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Gravitation 2


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Gravitation was considered complete at 12 volumes, but Maki Murakami recently started creating new chapters for some kind of web publication. Anyway, the really cool part is that you can download the first issue of said publication (July 2005), [b]legally and in English[/b]. Just click [url=http://www.gentosha-comics.net/genzo-e/][u]here[/u][/url]. Because it's a promotional thing, it's free, although obviously all the following issues cost money.

The translations are credited to Digital Manga, which seems to raise the interesting possibility that DMP might license Gravitation 2. We'll see...

Anyway, in chapter 55 (or, rather, chapter 1), it's revealed that [spoiler]Yuki Kitazawa actually had a young son.[/spoiler] Talk about starting off with a bang. Personally, I think it's just an excuse for Ms. Murakami to re-use the cutest character design in Gamerz Heaven, haha. ;)

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