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On Bishounens


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Bishounens and Bishoujos (is the spelling correct?) are vital to the story of an anime. This is the character that does most to make the lead strive for excellence. It also makes them stand out from the crowd via their answers that they make.

Now my question (again? some people gets tired of my questions)

We all love bishounens and Bishoujos . I like them for a specific personality they have. They are sometimes aloof to everyone who's not of their level but deep inside they really are not all that "bad".

How about you do you like them?
What traits in them do you like?

extra! extra!
Hey can anyone tell me how the heck do those weird grass-like anime hairdo stand up? I am quite amused at them. Hhoneslty speaking, I would like to have hiei's hairdo.
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Guest kuroinuyoukai
You asked for it. I can answer the bishounen part because I am obsessed with..
(let's say it together children) Sesshomaru!!

I like his cockiness. His"you are so beneath me" attitude. He has so much class rolling off him. Plus of course he's pretty. :catgirl:

I can't tell you about the bishoujo. I don't pay attention to the chicks.
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My most favorite bishounen would be [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5831174/] Kadsuki Fuchoin[/URL] from Get Backers. He looks like a girl and one would almost mistake her for one. He's very graceful when talking and even fighting. His string weapon adds up to his elegance.

I like the fact that they look more feminine in female clothes than most female anime characters and how often they are mistaken for a girl in the anime themselves.

Oh, and you use some extremely strong hair gel for your hair to stand up.
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