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Swords and Spells: The Great Gems [pg-13, language, violence, dialogue]


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Many years ago, a great swordsman and sorceress casted a curse that in the next 5 millenia, two children will become their successors (a male and femal, obviously). Others join their quest to retreive the Great Gems, able to unlock their past memories. Meanwhile, a great evil also wishes to use the Great Gems, but to end the world instead. It's up to ten kids to save their world before it's too late.[/CENTER]


Age (must be between 8 and 16)
Short Bio

*=You can only choose one, unfortunately.

Name: Marina Kikaider
Age: 12
Apperance: [img]http://tinyurl.com/9g2jj[/img]
Weapon: Whip of Ice
Spells: None
Personality: Ice cold, very unfriendly towards strangers, but later learns to be more open hearted
Short Bio: She is the succesor of the Great Swordsman, and was given her Whip of Ice from her grandmother as a gift for her 11th birthday.
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