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  1. Cool, this is the latest cafe or lounge or I forget what that massive thread was called when I joined up...
  2. I'm personally in it for the music, Ive liked every episode so far, but there are a couple of segments that were completely awesome!
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du5wRPeQlnU[/media] Short, Simple and Sweet
  4. Nothing specific(yet?) aside from your in the milan refugee camp etc etc.
  5. Name: Peregrinus Gender: Male Age: ? Appearance: Pausing a moment from his preparations for the days journey, Peregrin peers into a sheet of glass he had not noticed in the room the night before. Peering back is a dark haired man, about 6 feet tall, clad in a dark brown cloak. His face while not fair, was not unpleasent to look upon; the most distinguished of features being his deep set blue eyes under heavy brows. The whole of his features had a weathered look to them, betraying of his long journey. "What's this?" Peregrin laughed at himself. " Has Echo's' Curse come over me?
  6. Anti


    not that I particularly care...but Smurf, your being incredably atagonistic...I find your assualting Fasterisk and then preaching it to be icredably irrelevent crap, as you put it, to be quite instructing on your personality. I thank you for the lesson. I liked Faster's first post personally because it brought up an idea that is central to all philsophy... it's not knowable, nothing is, except what we expiernce directly. Even then it might be solely expiernced by us - each our own universe, no? - and thus the answer I see to the question posed is simple - it might make a sound, or nois
  7. Anti


    A tree falls in a forest, and nothing is around to hear it. Does it make a sound?
  8. So, I have an idea for a banner (or flag) in my head and was hoping someone would attempt to draw it. ( I have done so myself...but for an example of Anti's Art work, glance at my avatar, grimace, then wipe from memory.) Here it is: On a blue blackground, toward the upper end (upper 70%) there is a Star (or Sun..). Large enough to be spherical in shape...and from it extend rays. Toward the lower edge, the ray becomes a straight blade, comming to a point above the bottom. Upper becomes the Hilt. (think Longsword?). In the 'Pommel' (the star..) is another, smaller blue circle
  9. [B]Mid-Afternoon, July 31st.[/B] Zach walked down a dirt road accompanied by his platoon sergeant, Kenneth Reinbach, whom was talking to Zach about the recent patrol. The road they were on led from 'Inner Nadine' (Inner refers to the highly developed areas of Nadine in the immediate vicinity of Aesir district...) to the outer edges of the districts, then belted around the outskirts. They happened to be in Godheim and were moving toward the West, heading for Dominion. Zach's platoon had arrived in Nadine that morning and were settling back down, most in the barracks provided, some like Za
  10. Name: Zacherai Star-Wind Age: 22 Gender: Male/Next Gen Altered City of Residence: Nadine, Offical Residence is The Wind Clan-Lands in The Dominion. Loyalty: The city of Nadine, and in so far as it 'assist' Nadine, Arcadia. Job: SDF Officer - 1st Lieutenant Abilities:a Strong Vitiakinetic, or using ESP to heal the body and mind - Mainly focused in Algesis, the ability to turn someone's body against itself (ranging from the minor ability of causing inflamation, preventing one's body from being vulnerable to other Algesians, to causing major lacerations and the lung
  11. mmm... Martial Arts is a wide range of areas, styles, techniques, cultures, and philosophys...in short the word defines itself...Martial - Military Arts. Most of what we practice today was devolped in various temples around china...the most famous being Shaolin Temple - Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wudan Temple - Tai Chi. Most other Oriental Martial arts can be traced back to china - as for most of history china has been the cultural center of Eastern Asia, although their are a number of martial arts orientating from various parts of the world but believe it can be agreed that the most widely pr
  12. a neoseaker reject? Id say no but I don't know what that is, pm me sometime. oh, and by eating vegtables your eating a living, breathing, lifeform, and thus,killing something without gettings its permission. And don't act like such a victim QUOTE]I've met many people like you, you're a dime-a-dozen add easly forgoten. If God himself told you, you still won't change your mind.[/QUOTE] God/goddess/the radient IS gave us free will to do as we please, to see what truths we want to see, and to learn and grow and thus be alive, but thats another subject. couldn't resist checking it, thou
  13. Anti

    Loaded: Debugged

    [I] Zaeon had blanked out from the world, absored into his compute, not even feeling the turbalance aorund him, a small wire extruding from his shirt and leading to his wrist computer. A rough up down in the automosphere ripped the wire out of his shirt, small traces of blood on it.[/I] Zaeon: **** [I]Ripping the wire out of his wrist comp his look clouded then returned to normal, as if comming out of a trance. He held his chest for a few moments then picked up the wire and began studying it fanaticly, after which thorughly checking over his wrist comp [/I] Zaeon:.... [I] Z
  14. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i] [B][color=royalblue]*looks up Pending in the dictionary* Oh. So that's what it meant. I've learned something new today... Question about the game: So this will be a place for every rper to come together from separate games....and chew the fat? Interesting.......or am I wrong?[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] yeah...chew the Fat, and go on a few journies, maybe get lsot in afew other rpg planes, whatever comes up.
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