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RPG Prophets of the Last Eclipse [M-LV, maybe S]


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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]OOC: All right! Let's kick this thing off!


[i]Krass'th[/i] Hiss'th Thanoths Isthenss strode through the inhabitable region of the asteroid JHV-1098, reffered to locally as "The Jive". Almost all of it was devoted to part dealerships, garages, bazaars, and the like. Normally Hiss'th wouldn't concern himself with such a backwater trading spot, but his ship, the [i]Claw of H'raa'thss,[/i] had been ambushed by space pirates, and he needed repairs.

[i]Damnable pirates,[/i] he thought. [i]Their attacks grow bolder with each passing cycle. Still, the attack happened in this system. We damaged them heavily. They will have nowhere to run but here. If I am to find them, it will be on this desolate rock.[/i]

He continued on, past the sights and smells of The Jive's bazaar, until he found the sign he was looking for. Writing on the side of the remnants of an old ship wing read, in Galactic Common, "Bargle's Spare Parts". Hiss'th entered the shop. An old Ileti, portable water tank feeding its gills, turned to face him.

"Hiss'th, my old friend, welcome! What can I do for you?" it asked.

"It is good to see you again, too, Bargle. My ship was ambushed by pirates and needs repairs," said Hiss'th.

"Your ship? Oh, right, you're a [i]Krass'th[/i] now! I always forget, my friend! Anyway, to business now. What was damaged on the [i]Claw of H'raa'thss[/i]?" Bargle's tone grew more serious as the conversation turned to monetary matters.

"The upper-left thruster is out of commision, some hull plates are critically damaged, and we lost one of our Hellspitters. Truly we were blessed to not have to enter an atmosphere. I am not sure we would have held together."

"Hellspitters. Those the meter-longs?" asked Bargle.

"Yes," replied Hiss'th.

"Well, if I said it'd be cheap, I'd be lying to you. But I'll see what I can do for you, old friend. I'll swing by the stardock later and check it out."

"Thank you, Bargle. Your assistance is, as always, greatly appreciated," said Hiss'th, as he left the small shop.

OOC: Unfortunately, I'll be gone over UEA weekend. Expect me back on Sunday, probably.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"Ugh..." Karith sighed.

"You can say that again," said Jeff.

"Damn those Lizards! My Leviathan is wrecked! Now what?" he muttered to himself.

"There's always Jive, K." Jeff said, thoughtfully.

Karith thought for a moment. "You're right. We should go see Bargle and get some repairs."

[i]Damned lizards. I'll bet they're right there waiting for me.[/i] Karith thought. [i]But we can't go anywhere else, not with our ship in this condition...[/i]

Jeff stood defiantly. "I still say we should have used IT." The room went silent. The lights seemed to dim, and all eyes were on Jeff. He looked around nervously. "I was... just joking, eh?"

The crew nervously returned to their tasks, fearing what ring of Hell they would be sent to if Jeff got his hands on something like that. They weren't even sure what it did, but the Mechanic had made it, and Gods be damned if it wasn't going to be powerful.


"Alright, brace for impact, everyone!" Karith yelled.

OOC: Sorry it's so short... I'm in Business Law right now. AND taking a quiz at the same time.
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