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The cheese stands alone- but you can't help but watch it!


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[color=darkviolet]What shows on tv are so cheesey you can't help but watch them? This can include cartoons, but not anime.

For me the cheese on my cracker is WInx Club. I'm sure the Italian version may be a bit less painful, but you know what happens when 4Kids gets a hold of something.

This show is an emberassment to cartoons. I know it's supposed to be a kids show involving girl power- but the villains are so laughable. They have this one now- Lord Darkar- I think when he retires he'll get beat up by The Princess from the Power Puff Girls.

I'll get better later. Share your cheese![/color]
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Mine has to be Bo-Bo Bo Bo Bo or whatever its called the show is so stupid, but I can't help watch it. It makes me laugh so hard especially how he treats that pickle hes so mean to him especially on the first 2 episodes he told the girl Beauty his life story, but told the pickle he couldn't hear each time.

Also theirs Power Rangers SPD I can't stop I know I should have stopped watching after Time Force the last Decent Power Rangers show bringing back Tommy for Dino Thunder was a good idea, but too little to late they had already ruined the series with Wildforce and Ninja Storm and SPD is the icing on the Canadian Power Ranger series cake.
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