they aught to be. "Knock it off boys! I need this ship ready to land, and unfortunately you two are all I got. So move your ass's!!" Grabbing the radio, she calmly called the rest of the crew. "Listen up ladies. She's going down fast and rough. So you better get the hell up here now. I'm not risking my ass to save yours." Returning the radio to its rightful place, she sat down and buckled up. Once the other members arrived and buckled up, she smiled and closed her eyes. The large male that had just sat down frowned and kicked her seat. "What the hell are you doing? This isn't the time to sleep captain." "Ah, leave her alone Thor. You know she isn't sleeping." The teen laughed and straightened her hat. "Whatever Driver, I don't listen to suck ass mechanics." " Son of a... I have been fixing ships long before you were created! Dumb shit robot!" "I'm the dumb shit?! I'm a cyborg not a robot genius! Being a mechanic so long, I thought you would know that." Sticking her tongue out, she crossed her arms and frowned. "...*mumble*...stupid sex robot..." "Alright you two. I'm trying to concentrate." Releasing her breath slowly, a blue aura quickly engulfed her body. Instantly opening her eyes, a steam of neon blood trickled from the sockets as the ship came to a screeching halt, then softly landed on the ground. After landing, Shiva took a deep breath and unstrapped herself from the seat. " Well, that was fun." Walking over to the pilots, she looked out the window. "Where are we boys?" " Lets see...according to our calculations..we are on... Falerious. Nice job with the landing by the way. Although, I'm surprised you could handle this size ship without Vee'net." Looking behind him to see the captain, he saw Thor holding her. "Oh...well that means I was always." Thor sighed and walked out of the room. "I'll take her readings, page me if anything happens." Driver smiled and stretched. "Well...I've got alot of work to do. You two try and behave...unless your fighting in the shower, than call me...hehe." Skipping out happily she started towards the engine room. [B]Transport to Planet Falerious[/B]: While Pirateering the galaxy, Shiva picked up a few ships along the way, which she stored in a dead zone. She traveled to this spot and chose an old Fleet ship they had stolen. It needed some work, but it was nothing her 4 man crew couldn't handle. [B]Usual attire[/B]: Her Attire and Appearance- [URL=""][/URL] Add a tribal bat tattoo on her chest, and take away the shoulder armor.
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    " Eon!? What are you doing?....oh, fine." Eon watched as the hologram of the beautiful young blond danced in circles around the floor. After a few moments the dancing stopped and the girl smiled bent down into a kiss. "Luv you babe." A tear rolled down his face as he tried to touch the cheek of the hologram. "Angel...I'm sorry..." "Who's that?" Zeke had silently been watching until he decided it was ok to enter the room. Eon quickly wiped away the tear and turned off the hologram. " one. Just an old...friend." "Hmmm... fine....well, some of us were going for pizza. You wanna come?" Standing up from the bed, he walked over to the door. "Yeah, I suppose.
  13. RPG

    (Sorry for the shortness, had to leave.) Eon smiled at the young woman who handed her the picture. She was taveling with a group of several girls her age, and they all seemed a little shy to talk to him. "Um...Thank you. I really loved the show, it was amzing! Your Cheshire cat was kinda creepy..but sexy at the same time. We'll definately be looking out for this again." The girl waved good-bye and walked out with her friends. After a while, the crowd finally diminished to nothing, and was gone. Eon stood up and stretched. Turning his wrist, a small hologram appeared, displaying set of clothes. Once deciding on a black V-neck long-sleeve shirt, and a pair of black jean pants with combat boots, he programmed the elfit into his nanos, and in an instant he was completly changed. "Whew! That was a fun night. Now i'm hungry though." Walking over to Zeke, he wrapped his arm around his shoulder. " So, how about a pizza? I'm thinking pineapple." "Well, I alraedy ate...but...ide love a pizza! Lets go!" Zeke laughed and quickly pulled Eon away from the others down to the cafeteria. Jumping over the counter, Eon started scrounging the kitchen for ingredients. He loved to cook, actually it was one of his favorite things to do. His meals had become a favorite amungst the crew. "Hey Zeke, want anything special?" Zeke excitedly answered, "Oooh! I want a strawberry shake, and chocolate cake, with fudge frosting, oh...and fried chicken, and watermelon, and some more cheesecake with some strawberries...or maybe blueberries...helll I want all the berries!!" After a few moments of continuing to name rtandom food, he finally stopped. "What, too much?" Chuckling softly, he patted Zeke's head. "Nah, but it may take a little while to make. I suppose I'll ahev something for everyone with your order." "Everyone...That was just for me..." He sadly bowed his head and sat athe bar stool. "Fine, I'll make double." "Yay!! Now hurry up!" Sighing, Eon started cooking the fiest. Which was quite annoying considering all the aspects with each meal.
  14. Discuss

    I was thinking Dracula and Phantom as well ^.^ A dark Demon/Angel thing would be cool too.
  15. RPG

    The crowd went silent as the lights turned black. Now Alice was walking through the forest, a confused look on her face. Suddenly a manacle laugh echoed through the room, leaving everyone at the edge of their seats as a spotlight moved to the branch of a large tree. There stood a man dressed in a striped purple [[I]His vest is half cut at the chest, revealing his thin stomach.][/I] suit. Dark purple fur patches located on his wrists, ankles, and chest. His eyes glimmering gold, and his tail flowing madly. The ears atop his head twitched, as a large insane grin pasted upon his lips. Alice dramatically gasped and watched the dancers swing about her. "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" Eon continued to grin as he spoke. "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." "I don't much care where--" said Alice. "Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cheshire. "--so long as I get SOMEWHERE," Alice added as an explanation. "Oh, you're sure to do that...if you only walk long enough. Oh, by the way, He went that way." " Who did?" " No, He did. Who went this way." "The White Rabbit went this way?" "No, He did." "Who?" "That way." "This is so puzzling. I don't know who went which way!" "Third base!" Alice was entirely dumbfounded now. Angrily stomping away, she was quickly swept up by the cat and thrown to a trapeze where she was caught by a cloaked dancer. She screamed and kicked rapidly as she was sat onto another "tree". She cautiously looked around, trying to find the awkward cat. With no success, she sighed and turned away, running straight into the feline. "I wouldn't go there. The people are mad." "But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that, we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice angrily. "You must be, or you wouldn't have come here. He he he!!...We all go a little mad sometimes." Vanishing once more, he swung from tree to tree. Barely seen by the audience, only seeming as a blur to most. The masked dancers were running wild now, swinging and twirling about Alice madly. ?I wish you wouldn?t keep appearing and vanishing so suddenly; you make one quite giddy!? Suddenly appearing on the original tree above her, he smiled."All right" Grinning wildly, he slowly started to disappear, beginning with his tail, ending with a shady grin floating in the air. ---------------------------------------- Turning off his hologram, Eon walked backstage. Hearing a few chuckles from one of the changing rooms, he entered. "What the hell...are you guys doing?" The girls looked up from attending to Lyon and laughed. " All done. We were making some last minute adjustments. Isn't he adorable!!" "Umm...sure..." Laughing slightly, he crept behind Zeke and licked his cheek. "Meow!...Hah...I licked you..I win." He laughed happily and hugged Zeke. "Your just jealous I have better abs then you." Sticking his tongue out, he ran out of the room.