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Three... Extremes


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I've been hearing alot about this movie though I haven't seen it myself (mainly because it hasn't come to America yet). But its supposed to be the Japanese version of Saw and where America got their inspiration for Saw from. Three... Extremes is a compilation of three short films: Cut, Dumplings, and Box. Each very disturbing, but suspenseful and beautifuly made. This film was made to shock the mind and the senses, and from what I've seen they do just that.

[Spoiler][U]Box[/U]: Directed by Fruit Chan
A beautiful female novelist, still guilt-ridden over the childhood death of her twin sister, receives a mysterious invitation to meet at the site of her sister's demise.

[U]Dumplings[/U]: Directed by Park Chan-Wook
A retired actress longing to retain her beauty seeks the rejuvenating effects of a doctor's "special" dumplings, only to discover they contain one horrifying ingredient.

[U]Cut[/U] Directed by Takashi Miike
A film director is abducted by a vengeful stranger and forced to make an impossible choice that will change his life forever.[/spoiler]

Look for them in NY and LA October 28th
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