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Sign Up Trojan Horse (( PG-13 Laguage, Blood, Suggestive themes ))


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][COLOR=DarkRed][U][CENTER][B]Field Test: Trojan Horse[/B][/CENTER][/U][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]" Threat, you remember your mission right? Over."[/B][/COLOR]
" Yes, Control. "
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]" Repeat the most important part of briefing for me. Over. "[/B][/COLOR]
" ' Take out the target and try to avoid anyone's attention' I am correct? "
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] [B]" Yes and make it quick. Contact us when you've delt with the target. Over and out. "[/B][/COLOR] She walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. A woman opened it.
" Oh Hello. You must be one of Charlie's friends."
" May I come in?"
" Ofcourse...just wait right over ther- "
She fell silent and looked at the gun the was atleast 2 inches from her face.
" Ma'am, I don't want any trouble from you...just stay quiet and you won't get hurt. "
She pulled the gun away from her face and began to walk towards her staircase.
The woman slowly fell to her knee's. " Why are you here? Who are you? " she asked
" Your husbands been avoiding Control for sometime now. He seems to forget about the money he owes, "
She held up her gun. " and he is not a patinet man. " She continued up the stairs.
" Please don't kill him....please....please... " She began to cry. "..please..."
Threat was at the top. Everything was was quiet except for the target's wife sobbing downstairs.
She walked into one of the rooms and switched the lights on. The room had a warm, cozy feel to it.
" You were able to pay for all this but none to Control? "
A bullet whizzed past her right cheek. A man came out from behind the curtains with a shocked look on his face.
Threat raised her gun, with her finger on the trigger. Bang. Her bullet hit under his right collar bone. The force pushed him out of his window. Shattered glass went down with him. His wife heard the gun go off and began to run up the stairs.
Threat came out into the hallway right when his wife came.
" Why did you do it! " she screamed. " Why! Why! Why! " She ran over to the window and saw her husbands limp body down below. " Oh my god.... " she whispered with tears gushing out of her eyes. She looked down by her foot and saw her husbands gun. " You.." She picked up his gun and pointed it at her husbands killer " I kill you!!! " Bang. Bang. Bang.
The woman fell to the floor.
Threat reloaded her gun and took in a deep breath.
" Mom. "
Threat spun around quickly to come face to face with a young boy about her height. She had her gun up to his face. He just stood there with a scared look on his face. She put her gun to her side and ran down the stairs and out where the body was.
" Control. I've got the target. You can come now. "
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] [B]" Good Job, Threat. We'll send Jeice and Gyde over to pick you up. Over and out. "[/B][/COLOR]
Threat looked down at the man. His chest rose up and down at a slow pace.
" So your the kn..knew project huh? " he said. He sputtered out some blood. " Crazy ***-holes... "
Threat knelt down by his side " You should of paid Control. If you did, none of this would be happening right now. "
The man looked at her " How old are you? "
Threat held up her gun so it was right between his eyes. " I'm 8. " She pulled the trigger.

What's Basically going on in this Rp:
' Threat ' is part of a new project called ' Trojan Horse '. With her age, skill, and speed, she's perfect for the job.
Molded into the ultimate killing being. She is sent to kill all those her oppose [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]' Empire '[/COLOR] and Control (( A.k.a Uncle Appollo )).
But that doesn't mean that they won't fight back...their rivals [COLOR=DarkRed]' Bloodlust '[/COLOR] Would do anything to destroy their enemy's new
' project '. So, they sent 3 of their most elite assassins to do her in..... (( 2 male 1 female ))
While on her first mission...she decided to explore around. She ended up at the beach....where she met a young woman
(( [COLOR=DarkRed]bloodlust member [/COLOR] )) who seems to know her. Threat begins to wonder about her past...and how she got caught up in all
this...that's where it all begins....
Sign ups
[B]Name:[/B] (( Insert ))
[B]Age:[/B] (( 16 years and up please ))
[B]Gender:[/B] (( Male or Female ))
[B]Description:[/B] (( Looks Exactly like this but without the wings :D ))
[B]Works with:[/B] (( Bloodlust (( 3 spots )) or Empire (( 2 spots Jeice and Gyde)) ))
[B]Bio:[/B] (( Info about your character )) [/COLOR] ===================================================

(( Well, here's mine ))
[B]Name + Code name:[/B] Her real name is unknown, she just goes by her Code name: Threat
[B]Age:[/B] 8
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Description:[/B] (( You can use pretty words to describe your character but a pic would be nice ^_^ ))
[B]Works with:[/B] Empire
[B]Bio:[/B] Threat is basically a tool that is being used by her Uncle.She knows and she doesn't really care. He's her only family member left. Her parent's died when she was young so she doesn't know what they look like...her uncle doesn't have any pictures of them....the only people that she can actually call family is Jeice and Gyde. They're like her cocky older brothers and her Uncle Apollo. She started her 'job' at age 5. Threat is very presise with her shots and she never wastes bullets. She is also the youngest killing prodigy ever! She act's a bit too sophisticated for her age but sometimes has her childish moments. ^_^[/COLOR]
Just to lessen confusion Bloodlust member MUST post in [COLOR=DarkRed]Dark Red[/COLOR] and Empire Members must post in [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Dark Slate Blue[/COLOR]. Thank you! :animesmil [/COLOR] [/B]
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