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Request Request: Mugen Banner and Avatar


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I was wondering if anyone could wip me up an avatar and banner set using this pic [url=http://ningen.nattoli.net/wallpapers/lthruz/samurai_champloo_02-1024.jpg]Mugen[/url].

The only specification I want is the avatar to show only his head and face, and the banner to show his face and hands, or if that is not possible, just his hands. Thats about it.

Thank you in advance.
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[SIZE=1]Unfortunately, the link takes me through to a wallpaper site that as far as I can see has no picture of Mugen I should obviously be using. If you could attach the image to your post or PM it to me that would be better. That, or I could just find an image and use it instead?

Would love to do this for you, I just want to get it right. =)




I don't really like the avi...if you want, I'll change it tomorrow. Apart from that-Enjoy![/SIZE]
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