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  1. haz a happy birthday!

    5 stars for still living! woooo!

  2. [COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]sorry guys! my compy crashed too...blah. I don't really have a lot of time to post right now....only able to go online at work, if I'm lucky. I shall try my best to get something up. :([/SIZE][/COLOR]
  3. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]...and it dies. *sigh* Well, if anyone else is willing to continue it, I am. LETS DO THIS!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]YAY! Shnorkel is now with everyone else. So, just to clarify, I kind of baised his personality off of Ducky from "Land Before Time." (and, rememeber, he has spiky white hair, as well as stained linen bandages covering everything except his eyes, hair, and mouth.) Anyways, I wish I could write more...but, writer's block. LOL. ~Ra p.s. - what exactly does the surrounding area look like right now? I'm so confused on that part...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  5. [SIZE="1"][COLOR=darkred]Shnorkel had left the inn when the crowd has started to disperse. After sleeping a fair distance away from Rensing, he and Soren awoke at dawn. He was curious about what was to happen to this Hope, of whom he had heard so much of the night before. Therefore, after a quick meal from the rations, he started the walk back.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]After a bit of time, he saw a huge lighning bolt flash. [I]From the Rensing! Curious, curious, curious.[/I] After a few moments, his attention was drawn to the stormy sky. There, growing bigger by the second, where two black dots. He stopped, and Soren started to chatter nervously. As it grew, he realized it was something IN the sky, and it was comming towards him![/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]He rushed over to a cluster of rocks, hoping it would provide enough cover. From this new vantage point, he watched and waited. Closer, closer, closer...he saw that the forms where humanoid, but he couldn't tell what, exactly. He did notice, however, that there where four of them. [I]Too many. Must stay hidden. Yes, yes, yes.[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]Presently, they seemed to stop right above him. Yet, they still grew larger. He got his bow out, and fealt the familiar tingling in his arms. Soren crouched beside him on another rock, squeeking with apparent anxiety.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]"Shnorkel feel it, too. Magic, magic, magic, eh Soren?"[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]The forms where beginning to be discernable, and Shnorkel was surprised at what he saw. [I]Twins and child from the Rensing? Curious, curious, curious.[/I] There were one other human, but he didn't recognize him.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]They weren't quite above him, he now saw. They where still a while off, towards the city. He gathered himself, readied an arrow, and walked towards them.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]After a few minutes, he saw where they had landed. [I]Another human? No, no, no, it look too big.[/I] He got closer, [I]Ah, it horse with TWO human on it! Silly, silly, silly Shnorkel.[/I] Words drifted across to him, coming from the really, really big one with the long gray hair.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]"...help if I am ever going to kill Dalmasca. Don’t worry though, I am patient and will stay until she decides to help me.”[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]At that, Soren jumped from Shnorkel's shoulder and bolted to the horse. Poor thing was facing the other way, and became quite frightened when Soren clung to it's tail, swinging like a pendulum. Shnorkel started to laugh out loud at the sight, and all of those gathered turned as one. The horse, which had started to kick at the damn monkey, succeeded at scaring him off. Scampering back over to Shnorkel, he chittered his little monkey laugh.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]Soren aimed his bow at the big one, still giggling to himself. The one on the horse was red in the face, and yelled, "What did you do to Kumi? Stay back!" Shnorkel aimed at him, and rolled his crimson red eyes.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]"Shnorkel not do anything! Soren did, silly, silly, silly horse boy. Soren like cause trouble."[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]One of the twins from before, the female one, smiled at him and walked over. He re-aimed at her this time. "Your name is Shnorkel? I'm Ayeika, and this is my brother, Lu-"[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]The silly boy on the horse charged away from them. "This was a trap! You don't mean to save Hope! Liars!"[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]"Quiet, silly horse boy!" Shnorkel yelled. "Shnorkel have no trap. Nope, nope, nope. Shnorkel hear of Hope, too. Shnorkel an Soren can help?"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"][i]Crunch...crunch...crunch.[/i] Droplets of water sprinkled on the figure from the trees above. The nearly black leather armor rubbed in awkward places, making him feel the coming on of rashes. However, the strips of linen saved him from the worst of it. Two quivers, made of the same leather, bounced lightly against his thighs as he walked, oh so carefully. His steps left no track on the floor, nor no sound. His dark ebony bow, as ever, was at the ready. [i]Crunch...crunch.