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Underground Bands

Box Hoy

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Plain and simple question. Does anyone here know of any good underground bands. My definition of an underground band would be one that takes some time to find online and very few people here on the OB could recognize.

Here's mine:
[B]Newlydeads[/B]: It's a type of Mallcore type of band. They've had two albums, Dead End and a self titled album.
[B]Trash Light Vision[/B]: Acey Slade of the Murderdolls band. It sounds like a fusion of old punk rock with metal.
[B]Rikets[/B]: They've been advertised in Metal Edge for the past two months. A big band like Slipknot but they sound different. Like Static X with 9 members.
[B]Larry and his Flask[/B]: Lol, actually this a local band of mine but you can search them up on google and get a song called Cowboy Paul which they did.

Yeah, post bands you know of and would like to get out into the open.
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^^^ I checked out Rikets - LAME. Okay, seriously. It took them 7 people to come up with a sound 3 teenagers in their garage could have pulled off with a week of practice. Plus, they sound sickeningly - [I]sickeningly[/I] - generic. They're just another image band full of packaged angst ready to sell to naive Hot-Topic clad 14 year-olds. Ew. No.

P.S. Do you realize that the term "mallcore" is a derogatory word used to denote bands like Slipknot, Coal Chamber, and the like? Look at it this way: The "N" word is to black people as Mallcore is to nu-metal. Oh, and for more irony - the term "nu-metal" was originally an insult as well.

[B]Here's a few of my favorite underground bands. You can click on the name of each for links to sample media:[/B]

[B][URL= http://www.myspace.com/darkhaven ][U]DARK HAVEN[/U][/URL][/B] - I can't believe this band is not signed. I really can't. This is absolutely SUPREME Melodic Death Metal. The vocals are awesome, the guitar playing is amazing, and the songwriting is top-notch. HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED! *NOTE* If you click the link, be sure to scroll down and pause the live video they have so that you can hear the sample clips on the player!

[B][URL=http://www.myspace.com/necrophacus][U]NECROPHACUS[/U][/URL][/B] - An AWESOME Death/Black Metal band from Salt Lake City, UT. They kick all froms of *****. Some killer hooks and melodies. If you live near SLC and get the chance to see them live, DO IT! They're a total blast to see. Plus they're an awesome group of guys. Nu-metallers beware: this is actual Metal. You probably won't like it.

[B][URL=http://www.myspace.com/ornaannon][U]ORNA ANNON[/U][/URL][/B] - Totally kick@$$ Folk Metal from Sterling Virginia. They have some seriously epic melodic hooks and the lyrics are stories based on Norse mythology. I love 'em.

[B][URL= http://www.myspace.com/malphrenia][U]MALPHRENIA[/U][/URL][/B] - Really intense and thrashy extreme Metal from Cottage Grove, Oregon. Serious intensity, and really, really heavy. Definately worth your time.

[B][URL=http://www.myspace.com/folkearth][U]FOLKEARTH[/U][/URL][/B] - Epic Folk Metal from Sweden. No, I really mean epic. This is INCREDIBLE. Possibly one of the best Folk Metal bands I've ever heard. It's amazing. Check it out.
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