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The Haruko of Punk: Banner/Avi Request


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[size=1][color=royalblue]Thass right folks - Katana, the person that's been very scarily attached to her Photoshop recently, has decided to hand over the magical magic wand tool to somebody else.
You see, she wants a banner and an avatar featuring Haruko from the dudeicle OAV, FLCL. But not just any plain old banner that's cropped up and compressed to pixel hell.
For some reason, Katana has requested for the background to have this sorta punk-rebel effect to it. I get it - Haruko's one weird person, and whips out a guitar from nowhere to bash people upside the head. Cool.

And the picture?
[url=http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/2509/flcl1023dn.jpg]Click eins[/url]

Yes. Katana wishes for you to use the upper torso of regular Haruko on the banner, and then the sadistic and yet, awesome, shadow Haruko for the avatar.

Here's a summary:
[b]Banner:[/b] Upper torso of regular Haruko from the provided image (or, if you have something better in mind, use that - but it has to be really really good), a punkish-kinda background, and the words "nobody comes to help you forever".

[b]Avatar:[/b] The image of shadow Haruko. And, and ONLY if you can do this, the [u]hiragana[/u] for "Katana". That's it.

[b]Color Scheme:[/b] The Kat-person's open to anything, but if you're stuck, she suggests reds, blacks, and blues. Anyone that uses pink will be shot. :3

Thank you very much![/color][/size]
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