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Need help with a story

Guest Kid_Dylan

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Guest Kid_Dylan
Hey. I really wanna get into manga drawing. I've got a (hopefully) good style of drawing, pens, paper, ink, a copier....

And now I can't think of a story :mad: !!! A need a good writer to help.

PS: This is going to be a fighting manga. Also, I reserve the right to change what you can suggest to make it more to my liking (you'll still be on the cover, don't worry).
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oh, I love fighting mangas, I'm currently making my own manga, and it's about samurais. not the meiji tims or other old times samurai, but like... NOW samurais. samurais exicting NOW and fighting. yea. so far it's going great. it's kinda related to Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro. so, maybe u can write about samurai action manga. or maybe it can be those magical types. i had so many ideasss!! my heads gonna explode!! if u want help from me, I'll be sure to help u. n_n
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Sorry tried to answer this thread earlier.

Now to start off with what kinda of plot were you thinking of, i mean you could go for the straight forward beat the crap out of each or the more poetic fighting scenes, but then again it all depends on what your better at drawing.

Try this plot, you can have it, it was a story that i thought up a long time ago but i don't think i will ever get round to drawing.

The story starts off in ancient japan and in a small mountain village near a river. The main character is a young boy called Koji who has been a orphan for 7 years, since his mother died from an illness. He is being raised by his grandfather on his father side of the family, his granfather doesn't really care too much about Koji and he spends most of their money on gambling. Anyway, things start to look up Koji when soilders from the place come into their village and offer jobs to them. Koji's granfather allows him to leave for the capital, which is where the soilders are from. On his way there he gets frendly with two soilders, one which is the captain and the other who is his underling, he discover that he and the captain both spare a very similar passed.

But unknowing to Koji, he isn't actually going to work in the capital, he has actaully been sold into slavery and when he does eventually reach the capital, he is forced into slave labour. However Koji isn't a very quite boy, and when he see someone getting picked on he attacks the guards and causes trouble for himself.

As a punishment he is sent to the labortories where his body is put through a number of experiments, he remains in the labortories for a while as he starts to try and develop the mental powers that he has just released he has. One day the is trouble when Koji tries to escape and in the process causes a fire which kills a few people, as he is too dangerous to be kept alive, they inprison him within a ice chamber which is where he stays for 1500 years before he is awakened by a young schoolgirl.

She managers to get him out of the chamber and she tries to teach him the way that they live, in this new world. But the two soilders from the past are still alive and the main reason is because they were feeding off the power from the people who were experimated on and their children, they have lived for 1500 years but can they capture and kill Koji before, there time runs out and can Koji stop them from their evil ways.

So that is about it, it is a really compilicated plot and their is more detail and new characters that are involved towards the end of it, but that is for another thread, tell me what you think about this plot first, if you don't like it i can give you another one.
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Guest Kid_Dylan
[QUOTE=duoikari]Sorry tried to answer this thread earlier.

That's a great story, thanks!! But I have a question. When the guards come to take Koji into the capital, it's in the past, right? So then when Koji is woken up by the girl it's the present?

At any rate, it's looking like a very exciting story.

Also, I've tried thinking up a story for myself, but having no writing creativity I had to "borrow" ideas from other manga. Could you just smooth out the rough points if you have the time? I'd really appreciate it. 'Kay here's the story :D

It's the World Budokai figthing tournament, and a when the applicants are accepted, all the main characters are introduced (I'm really bad at introducing characters). In any case, here are the fighters:

-Shin (The main character-A seemingly bottomless barrel of power. He can tap into this power when the need arises. All this chi-power makes him almost impossible to beat in a fight. He also has master many martial arts disciplines including the chi/melee attack, the 'Red Dragon Punch').
-King Inui (A huge, silent, muscled fighter that has a mysterious letter 'Y' on his forehead).
-Kage-Anmaru (An easygoing ninja with an unknown past).
-Mr. Blue (a ladies' man that has virtually no power compared to the other fighters).
-Weaky (the name says it all. A cowardly fighter that runs away from Shin in their first fight. But he does have surprising power--Body Switch!)
-Goten-Ku (his name's kinda obvious where it came from, I know. It means Air-Sky in japanese. He is the winner of the World Budokai going for his 4th year).

Goten-Ku fights and beats easily Mr. Blue and King Inui. He advances to the finals.

Shin on the other hand isn't having it so easy. His first fight looks like it's over almost as soon as it's begun, as he is forced to cahse Weaky all around the arema. Weaky unvails his strange power though--the Body Switch!! Shin finds himself in Weaky's weak body (you cannot increase the chi you were born with, so the only way to get stronger is to tap into the latent chi that you already have but haven't used yet). Shin realizes that the only way to win is to severly kick the crap out of his own body (which is housing he mind of Weaky) but can he use that beat-up body to beat Kage-Anmaru in the next round if he does? While he is thinking of a way to win Weaky is kicking Shin's insides out with Shin's perfected body. Shin finally unvails a new chi-technique-- Speed Machukya, which make him 40x faster. He beats Weaky with a quick punch to the gut and is put back in his own body. He reveals a downside to the Speed Machukya, though---he now has no more chipower to challenge Kage-Anmaru with!

