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Request Star-Sword Request


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So, I have an idea for a banner (or flag) in my head and was hoping someone would attempt to draw it. ( I have done so myself...but for an example of Anti's Art work, glance at my avatar, grimace, then wipe from memory.)

Here it is:
On a blue blackground, toward the upper end (upper 70%) there is a Star (or Sun..). Large enough to be spherical in shape...and from it extend rays.

Toward the lower edge, the ray becomes a straight blade, comming to a point above the bottom. Upper becomes the Hilt. (think Longsword?).

In the 'Pommel' (the star..) is another, smaller blue circle (Gem =) ). Offset from the center, In the lower right or left side. Like it's blocking out the 'light'...or in orbit...

There may, or may not be other 'rays'. Whatever looks better.

The Star/Sword is white. Background is Blue...and so is the 'gem', Preferably the same color.

Thank you.

If this is insultingly simple. I understand. But, as mentioned before hand, It is beyond my abilities. :animeswea

For those of you whore care...This is gonna be the Banner (Battle-Flag) for House Tsrif, which is going to conquer the world. *wry grin*
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