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  1. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]I'm back, everybody! But, as Takuya said, there's not a whole lot going on that needs constant posts with Karnig. I'll post if something important comes up, but until then, just assume that Karnig is building up things. Building up the army of Selestiae, and also building up Aurvung into a formidable fortress city.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  2. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Hey, sorry about this guys, but I'm going to be gone from Friday to Tuesday, with no chance to post.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  3. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Hey, sorry about this guys, but I'm gonna be gone from Friday to Tuesday, with no chance of posting inbetween those days. Just giving a heads-up, carry on without me. Takuya, maybe you can temporarily take control of my character?[/FONT][/COLOR]
  4. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]I really like the idea behind this thread. I've been wanting to do some kind of RP with golem-like things for some time now, so I'm glad you've come up with this one, JT. I can see the merits behind most of your proposed setups, but also some cons. If we do one thread, then it might get bogged down with posts that half the characters aren't even involved in. But, then again, it's only one thread to check, which might be a hassle for multiple ones. But other than the hassle of checking five threads, I like the idea of one thread per country and a crossover one. Oh and P.S., sorry that my writing sample is so huge and completely unrelated to the thread, I didn't feel like writing something on the spot.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  5. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Kirby jumped up at the box, breaking it open and revealing a Skull Coin. [i]Excellent,[/i] he thought. Tucking under his arm, he dashed up the stairs. He didn't get too far up before a Pirahna Plant nearly took off his foot. "Sod you!" he yelled, and sucked up the plant, roots and all. The next plant that took a bite at him got a taste of its own medicine as Kirby bit off its head with his now-massive chompers. He continued up the stairs at break-neck speed when he saw the shadow below him. He barely managed to throw himself out of the way before a Whomp crashed down behind him with an emphatic "Urggh!" As the one behind him began to rise, another slammed down in front of him. Kirby looked up to where it had come from and noticed a hole in the ceiling. [i]That gives me an idea...[/i] he thought. Inflating himself and flapping his arms, he flew up through the hole. [i]I was right![/i] There was a space above the stairwell just big enough for him to run through. So he ran. He noticed a vent below him and kicked it out of the way. He emerged into a chamber with five customers waiting behind a wooden counter. He chose the center one, a short creature in a white mask and a cowboy hat. "Hey, want to buy a Skull Coin?" he said to the red-robed thing. "Why would I want to do that?" replied the Shyguy. "Well, because?" started Kirby. "Look out behind you!" Howdy interrupted. Kirby whirled around to see a Goomba ready to strike. He dodged to the side and counterattacked by leaping towards it. He grabbed it and lifted it above his head as he jumped, doing a flip in the air to bring it down under him. As he landed on it, he assaulted it with a barrage of kicks. The Goomba popped in a cloud of smoke. "Hey, that was some nice movin', partner," said the now-clapping Shyguy. "Sure, I'll buy your fancy Skull Coin." Kirby sighed in relief and rushed back down the stairs for another coin.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  6. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][b]Name:[/b] Scout Orinthos [b]Age:[/b] 34 [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Nation:[/b] Geo [b]Occupation:[/b] His formal title in the Geo Army is "Scout," but everyone in the armed forces refers to his position as "Golem Master." [b]Family Information:[/b] He doesn't see them much now that the war is on, but he has a loving mother, a proud father, and an admiring younger sister. However, he almost considers his golem, [URL=http://ddo.ogaming.com/gallery/albums/concept/iron_golem1.sized.jpg]Naxos,[/URL] as a brother. [b]Anything Else:[/b] Orinthos is well-built and his head is bereft of hair save for a short beard. His weapon of choice is a sturdy warhammer. [b]Brief Writing Sample:[/b] I wrote this last year for extra credit in English class. I know, it's sci-fi, but I can write fantasy, too. There was a lot more than this, but this little bit is long enough... As Uri and the Rag Man stepped past the last outcropping on the steep trail to the summit, she mused that should she jump up, her head would break the cloud layer. At last, an overlook was all that lay between them and the mist-shrouded ground, far below. The stunning vista offered a breathtaking view of the ruins of New Feltan. On the planet of Turos, winters were harsh, with bone-racking chills that shattered windows and took the unwary. New Feltan was abandoned early in the colonization effort to the unforgiving cold, and the ages had taken their toll. Many skyscrapers leaned crazily, icicles hanging from them like glittering fangs, while gliding Gilthas made