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As the sound of gunfire echoed throughout the streets, explosions could be heard from City Hall. The two gangs of Kasha were at it again, the Black Dragons and the White Panthers. Their feud has been going on sense the Ancient Battle of Old.

Long ago there were two guardians of the world. The guardian of the sky, Il Drago di Morte, and the guardian of the land, Il Panter di Vita. The Dragon of Death and the Panther of Life. The two guardians were docile creatures until they were corrupted by man?s evil thoughts, intentions, and greed. The two ravaged the land, their hearts corrupted, trying to kill one another. The land was thrown into darkness for a millennium.

Now in the year 3075, two gangs whose leaders each have the blood of one of the guardians running through their veins, are ragging war against each other. The Leader of the Black Dragons, he is a descendant of Il Drago di Morte. As the Leader of the White Panthers, she is the descendant of Il Panter di Vita (Which is obvious). The battle is for rightful rule?.

?Two squads to the east and two to the west? Go.? The Leader of the Black Dragons was a man of stature. He wasn?t massive, but still impressive looking.

Now here?s what to do?

Type (Thief, fighter, leader? etc. NOTE: There are only two leaders.):


Name: Lycerus Alexander Froza
Gender: Male
Appearance: See attachment
Gang: Black Dragons
Type: Leader
Weapons:Cold steel Katana, Double bladed-double ended sword, many il doppio-bladed lancia il daggers.
Personality: Hidden.
Background: Raised in the land of eternal chaos. He spent his whole life studying the arts of the dragon of death, for its blood runs through his veins.
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Name:Indaya Monata(Day)
Apperance: See attachment/[URL=http://www.temporarytattoos.com/images24/m556.jpg]Her tattoo[/URL]
Gang: White Panthers
Type: Leader
Weapons: Bow and arrow, sword
Personality: She is upbeat and proud, she can be stubbron. Most of the time she likes to have fun, talkitive and not really perciveed as one who should be a leader, but has a nasty temper and fights visiously.
Background: Ophaned at a young age Indaya grew up on the law, tougher beats tough. She learned how to defend her self and solve her own problems. She was raised by the White Panther gang, being the decendent of the panther of Life she was of corse their rightful leader. At age 13 she was tested and proven wrothy to hold the position. Trained under the dealiest of the Panthers she grew up to be a killer but always acted less then such. Now at age 18 she leads the White Panthers to the best of her ability, the one question of 'why' always lurking in her mind. The only proof one would have of her blood line is the tattoo on her right shoulder.
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Name: Kael Akiri
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance:[URL=http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=78949]A picture I drew of him.But he's older in this picture.[/URL]
Gang: Black Dragons
Type: Thief
Weapons: Throwing knives and a short sword.
Personality: Normally extremly cold and distant. He tries to kill his emotions and become a perfect killing machine for his leaders, but if someone gets to know him well enough, he will open up.
Background: He grew up in an extremely poor family, and he was taught to steal for a living. Around the age of 8, his family was caught in the middle of a fight between the Black Dragons and the White Panthers and everyone was killed except him. He felt drawn towards the Black Dragons and asked to be a part of their group. He believed that the White Panthers were responsible for the death of his family, so he dedicated his entire mind to becoming strong enough to kill them. Now he is known for being one of the youngest with some of the best assassination skills.
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Name: Kinesugu Yamashi

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Kinesugu is a tall and buff kid. He is large for his age and stands at about 6'2". His large frame holds a lot of speed in it though. He has blonde hair and deep hazel eyes. (Look at attachment)

Gang: Black Dragons

Type: Fighter

Weapons: A dragona sword and two short swords

Personality: Kinesugu is a silent warrior with a trouble past. He doesn't talk unless he wants two and is easily angered. He is always in the mood to fight. When you get close to him he is very different and jokes around a lot. He ussually doesn't tell or show how he is feeling.

Background: Kinesugu was alone growing up by himself as a child after his mother left him and his father and his father died returning home from work. He was killed by a White Panther and was mugged and robbed for everything he had on him. He grew up on the streets fighting day after day. He was known as a bully everywhere and was not messed with. He soon feel in with the Black Dragons and was everywhere they went. He hates the White Panthers with all of his heart and will do anything to get their blood on his sword and avenge his father's death.
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[FONT=Arial]Name: Belian Godfre
Gender: male
Age: 20
Appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/a64/EarthsLastHope231/?action=view¤t=1094130750_cturesboy4.jpg]Belian[/URL]
Gang: White Panters
Type: Swordsman
Weapons: a long iron sword
Personality: Is very mature about war and tries to stay focus. He knows whats right and wrong, He believes everyone can control their own fate, they just have to try.
Background: His father was a member of the White Panthers befoe he died. Belian after the death made an oath to serve the White Panther Clan to death. He trained and trained with the sword. the Panthers thought it was unreal for him to improve that quicky with a sword. [/FONT]
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Age: 21
Gang:White Panthers
Type Thief/Fighter
Weapons: Two Long Swords
Personality:Very funny. Really Hyper at times. Focus's most of the time. Like to make ppl laugh a lot.
Background:His perants were white panthers a long time ago, but then died. His older brother died along with them trying to get revenge but failed. now he seeks revenge.
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