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Does anyone remember that show on MTV called Fear? It used to come on about 2 or 3 years ago.
The basic setting of the show was that they would get some 20 year olds together and have them go to "supposedly" haunted places.

I was hooked for a while, but then the show was cancelled after 2 seasons. (I think it lasted 2 seasons)
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"Red will go to the Old Mineshaft down at the valley enterance and wait for further instructions. Blue will navigate."

(grins) I loved this show. I thought it was very funny to see teenagers scaring the crap out of themselves, listening to the freaky stories and sitting in a cage overnight in some room where three little boys were raped and killed. I don't know, maybe it hit the morbid side of me but watching people afraid like that was great. Hearing the stories even scared me sometimes.

It was even better when something odd actually did happen, like a door slamming or a strange noise and just scaring them so bad that they'd go home. It was a great show...it wouldn't happen to be out on DVD would it? It'd still crack me up to see. It was like...Blair Witch the game show!
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