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Anime The Origin Of Anime


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We all love to watch it, talk about it, collect it, and even dress it, but how many people have actually found out how it all started. Who started this hit that has cativated so many and give rise to the genre of the otaku? We can all probably say what the first one was, but what the story behind it?

As far as I know, and this is hearsay, anime ws created shortly after WWII in Japan to raise the moral of the people by depicting them as some sort of superbeings, and it became addictive for them, and after a while, like all things do, the rest of the world saw this and began to follow it.

What have anyone esle found out? Does anyone have anything to add? This is the oine great mystery that even the brightest detectives will be put to the grind.
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This is a reply to Darktigerpack17's forum in the hopes that we will all gain a better understanding of the origins of anime and some of its beginings. I believe that one of the first animes out there was Speed Racer which was created back in the 50s if I can remember correctley. Also close to that if not just before was the series known as Gigantor which was farely popular too even though by thier looks they do not look like the traditional form of anime that we have all come to love to this day they are still a few of the front runners I believe. Hope that this helps in some little way or another if not sorry :D
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[quote name='Darktigerpack17']What have anyone esle found out? Does anyone have anything to add? This is the oine great mystery that even the brightest detectives will be put to the grind.[/quote]

Hardly a great mystery. The history of Anime is available lots of places on the Internet. In fact, there's a pretty good Anime Music Video of that name (History of Anime) by Sam Farha which is pretty educational.
I recommend you go watch it (part 1 because part 2 wasn't as impressive in my opinion).

From what I can remember off the top of my head...
The "Anime Style" started with the Father of Manga Osamu Tezuka. He's the creator of Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, and tons of other series that you'll be sure to recognize.

He copied the fast paced and bold style of American Funnies (comic strips) and Disney. That's why AstroBoy's eyes are so big, because early Disney Cartoons had big eyes, ie. Bambi. Originally, this was all just comics, but Tezuka became popular enough that they gave him a show.

That's the origin of Manga-styled drawing. The origin of Anime-styled Animation practices (Limited Animation - I think it's called) are a different story.
^^ I don't claim to be an expert, even if my tone may be a little arrogant. I appologize if I offended anyone. Everything I wrote I learned from Internet and other media (books, videos, etc.) about Anime.

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in short & simple terms, I think the origin of anime began when Japan observed the cartoons of America & decided that they make their own type of cartoons, not based on what is funny, but dealing with real life situations & sometimes fantastical storylines that woudn't be like that in cartoons made here in America. That would be my opinion on the origin of anime, but I woudn't know, lol.
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