[/i] A familiar tingling ran though his arms. The twin cloth armbands, stained a deep green, shimmered with a nearly invisible aura. [i]Magic, magic, magic,[/i] he thought to himself. [i]Such an odd thing, but very useful.[/i] [i]Crunch.[/i] He knew he was drawing closer to his prey. The small deer was just there, on the other side of the bushes. He crept to the edge of the bushes, slowly, slowly. Pulling back the arrow, feeling the magic coursing through his arms, the sudden rush of adrenaline - [i]This is what Shnorkel was meant to do.[/i] Finally, the edge. [i]There![/i] As he aimed, a white blur flew across his vision. This distracted him enough to send the arrow flying harmlessly into the ground a few feet away fromt he deer. He cursed aloud, watching the deer lumber away into the green maze. "SOREN! Why do you do that for?!?" he yelled into the bushes. A chattering was all that answered. "Laughing at Shnorkel? Stupid animal...fine! Shnorkel and Soren won't eat tonight!" With that, he stomped off into the forrest. He walked aimlessly, letting his feet choose the path themselves. [i]Stupid, stupid, stupid. Doesn't Soren get it? Stupid, stupid, stupid.[/i] As he went, he heard the scampering of his white, furry friend following him. He heard the branches bend, the leaves fall onto the wet ground. [i]After that storm last night, it harder to find things that aren't all hiding. Hard, hard, hard. Soren so careless, stupid animal.[/i] As the sounds from above grew louder, he picked up the pace. grabbing a fallen acorn, he turned to throw it at the sound. Up in the branches, hanging from a long tail, swung Soren, the albino spider monkey. Throwing it with perfect aim, he knew it would knock the stupid animal down. Soren, however, simply caught it in one of his hands, and therw it back. It bounced off Shnorkel's spikey white hair. "Good shot, Soren!" he exclaimed happily. "Didn't think Soren'd be able to respond that fast! Fast, fast, fast." The familiar game always made him feel better after Soren had pissed him off, especially when it hit the damn thing. "Alright, my friend Soren, time to go, go, go!" The monkey dropped from the tree, grabbed two apples, and lunged onto Shnorkel's right shoulder. He passed one to Shnorkel, and both promptly began to eat. [CENTER]- - - - -[/CENTER] Shnokel had walked for days. His travels had brought him to the forrest, and then across a mountain. He was ambushed by a couple outlaws on the mountain passage. After killing the would-be robbers, he looted them. There was a purse of coins on each, simple weapons and armor, almost empty packs, and a package of rations. He took the food for nurishment, took the coins because they where sparkly, and left the rest. And, down the hill he went. He continued down the road, and saw a town. There was a crowd of villagers streaming into a large building. He tried to hear what they where saying, but it was all lost in the wind. As he approached the entrance, he put away his bow, and donned the hooded cloak kept safely in his pack. Lowering the hood, he passed the guard with no response to his warm greeting. [i]Rensing, huh?[/i] Soren sneeked past, then jumped on Shnorkel's shoulder just before he entered the Inn. The crowd almost overpowered him. [i]Too many, too many, too many! Shnorkel not like this one bit. No, no, no.[/i] He saw two human twins and a child go up the stairs. He glanced around, and sat at an empty table, hidden in a darker corner. His enterance had apparently gone unnoticed, which pleased him. Soren left his shoulder, and perched himself on a beam overhead. Sitting back, he listened to what the Villiagers where ranting and raving about...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  7. [COLOR="DarkRed"][size=1]Hokay! Now that I'm all settled from my absence, I'm about to post. Bah. I need more time for this....and, again, sorry it's taken so long! :) ~Ra EDIT THERE! FINALLY! Ugggh.....okay, I'll be good and keep up from now on. LOL[/COLOR][/size]
  8. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]BAH! I go on vacation, and it starts.....uugh. Alrighty, guys...I shall read up what's goin on, and shall try to have a post ASAP. ~Ra[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  9. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]Out of morbid curiousity, where in British Columbia? My in laws- well soon to be inlaws are in the Okanagan region, but I have a friend in Ft. Frasier. Ft Frasier- snow supplier of the 2010 Olympic games. [/color][/font][/size][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Terrace, actually....waaaaaaaay up north! Soon to be Victoria, though, for schooling. :P[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  10. [COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]Who: Member since late 2005. Where: British Columbia...now, and forever. What: Attempting to get my butt back to school...taken waaaay too long. Alternately, though, I've been buisy writing a lot. Finally got published! (only took forever) Currently, I'm working up in Northern BC with developmentally delayed children. I love it, but it's a lot of work. Hoping to continue it within the field of Social Work...maybe. When: Started out in the Arena (starring in RP's & creating them), made my way to the Anthology (wrote a story with a close friend, which is on it's way to get published as well), and then I fell off the face of OB for two years. I had a couple attempts to get back on, but until last month I haven't had much of a chance. Why: I've loved this site since I became a memeber, and I missed it...
