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Cartoon you would like to see turned into Anime


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I would want to see simpsons turned into anime

[color=navy][size=1]In the future, meka2003, please try to elaborate more when you're starting a new thread. I don't know whether you've seen my other warnings, but it's important to aim for good post quality. That not only includes using adequate amounts of punctuation and so forth, but also (in a topic like this one) explaining your choices. That is, [i]why[/i] do you want to see an anime versions of The Simpsons? Offering even just one or two reasons helps keep the discussion going and prevents it from becoming spammy.

Thanks for taking this into consideration.

- Dagger[/size][/color]
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No way ! It's just too ... simplistic , besides if the characters were done in the anime style it would just look freaky ... sorry , just my thoughts about it ^^.
I'm not really sure that there [I]is[/I] one that I would want to change, I think that most other cartoons are fine as they are.
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