their nests among the empty traces of humanity. A menacing glacier was ponderously advancing upon the dead city, promising to wipe it completely from memory. They stood there for a time, Uri shivering in the spring's still-biting air, the Rag Man silent and still in his billowing, frayed cloak. Uri broke the awed silence. "That must be the saddest, loneliest thing in the universe," she remarked. "What is that?" queried the Rag Man. "An abandoned city." The Rag Man remained silent, and Uri took this as a sign to continue. "All of mankind's dreams, aspirations, breathed into this sprawling metropolis, only to abandon it. That city is lonely and cold. We left it to the elements, as uncaring as the breeze, and now only the scavenging Gilthas remain." The Rag Man again maintained his expectant silence, and so she continued. "They should have stayed, fortified it against the climate. New Feltan could have been a grand, splendorous thing, a monolith that withstood the tests of weather and age, a tribute to mankind's will to survive." The Rag Man spoke. "You have much to learn yet, young one." Uri broke her sight away from the hollow, echoing ruins far below to turn her slightly incredulous gaze to the Rag Man. "How so?" "While tragic it may be, an abandoned city is by no means the saddest thing in the universe. What you must learn is that this existence is by no means restricted to mankind alone. What matters is not defiance of the elements, but life itself perpetuating wherever it can, no matter the species." He gestured to the graceful Gilthas soaring above New Feltan's ruins. "We should perhaps even rejoice at New Feltan's abandonment. For had it not been left to the elements, where on this barren tundra would the noble Gilthas make their nests? Indeed, had the humans stayed, they would have undoubtedly destroyed the Giltha nests when they found them, perhaps driving them to a localized extinction. You have yet to learn that humanity is not the only species out there, although often it seems it strives to make that so. And that is why?" The wind chose this moment to howl up the cliff-face and blow the hood back from the Rag Man's head. Instead of a human visage, a reptilian, snake-like head met Uri's gaze. "?I renounced my humanity long ago." Uri had become accustomed to the Rag Man's features over the several years she had spent under his tutelage, but nevertheless the drama of the moment struck her and she was taken aback. He continued. "But the universe is no Earth. On what inhabitable planets we have found, life is difficult at best, and extremes of climate make survival all the more delicate. It was under this background that I developed my philosophy of self-modification to further humanity's survival." "But master, could we not just use the nanos?" interjected a recovered Uri. "Ah, nanomachines. But you see, young one, most of the populace currently does utilize nanotechnology to some extent. And although it does prolong life for some time, it reaches the point where all of the cells that make up the body become copies of copies of copies, cellular integrity is lost, and the body collapses. Nanos can only do so much without a constant feed of new material." "The advanced nanos you provided did help, master. I feel better than I have in years. But?" A shudder ran through her, of which the cold was not the sole cause. "?But I could never do what you do to yourself." The Rag Man was silent for some time, speculating. "You have yet another bastion to overcome before you are ready, I see." She made an inquiring sound. "The first bastion is that of pride for humanity. That you are close to overcoming. However, the other is vanity. Another revelation you must have is that the human form is not perfect. Self-modification is not a practice to be ashamed of, to fear; it is not self-degradation, as others may label it. It is instead the practice of bettering oneself through science. If we use an animal's limbs, what of it? They are no lower than us. Animals and humans are kindred souls, both scraping out what life they can from a deadly environment. So if they lend a hand? or leg, as the case may be? who are we to refuse?" The meager sun was nearing the horizon, and dark was approaching rapidly. "We had best be off if we wish to make shelter before dark," noted the Rag Man. "Master," called Uri as he turned to go. "One last thing, please. What happened to New Feltan?" His serpentine eyes gained a faraway look. "Pride. They were unprepared for the winter, and many had died before the evacuation order was given." With that, he turned away and started down the ridge, Uri hurrying to keep up.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  7. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]OOC: Good idea, Raphael! Karnig was already up and studying the map the next morning by the time Seishirou knocked on the door. "Enter," he said. Seishirou sauntered in, shuffling the strange deck of cards between his hands. "I am glad you have come, my friend," Karnig said to him. "I was wondering how to approach the daunting task facing me, but seeing you on those cards of yours has given me an idea." "Oh?" he asked. "Yes. Come look at this map." Seishirou walked over to the desk and stood looking at the map. "These towns here," began Karnig. "Jotungrud and Felbinda. Our Lady has informed me that they are loyal to her. She has instructed me to bolster our forces with them, yet there is still much to do to here to rebuild Aurvung. If I left to rally the neighbouring towns, this town would surely revolt against me, so I must remain here and consolidate my position to one of strength." "Quite a quandary," said Seishirou. "Indeed," nodded Karnig. "That is where you can help. You can travel quickly on those cards of yours, where I only have, at best, horses. You have the liberty to go abroad, where I am bound by the promise of reconstruction and the threat of revolt. What I ask of you is to travel to Jotungrud and Felbinda and rally them for Selestiae." "I understand. I'll set out at noon." "Excellent! But I ask this of you: no matter what you do, please do it by peaceful means. Selestiae has expressed her wishes, and these include minimal violence." "Gotcha," said Seishirou. "Go out, rally the towns, don't kill anyone. I think I can cover that." Karnig smiled as he donned heavy leather work gloves. "Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must help my people rebuild their town."[/FONT][/COLOR]
  8. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Hey, sorry about letting the thread go like that. I was gone for a week and just never really caught up. I'm a bit swamped by RPs currently, so it wouldn't be good for [i]me[/i] for the thread to be revived, but if you guys want to, you can go ahead.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  9. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]That night, as Karnig rested fitfully on the dead mayor's bed, Selestiae came to him once more. However, this time she seemed displeased. When he saw her materialize in the room, Karnig hastily stood up and respectfully bowed low. "My Lady," he said. "Karnig," she acknowledged. "My general, tell me this: how can you expect to win the hearts and minds of your people with violence and fear?" "My Lady? Have I not rallied them? Even now you can hear the rings of hammers upon anvils as they create weapons to outfit themselves for the nearing time when they shall march in your name!" "Foolish Karnig," she sighed. "You have certainly won their arms and legs. But have you won their trust? You could not hope to with the methods you practice. They view you now as a tyrant. And a tyrant's rule is never beneficial to the ruled or the ruler." Karnig sat heavily. "My Lady, I think I understand. But tell me, how can I gain their trust when I have already shown them violence and fear? I could not simply walk out there and apologize for annihilating their mayor. It would make me seem weak, and that would not be the wisest idea just now." "Humans should not serve their King, my general. Their King should serve their people. Serve them, Karnig. Work alongside them to rebuild their town. Show them kindness, lead them to victory, feed them well, and you shall earn their trust." Karnig bowed once more. "My Lady, as always, you know best. I shall endeavor to do so. I will serve my people." Selestiae smiled at him. "I believe you, my general. Now, on to other matters." She made several fluid and strange motions with her hands then. The air in front of them seemed to waver and rupture. She reached inside the rift and pulled out a large, rolled-up parchment. She unfurled it and spread it across the desk. Karnig saw that it was perhaps the most detailed map he had ever seen. When viewed casually, it encompassed the entire continent, but as Karnig trained his eye upon the town of Aurvung, it seemed to leap to his eyes in fine detail, down to the shingles on the buildings. "What witchcraft is this?" he asked. "No witchcraft, my general," replied the cannily smiling Selestiae. "This is my second boon to you. The finest map you could ever hope to see in all the lands. Now, to strategy. These neighbouring towns, Jotungrud and Felbinda, are loyal to me. When your army is ready to ride out, seek these two to bolster your forces. From there, you should..." They pored over the map long into the night, discussing what Karnig's tactics in the coming days should be.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Hey, just a question for Takuya and Ecstasy: Undead? I was wondering if it would be okay to have zombie-type things in Karnig's army. After all, he made the townsfolk pledge their eternal/undying/words to that effect loyalty to Selestiae, so what if it's [i]literally[/i] undying? If you're not okay with it, go ahead and tell me. I just think it would add a bigger sense of wrongness about the whole thing, seeing (for instance) a battalion of infantry get struck by a rain of arrows but then pick themselves up again and shamble onwards. Also, the good guys could feel less guilty about fighting Selestiae's army, them being dead already. But if you don't want THAT much fantasy in your fantasy RP, I totally understand.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  11. