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My Comic Strip - Cartoon Zeroes

The F-Bomb

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A while ago I got bored with my pitiful attempts at trying to create large animations so I decided to settle for a medium better suited to my time schedule. This was how Cartoon Zeroes was born. By putting my talents in Adobe Illustrator to use I created this monster... this social life destroying monster. So please read on and give me some feedback on these things so that I can find solace in the fact that I've wasted valuable time that could have been spent getting some (or at least trying to) or doing schoolwork.

btw, it's mostly meant for my friends so here's a brief character rundown so you know who's who and why you should laugh (though most of the jokes don't require knowing the real people)

Blond guy - Me (Cheyne)
Brown long-haired horny guy - Andy
Long-haired Mexican dude that's obsessed with being Irish though he really isn't - Luna
Spiky-haired guy - Charlie
Kid with earring - Brad Runtas
UW Shirt Guy - Matt Runtas

The rest of the characters are fictitious

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