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Request Phantom Set


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[COLOR=DarkRed]Since I will possibly be giving up on graphics, I don't feel like making myself one...reason is I'm burnt out of ideas for me. Now lets get to the point; I would like a set with this picture on it..it would possible be hard because it's a wallpaper size...but i know you can manage it.


On the avatar I would like my username..if it can't fit, then just put G on it okay?
On the banner I would like it to say...well actually I need one that fits the theme..if you can't think of one than you can use this: Kiss me, kill me

Thank you ahead of time, I really do appreciate this.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Because I am REALLY lazy, I have no words to form on the graphic thingies. Grrrishness...

Yes, it says "bang bang". I have no clue why. That quote has been going thorugh my head, and I haven't seen Trigun in forever. :3

And now, my brain is mashed in after making two banners and two avis within the space of an hour. Uggh...

I haven't felt this dizzy since this morning, when I attempted to read some more Oliver Twist for English class. = =;;[/color][/size]
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Well red is my color, so you used it right. I really like it, the street style of it looks nice (I mean the font) and I am a fan of Trigun so ^.^. Thank you very much for your submission and I will be using it, thus giving proper credit to you as well. But I still want to see other ideas from other gfx members...I would like to rotate having different versions..if you get what I mean ^.^.
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