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RPG DEC: Black Fire vs. Shiro Oni [M-LV] [Spar]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Welcome, Gents and Girls, to the third match of the wonderful Dead End Cup! We have a heated battle ready for you, between the ominously named Black Fire Eliwood, and the beast from the East, Shiro Oni!

"Blaine 'Black Fire' Eliwood is a self-righteous thief, and killer, with a fiery temper and an even hotter trick; he can summon up fire and use it as he likes. His mind is as sharp as the tip of his family-heirloom Rapier, though he professes to being overcome by brutal rages from time to time. He certainly seems like an interesting and powerful warrior, but let's see how well Black Fire does without his flames!

"Meanwhile, the mysterious Shiro Oni is a rogue ninja from the Eastern Lands, and has come here to regain the honor he lost by abandoning his people. He uses many fighting styles and two wonderfully nasty weapons, one a serrated knife, the other a sword with a barbed chain attached to the hilt. His little Ace is being able to teleport short distances. And for this match, he'll have to fight with a sedative in his blood keeping him slowed down.

"Our two contestants will pit themselves against one another admist a great forest of massive trees specially grown for this tournament. In the center of this wonderful slice of nature is a small, Oriental pagoda that both of the warriors are trying to reach. Because in the center of the little building is a gem worth 50, 000 dollars! Whoever wins gets to keep it and do what they like with it, and it cannot be taken away from them, even if they die in the next round.

"Ready, warriors? Then, go!"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][I]Black Fire without his black fire, eh?[/I] He chuckled amusedly in his head. [I]Fine. Let's go then.[/I] He raced off into the forest at full speed. He was amazed by the density of the trees. The were so thick that barely any light flittered through to the ground. Five minutes in his equilibrium was thrown off, and he wasn't sure if he was up or down. He mistepped, and hit the ground forcefully.

[B]"Damn...Time to get above these trees. That Shiro Oni character sounds like this is just his kind of terrain..."[/B] Black Fire sprung up and swayed a bit, but after gaining his balance he jumped upwards. He crashed ino a branc, and quickly shot his hand out to grab it. He pulled himself onto it, unsheathed his blade, and went to work at the branches atop him. Once cleared, he sprung even higher.

He continued to do this until finally he was at the very top of the tree. He could see to the other end of the forest, but he was interested in what lied over there. He fixed his gaze directly upon the barely visible open space dead center of the arena. He grinned as the words flowed over his lips.

[B]"Pagoda."[/B] He was interested in the gem, and he would much rather get there first, swipe the gem and then fight Shiro Oni then having to wrestle from the other contestant. He jumped along the treetops towards the center, but stopped in his tracks when he saw a figure jump up swiftly from the dense underbrush then swoop back down.

The figure came up another time, but this time he wasn't scouting. He ran along the tops towards Black Fire. Shiro Oni drew his wakizashi and lunged at Black Fire. Black Fire drew his rapier swiftly, and redirireted Shiro's blade. Shiro brought up his right leg as he swung around and struck Black Fire in the face. He was sent flying, straight into the middle.

He fell down the many stories that the trees spanned, striking branches along the way. Finally he landed in the pond in front of the Pagoda. Shiro jumped down and walked twards Black Fire, blade in hand. Black Fire got up meekly, drew Zeromus and grinned.

[B]"You're strong. This should be an interesting fight."[/B] He positioned his blade vertically to the right and dashed at Shiro.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#7D8593]Everything around Shiro Oni seemed to falter and blur, as if he were dropping in and out of hypnosis. The sedative was mild but worked like a charm, as the senior ranking ninja would say. It was quite difficult but Shiro Oni had been under greater stress and sedation than this, perhaps this worked out for the best. He had to carefully evade Black Fire for quite some time until the sedative wore off or until he was near the Pagoda, which would then result in his favor or maybe his downfall. It all merely depended on getting to the Pagoda.

As Shiro Oni took great leaps from branch to branch in a stealthy mode, he noticed movement slightly to the east of him but didn?t stop to ponder what it may have been for he knew exactly what was coming that way. With a smirk on his face, he tried with great strain to keep from faltering in his focus and balance but it made it difficult for him to do anything and at that point, he could have failed to even catch a breath, would it not have been for the training he had taken with his clan. It was difficult but somehow, Shiro Oni managed, knowing that he had to get to the Pagoda before he saw Black Fire, but it was too late. As he was scouting, he was spotted and he spotted Black Fire. The two went into a quick combat until Black Fire fell down into a pond near the Pagoda with Shiro jumping down before him and walking towards him with caution in his eyes and his weapons ready to counter or attack, Black Fire did the same as well, knowing that they would have to battle at some point but hoping that they had done it after one or the other had gotten the gem.

?You?re strong. This should be an interesting fight.? Black Fire had a slight English accent but was mostly covered by his sophisticated tone.

Shiro acknowledged what Black Fire had said and watched his moves carefully but knew that he couldn?t make heads or tails until he was about two meters away, which would then allow Shiro enough time to act, using only his resources of the land and ears. Black Fire positioned his blade vertically to the right and dashed at Shiro. Shiro prepared himself and at that exact moment when Black Fire lunged and sliced downward, Shiro was able to leap gently over Black Fire?s shoulder and using the momentum to throw him over Shiro?s shoulders and watching Black Fire stumble but land on his feet with precision. Shiro also acknowledged that Black Fire was skilled in a delicate and graceful art of fighting that he had also come to known by watching a few of the women spar with each other or battle against their rivaling clans.

