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Writing Posse [G]


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[color=royalblue][size=1]This is poetry, but I don't write poetry. I hate poetry. Poets, to me, scribble down lines that make no sense. That's me, and I have no sense in poetry, just story writing. I'm done.

While recently doing math homework, I suddenly sat up and walked to my computer, opened up Word, and began to type. I had the first four lines of a poem in my head, dedicated to my posse. I even began to cry when typing it out.

"Posse" is the term me and my friends use to identify our group of friends. There's the freshman posse (us), the sophomore posse, and then [u]the[/u] posse, which is a huge combination of the two grades. 'nuff said.
There're ten of us in the freshman posse - six girls, four boys. We're obviously close friends, but we still hate each other sometimes.

It might be hard for one to critique my poem, because they don't know the people mentioned. Yes, all real names are used, but no last names. Haha. XD


You guys will never really know
How much I love you
You guys will never really know
How much you?ve changed my life

It?s strange to say
That my care for you all goes beyond words
It?s strange to say
I would never repair if you went away

Lorenza, my best friend
Always makes me smile
Diane, my age-old bud
Always makes me rant

Liz, my personal comedian
Always will charm the stars out of the sky
Meghan, my phone-a-friend lifeline
Always gets me out of tight spots

LeLe, my favorite almost-cousin
Always has me talking
Aaron, my nearly twin-brother
Always has me yelling (o_O;; )

Mark, my quiet one
Always has me thinking
Ben, my mysterious one
Always has me wondering

It was in fifth grade that the posse actually began
With me and Die-Die becoming best friends
Alaska?my land?my home?

Then it was sixth grade that tore me apart
Making me realize how much I valued friends
And getting a glimpse at future pals

Sticking Cheetos down Aaron?s ear at lunch
Laughing hysterically while Liz performed a Broadway musical during ?Mulan?
Giggling with LeLe as we ranted about school

Then came that fatefulmath class
?Aha!? ?Professor from Spyro!? ?Yeah!?
And that?s when the Otaku Agency began

We moved on to seventh grade
Where our posse took real shape
Meghan, my friend during English

There came the day
When friendship and personalities collided
Leaving a drained Liz and a supporting us

The posse stood
As myself, Diane, Lorenza, Meghan, Liz, Aaron, and Mark
We ended seventh grade on hyper notes and three new OA agents

Eighth grade was the year
LeLe returned and Ben appeared
The Year of the Posse

Freshman band camp
Came the ?foreigner? ?
Brogan, my one-smart-guy-friend
Always has me grinning

We?ve become different
Through love and interests
But we?re still the same

The footsteps echo beside me
Telling me I?m not alone
Telling me I?m not alone on this journey
Because my friends are there as well

Smiling, laughing, twirling, bouncing
Whispering, crying, yelling, frozen
Suffering through school
Suffering through life

I get to thinking
What would happen
If I died tomorrow

Would my friends be sad?
Would I be missed?
What would I miss?

Then I slap myself
For degrading my friends
For making myself think
That to them, I am nothing more than dust in the wind

And now, as teardrops fall onto the keyboard
I get to thinking
How lucky I am
To have you all

How lucky am I
To have caring friends -
Loving friends -
Warm smiles?


Lucky beyond words
Or meaning

To me, you guys are the world
To me, you guys are my life
To me, you guys are the soul ? and bane ? of my existence

I would die to protect you
But that would mean sorrow
So we might as well all die together (- -;; )

Ten years from now, where will we be?
Far apart or close together?
Sitting in a bar, sharing laughs?
Or sitting at opposite corners of the earth?

I hope for the former
The former
The first
To lose you guys would mean to lose who I am

And to me
I couldn?t go on
Like that ?
Without you.

[i](Authors Note: This is not a suicide note. Jeezuz.)[/i][/right]

And yes, all accounts are real. The Cheetos one was a game, where we would see how far we could get the snack in without Aaron noticing. XD It was pretty fun.

Comments and stuff are welcome. If you don't get it, don't say that. = =;;[/size][/color]
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