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]It was nearly sundown when Karnig reached Aurvung, the town at the base of Mount Sronheim. Panic and fire ran rampant throughout it. Karnig strode quickly down the ash-filled streets, heading for the town hall in the main square. A chilling wind followed at his heels, extinguishing the blazing buildings as he passed them. A crowd soon gathered behind him, following him curiously. Never had they seen such a foreboding man clad in such grisly armor and carrying such a magnificent blade. Yet Karnig felt barely concious of his actions. It was as if a force much greater than himself controlled his limbs. He reached the steps of the town hall and turned to face the crowd. Fire still raged in other districts of Aurvung. Karnig saw this, and saw also his arm rise to make a sweeping motion that encompassed the entire horizon. As his arm passed over each section, the fires therein would founder and die, leaving naught but smoldering embers. He turned to face the double-doors of the town hall, and made a flicking motion with his hand. The doors exploded inwards, ripped from their hinges. Two stunned guards peered out of the doorway. "Ring the bell," growled Karnig. "Summon the people here." The bolder of the two stepped out to face him. "Well who do you think you are, then? You can't just?" The guard dropped to the ground, unconcious, with one swift blow of Karnig's armored fist. "Ring the bell. I won't tell you again." The concious guard saluted smartly and ran back inside. Soon, the deep, sonorous tones of the bell pealed throughout the town as its dazed denizens made their way to the square. "People of Aurvung!" cried Karnig to the assembled mass. The words sprang to his lips from some unknown place. "The gods have abandoned you! Artime? Nox? Ninyata? Your prayers are wasted on them. They heed them not, and have left this pathetic planet to fall into neglect and chaos! You have but one hope: my Goddess, Selestiae. Your meager lives have been spared only on her whim! The hellstorms that ravaged this town? Merely a taste of her almighty power! You can only be saved from death by pledging your undying loyalty to her and her alone! The old and weak gods have forsaken you. Thus, you may choose salvation by forsaking them, and embracing Selestiae!" The mayor of Aurvung approached him now. The stocky, fat man sneered openly at him. "Salvation?" he barked. "Abandoned? Rubbish. I don't care who you are or what you serve, but no one gets me to bow and scrape before the Fey Goddess." The man then spat forcefully at Karnig's feet. Angry grumblings rose from the crowd before him. There was a soft, silken sound and a thump as the mayor's head fell from his neck to the marble steps. Karnig had not been aware of drawing his sword or of swinging the blow. A terrible groan of dread arose from the assembled masses. Flames spread swiftly across the blade of Karnig's zweihander. He pointed its trembling tip at the headless corpse at his feet. "My Goddess..." he growled. "Does not appreciate... [i]INSUBORDINATION!"[/i] As he screamed the final word, a gout of fire shot from his sword and obliterated the body before him, leaving only a black, greasy stain on the white steps. He waved the wicked zweihander above his head. "To your knees, every one of you! To your knees, and pledge your eternal loyalty to Selestiae!"[/FONT][/COLOR]
  12. [quote name='Ecstasy][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][COLOR=Navy]Another note, once everyone is near the same area, I'll start the "missions."[/SIZE][/FONT'][/COLOR][/quote] [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Now, by "everyone," do you mean [i]everyone[/i] everyone or just [i]protagonists[/i] everyone? Because I assume my "mission" is still "recruit the people of the world to the army of Selestiae."[/FONT][/COLOR]
  13. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Another good thing to have here is what teams we're on. That way we don't have to constantly flip back and forth between the AS and the AU thread. [SIZE=3][b][u]The Teams[/b][/u][/SIZE] (for now, at least) [b]Team Alpha[/b] Beatrix (Sakura) Waluigi (Jokopoko) Loto (Dragon Warrior) Kirby (Me) Mallow (KKC) Victor Delacroix (Ezekiel) [b]Team Beta[/b] Ada Wong (JJ) Wario (Gavin) Marth (Ikillion James Bond (Illusion) Conker (Ryoko T.D.C.) Pikachu (vicky) Now, as for team names... I'm totally stumped too. Fresh out of ideas and names, except for ones from Norse mythology, and no one on our team is a Viking. I just read a book on it, so that's why. OH MAN! I totally should've signed up as one of the Lost Vikings, that would've been SWEET![/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]I have four words for you: [b]Shadow of the Colossus.[/b] Everything about that game is a memorable gaming moment. The gorgeous landscapes, the amazingly epic music, the feeling of both triumph and sorrow when you finally defeat a Colossus... [i]Especially[/i] the sixteenth Colossus. He killed me quite a few times, I can tell you that much. I ended up giving him the nickname of "God-Machine" because of it. What an amazing game.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  15. [FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]One of the scariest video game characters, to me, was the sixteenth colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. Wikipedia calls it Malus. [i]I[/i] called it God-Machine after being killed by it a few times. It's very frightening, in the first stage of the battle, when you have to [SPOILER]dodge from cover to cover and all the while it's shooting death-bolts at you[/SPOILER], just seeing this colossal monster dominating the screen and feeling the thud of one of its [SPOILER]death-bolts[/SPOILER] hitting the ground right behind you. It may be scary, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel sad when I eventually killed it...[/FONT][/COLOR]
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