?You have great power, Black Fire. I can see that this will be a formidable battle between the two of us. I hope that you will allow me to enjoy the moment.? Still indifferent in emotion, Shiro bowed his head slightly but still kept an eye on Black Fire. A brow rose on Black Fire?s face but still he could see that Shiro was going to take the combat seriously just as he would in any occasion. ?Then, shall we??

The two prepared themselves for the battle to come, with Black Fire placing his Zeromus in an elegant stance and position and Shiro Oni sheathing his wakizashi in its rightful place and replacing his empty hands with his katana, its name being Nokigirizame- saw shark.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Black Fire watched Shiro draw his katana. He looked it over carefully, noting the chain attached to it. He straightened out and stared into Shiro's eyes. His opponent seemed relaxed regardless of circumstances, and Black Fire thought that to be an admirable trait. Black fire gripped Zeromus with both hands and held it horizontally, then crouched low to the ground. Shiro acknowledged Black Fire's invitation to battle and assumed a graceful position, stretching his left leg forward and leaning his weight onto his back leg while holding his blade over his head.

Black Fire shot at his opponent, and the battle ensued once more. Black Fire swung at Shiro Oni's hip, but the warrior swiftly brought his blade down to defend and then counter by knocking Black Fire's blade upwards and then drawing back to pierce his heart. Black Fire dodged, keeping the strike from doing major damage, but he was side was cut open. He fell onto his right hand and swung his left foot at Shiro's body above him. Shiro leaned away from the blow, reducing the damage and distance he was sent by the strike. He landed on his feet and raced back towads Black Fire.

The battle stayed at a heated pace for what seemed like an eternity, with neither contestant giving in. Black Fire knew the battle would never meet ened if they were to keep fighting in the open brush near the pagoda. The only logical and at the same time risky thing to do would be to bring the battle back into the forest. He had heard the announcer mention that Shiro Oni had a sedative in his blood keeping him slowed down, and he would need to wait for it to take it's momentary tole so that he could knock the rouge into the darkness.

His opprotunity came in but a matter of minutes. It appeared that Shiro had the upperhand in the battle, as the bloodloss from Black Fire's wound was making it harder for him to concentate. Black Fire did a flurry of quick strikes to no avail, as Shiro was swiflty dodging and defending. Luckily, as Shiro deflected one of the blows his pupils diallated and his eyes glazed over. A shot to the stomach connected and Shiro, off balance, was unable to stop Black Fire's foot from connecting with his jaw and catapulting him into the forest. Black Fire grinned weakly and felt at his wound. The bleeding had lessened.

[B]"Wonderful. But now that this fight is in the dark, it's anybodys game...Though he's probably already formulating some plan in there...That blow couldn't have been enough to knock him out."[/B]

Black Fire cracked his neck and gripped Zeromus fiercely. He viewed the scene cautiously. He could hear movement from behind the trees. A voice flittered from the forest.

[B]"Come and find me, Black Fire..."[/B]

Black fire grinned and jumped into the dark abyss, unsure of the trials he would be met by.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#7D8593]Darkness, a friend to his clan, covering him with a black cloth to conceal him from his enemies. A perfect advantage for Shiro was trained to be silent in the dark, not allowing anything to be noticed yet he had no idea whether or not Black Fire was trained in that way as well but he didn?t care. He still held Nokigirizame, knowing well that Black Fire had just entered the dark abyss. It was just a matter of time before the two began to resume the dance of the fight.

A few seconds passed and Shiro was able to see through the dark, fully see the shapes and places of each brush, tree, root, and whatnot. He then saw the slow movement of Black Fire, walking towards an old oak tree that stood in the middle of the dark forest. A smirk came over him and Shiro began to slowly release the chain attached to Nokirigizame, all the while jumping up the branches to get closer to Black Fire. Once he was close enough, Shiro dropped the chain and coiled it around the rapier except he was too quick to pull and the chain uncoiled itself and retracted back into the katana, making Black Fire more cautious and looking up.

Instead of hiding in the trees, Shiro then thought it better to use the power given to him, using time against Black Fire. Shiro took a deep breath in and exhaled lightly and slowly, not wanting to harm himself in the act of using time as his weapon. It was then that Shiro jumped down from the tree branches and landed near Black Fire, but lightly enough so that Black Fire didn?t realize anyone jumping down near him. He then proceeded to the pagoda, struggling to grab it before he had to return to the forest. He strained to take it from its resting place as he was losing energy just keeping up with the manipulation.

Grabbing the gem, Shiro then ran into the forest, jumping onto the branches and going deeper into the forest, all the while knowing that he was letting time slip into its original place. After about three minutes, Shiro was gasping for breath in the branches 25 yards from Black Fire, feeling his energy being sapped from manipulating time. He shook his head and looked at the gem he had taken from the pagoda; it was then time to get rid of Black Fire, however that may go.[/size][/color]
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