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My brave female Fiighters, (c) LadyOfColors


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so here i show you my selfcreatet characters drawn in mangastyle

first my three inu yasha-charas:

[URL=http://www.directupload.net/show/d/509/G3j26GBD.jpg]Inu Saruya[/URL]

[URL=http://www.directupload.net/show/d/509/l8GhvEnP.jpg]Inu Saruya 2[/URL]


[URL=http://www.directupload.net/show/d/509/JUTm39q2.jpg]Miko Kazuha[/URL]
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[color=#333333]Sehr schön!

I could tell right away that Inu Saruya was supposed to be an Inuyasha character. You chose a difficult angle to draw for Ishita, and it turned out well, good job there. I also like the detail on the hatchet and the spear.

There are two areas that you can work on to improve. The first is harder: anatomy. You seem to have a good idea of what you want your characters to look like, but I think you're trying too hard to get them down all at once.

I suggest that you start each picture by lightly sketching the torso (upper body and waist) and legs of your character. Add head and arms. [i]Then[/i] add the costume and hair. This will help you identify problems with the placement of shoulders and hands. (In your first picture of Inu Saruya, her hand is in a very awkward place, and both of your head-on views of Inu Saruya and Miko Kazuka have very wide shoulders.)

Also, when drawing arms and legs, remember: They have joints! They should always bend at least a little the elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle... but they should [i]only[/i] bend there. Ishita's arms bend like spaghetti, and her legs don't bend at all. Make sure you know where the joints are supposed to be. (Other than that, this picture is great, by the way.)

My other suggestion has to do with your coloring. You've chosen very good colors for your subject matter, but here's my opinion: [b]You should be taking at least twice as long to color your pictures[/b]. Slow down! if you color evenly and slowly, your pictures will look a lot better. This will also give you a chance to shade your images a little. (You can shade by pressing down harder [i]or[/i] by using a darker color over your original.)[/color]
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