  11. [COLOR="DarkRed"]Ok, so I've kina skimmed through this whole thing...and, here's my conclusion. I [b]MAY[/b] be going about it the wrong way, but why not have this turned into it's own sub-forum? ....just an idea. (gawd, I just realized that what it'd do to Shy....give him even more of an ego boost....:animestun) [quote name='Boo'] [font=lucida fax]BTW I keep thinking I'm watching Sara when I'm watching Penelope. It's weird.[/font][/QUOTE] ME TOO! >.
  12. I have to agree with Imp completely: I've wanted to join an RP like this for a while. Although it's been a couple years since I've actually been in one, I can't think of a better RP to make my comback with! I'm all game! Also, I've been playing D&D v3.5 lately (has anyone else heard of Pathfinders?), so this shall be interesting...on to the sign-ups! [COLOR="DarkRed"]Name: Shnorkel Dandoo Age: 56 Race: Gnome Class: Ranger Appearance: Is basically dressed as seen [URL="http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/ex_whisper_gnome.jpg"][u]here[/u][/URL], but is completely albino. He usually is bandaged from head to toe (think mummies) underneath his armor. Also, has a huge dark cloak. Specialties: Very in touch with nature (although not so much with "regular" society); Master of the Longbow Weapons: Composite Longbow & Naval Dirk Magical Items: A matching set of apparently normal wristbands, magically enchanted to aid in archery. Biography: Shnorkel Dandoo calls the Empire his home, originating from a small village of Gnomes. While he was young, his entire village was killed by a large pack of Were-Rats. All that survived was he himself, as well as his pet spider monkey named Soren. After watching the brutality, he became very socially awkward, refusing to have any relations with humanoids (because he deemed them untrustworthy and evil). He chose to live in the ruins of his village, defending it from all, living off the land, and learning the intricacies of nature. More recently, he has come under the plague of the Bleaching. This is a curse on the Gnomes where, once there is no excitement left in their life, all color leaves their bodies and they slowly die. He gathers his courage, and steps out into the great unknown to save his very life... [/COLOR] PS - This is the same character I'm currently using in an actual game, tweaked to fit into your epic RPG.... :D PPS - If it's ok, I'd like to include an animal companion for him - the albino spider monkey! It's part of the Bio...lemme know whatcha think. The main idea I have for him is to gather up any arrows after battles, and to provide some comic relief as my character is rather dull at the beginning. EDIT - Forgot to put up his Appearance.... >.<
  13. Now that I'm back on OB, after a two year leave, it's time to get started on the Avi/Banner. Here's what I'm thinkin': [URL="http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/b/bb/Crimson_Fists_Last_Stand.jpg"]THIS[/URL] is the pic that I've chosen. I don't really have an idea on what I want, so feel free to do whatever you feel. As you can see, it's a Warhammer set, so if you choose to play around with the image at all, try to keep it kina war-torn or some such. Anything that anyone comes up with will be greatly appreciated (as I have no talent whatsoever in this area). ~R ~EDIT ("Crimson Fists" on the banner for the wording. Thx.)
  14. Alright, so I've been thinking of getting the game. It looks promising, but I'm still not too sure. I have a few questions for ya'll: #1 - What are the best qualities of the game? #2 - What are the worst? #3 - What is the best combination of Characters for the main party? #4 - Is it a waste of time/money? Add anything else you feel needs it. Thx ~R
  15. Random

    Sign Up Pok

    [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][i]OOC: Roman sounded cool at the time...lol[/i] ~The Sign Up~ Name: Aula Terentia Gemella Age: 32 Gender: Female Kingdom: Kingdom of Kanto Pokémon ? Type: Vaporeon Pokémon ? Name: Nayad Writing Preview: Aula trudged along the sandy trail, her feet reluctantly planted with each step. Her light gray eyes constantly scanned the horizon, ever changing her view. Brushing the jet black hair out of her sunburnt face, she wondered at her reasoning for heading on this gods-forsaken journey in the first place. [i]OOC: I'll finish this tomorrow...need sleep...~.^[/i][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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