The match with Kage-Anmaru with Shin feeling very scared, knowing Kage-Anmaru will not hold back a bit. His feelings are justified as Kage-Anmaru kicks him out of the ring almost immediateley. Kage-Anmaru is begginign to celebrate when Shin pulls himself up-he was holding on the the edge of the ring and not ouching the ground!! Shin treis to use the Speed Machukya to hopefully challenge Kage-Anmaru but finds he doesn't even have the power to throw a punch...

That's the ned of volume 1 ;)

[color=darkblue][size=1][b]Double-posting is not allowed on OtakuBoards. Please use the Edit button to add on and reattach your picture to [i]this[/i] post, thanks. ^^ -Lady K[/color][/size][/b]
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Right... :animeswea hard to follow the story that you just come up with, but it seems to me (and i don't want to be rude) that the story is like a mixture of dragonballz, GT and dragonball and you have thrown in some techiques that i am sure are from Naruto. The whole mind transfer thing is like totally copyrighted and it way old, i'm even shocked that they out it in Naruto.

And Koji doesn't really look like that think of Goku super sayian 4 and brolly mixed together.

The story you wrote is good but it seems a little repeative to me, it's like i know where your coming from :animeswea. I had a whole ploy based a dragonball z but it wasn't in the dragonball z universe but it just had the characters in it, in a way they were like in a mixture of the real world and the tenchi world, but it work pretty good.

I just want to say, what time period is this set in the past or future, cosby the way you wrote it sounds like a mixture of both. Anything you want to ask about my story i will tell you, so here is a little bit of info that might clear things up a little bit.

Well you know i said that there were two guards that Koji met in the past, well one of these(the captain) is his father. His father, who i am going to called Kenzen, was taken away from his home when he was a child. Here is a little how it happened.

Father stood proudly in front of me, blocking my sight from the group of men that stood in front of him. He was so strong and unafraid of what was going to happen, he seemed like he was going to protect me, a son like who was not worthy of his love and respect, to the bitter end. Suddenly before i could even think several men jumped him and pinned him to the ground while they brought long metalic weapons out. One ponited it to his head, i ran towards him but one pulled me back, the one with the gun shouted out at my father and the other mean opened up as a loud sharp noise came from the long tube.

I was dragged away but i still screamed out at them all, calling, hope that father would stand up again and smile gently back at me but he never.

Sad ain't it :catgirl: , after this he was dragged to the lab and he had his left eye removed and replaced wth a demons eyes, the boy was renamed Kenzen after the king at that current time. The eye allowed him to do imcreadible thing such as move objects with his mind and left thing with his mind. He eventaully managed to escape the labortary and got to a far away village near a river, there he met a young girl who never looked at him funny to to his eyes being different colours. The two fell in love with each other, and Kenzen asked her for her hand in marriage when she repiled that she was 'with child', the two were very happy. But the evil with the demons eye, cam out and Kenzen lost his temper with the girl father and he ened up killing him. The girl she what power he had and she was afraid, she said that she hated him and that she wished she had never conseved a child with him. Kenzen could stand the hatred that he had caused her and erase and replaced her memories of him, making her think that she had met a young solider from the army and had fallen in love with him, but he was setn away to join in the war. And with everyone in the village mind's erased he left and never returned again until 17 years later where he met the son that wopuld of been born out of hatred, Koji, his child.

What do you think better? and it does help to understand so more about the story.and i will try to do a sketch of Koji so you can get an idea of what he looks like.
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Guest Kid_Dylan
That's great, you continue to astound with ideas.

I realize that my story is a lot like DragonBall/Z/GT, but I've been raised on Naruto and DB/Z/GT. I really can't think of anything else, I lack the experience. At any rate, thanks for the input! It really helps!

Also though, does Koji fistfight? A sword? A spear maybe? A gun? Martial arts techniques? You're the writer here!
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kinda like psychic powers,and Koji and his father both have demons inside them, but Kenzen(that's the dad from the army, who is koji father) can't control his very well, and the demon becomes stronger over the years and starts to take over his mind when he's asleep. I did think up the names for all the characters, but i have forgotten half of them now. At the end the demon in kenzen take over his whole body and that is when Koji has to stop him from destroying the world and that is also when he finds out that kenzen is his father.

What kinda of plot were you actually thinking of?, cos this plot would mostly be a comedy/ action/ magic powers kinda of anime. But you seem to be more into fighting anime,(it cos there is like this big trend at the moment, it not really your fault that you are being shown this kinda of crap at such a young age). The only thing i could say is do a Naruto doujinshi if you comfortable with that, your plots seem to be going down that line either that or read other original mangas, like delivery rangers, that sound like it's your kind of thing.

Try to think up another story in another genre, like a fantasy anime or even just a comedy. I personally work well with action comedies, like FMA and Trigun, althought i did watch Naruto i lost interest very quickly after about the first 20 episodes, it was just like dragonball/z and Gt. So try to think up a completely original plot. I have a good artist that might help you her name is Mbp she does a comic called confessor, try reading that.
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Guest tbonesam
well i personaly prefer drawing and wrighting about the same kind of thing like street fighter but im also into the major old time martal arts try combining the two throw in a legend and some plot twists and its all good
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