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Request for a logo of the next OB Survivor


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Help wanted here! Since I personally lack any computer graphic skills and software, I'm asking if somebody would be interested in making a [B]logo[/B] (and possibly a [B]banner[/B] with the logo) for my upcoming RPG, [B]OtakuBoards Survivor[/B].

The logo should be [B]similar to the ones in the tv-show[/B]. In the last OB Survivor, GinnyLyn was kind enough to make a logo that can be seen in a drawing of hers that I've [B]attached[/B], so I'm thinking something in the same lines.

The logo should be at least [B]100x100 pixels[/B], but a bigger one will do as well.

It should have the following text in following order:

[FONT=Century Gothic][CENTER]Otaku[B]Boards[/B]
Game On![/CENTER][/FONT]

The [B]central line[/B] can be the same one that the original logo has (if one is used as a background, that is), but I'd prefer if the other two lines would use the [B]Century Gothic font[/B].

Now, to make it original, there should be a [B]silhouette of some famous videogame character behind the text[/B]. Whether it is Pacman, Mario, Link, Sonic, Moogle or something else, I'll leave it up to the artist. ;)

[B]Color scheme[/B] should include bright and pure colors, but I can live with something else as well, if it's done well.

If the artist is arduous enough, s/he can also make a [B]banner[/B] of the default size with the logo somewhere in it. What the banner says otherwise doesn't matter, I'll give that much artistic freedom to the possible maker.

So, if you're at all interested, this help would be very much appreciated! Post your stuff to this thread, and if multiple suggestions come, I'll choose the best.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Alright, so I decided to try this out even though the only program I have is MS Paint. But I'm getting PSP 8 soon!

So, anyways, if your RP hasn't launched by the time I get PSP 8 then I'll revamp it and re-submit it. But for now, this is what I'm submitting:


I know the fonts are.. lacking. In fact I don't like them at all. But I don't have Century Gothic (funny, huh?) so I had to go with the flow.

Tell me if there is anything you'd like changed about it and I'll see what I can do.[/color]
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Yeah, the fonts [I]are[/I] pretty bland... But I like the implementation of OB's own colors, and Mario is a good choice, I just wish you could see him better. :/

Also, it'd be good to have the outer ring say the infamous "outwit, outplay, outlast", and the "Game On!" should be directly below the Survivor, with a capital "O" and an exclamation mark.

But it's good start, anyway! :D Thanks!
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Yeah, I was going to put the 'outwit, outplay and outlast' there but you didn't mention it so I decided against it.

I tried to fix everything you told me. I even got the Survivor font, so text-wise it is [i]much[/i] better. I'm fairly satisfied with it. Even if I couldn't do anything about making Mario a bit more visible.


So there it is. I like it much better then the other one. ^_^[/color]
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I think it'll do now, but I'll just keep this thread open for other suggestions for a while, if you don't mind.

Thanks again for your contribution, Lrb!

I forgot to mention, but the [B]maker of the best logo will get an automatic place in the game[/B] if he or she so wishes. That should be a good carrot for everybody to make up their own suggestions, right? ;D
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[SIZE=1]Here we go Sagey...Sandy...whatever.

Heh, I loved reading FF survivor a few years back so I hope I get a chance to actually participate in this one ^_~.

Anyways, here's my contribution, its in two sizes since you can't really make out the 100x100 very well.


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[size=1][color=Navy]I decided to have a crack at making the logo... It's a little darker than, Lrb or Doukeshi's.

So I guess it's all down to which way you wanna swing. *puts on Vader voice* Come to the dark side. ;)[/color][/size]

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[SIZE=1]The first has got all your specs. The second's not that much different; I just changed the font for "Game On!" from Century Gothic to Gunplay ('cause I thought it looks [i]really[/i] nice).


Wow...I just noticed how insanely huge the logos are. Ah well. Cheers![/SIZE]
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Aww geez, you've all done such a fantastic job, it's quite hard for me to choose one... :/

So for now, I won't. ;D I'll still keep this thread open, and make the final selection on weekend. I'll give you each some feedback, though.

[B]Lrb:[/B] compared to other contributions, your logo seems somewhat bland. I understand it has much to do with the software you've got, but a little more tweaking couldn't hurt.

[B]Doukeshi:[/B] I like the traditionality of your logo, it's simple yet appealing, although the Link in the background could stand out a little bit more...

[B]Shinji:[/B] your logo has few mistakes, the golden bar goes over the blue circle and there's a few white spots. Also, the colors are rather dark, and I don't think Cloud is the perfect choice for a famous videogame character...

[B]Delta:[/B] if this was another Final Fantasy Survivor, your logo would be my choice in an instant - it's really magnificent, colors et al. But as this is not, I fear the logo will give people the wrong first impression. Would you mind doing another one with the same color scheme and layout, but with characters from various videogames, other than Final Fantasy? (I totally agree with you on the Gunplay-font, by the way.)

Thanks enormously for all of your contributions! :D
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Mmm hmm. How could we forget Ms. Croft? I can't make her silhouette look good/distinct so I opted for a gradient overlay instead. (Sorry!) I also replaced them Cactuars (...Cactrots?) with a little tribute to Resident Evil, although I'm not sure if the you guys'll notice the connection. [/SIZE] :animesigh
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Okay, I've made up my mind...

[B]And the winner is[/B] *drumrolls*.....



This one I really like. It's simple, the colors indicate that this is an OB-game, aside Link there's other shapes from other games in the background, the fonts are nice... It's the whole package, man. ;D

As a reward, you are automatically in the game once you sign-up in the recruitment thread (coming up shortly). I still trust you make a quality sign-up, though. ,:)

What comes to the other candidates, I just wanted to say that they are all extremely good, and it was a tough choice. You all are free to sign-up for the game as well if you'd like, there's plenty of room and I am likely to take in all quality players.

Now I must go and make the final tweaks to the recruitment-thread before I post it. I hope I see you all in the game! ;D
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