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Gaming NBA 2k6


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I probably have a better chance asking this question elsewhere seeing that there's hardly any sport game topics. (As far as I can tell)

But to anyone who has played / mastered this game, how in the world do you do an alley-hoop? And then I need to know how do I do different types of dunks.

To anyone wondering how does the game stack up against others.... I can't really answer that question because I haven't played any sports games since 2001. But I can say this much. (if anyones interested in getting the game) It's a pretty decent game. Probably one of the best out there.

One major flaw of the game is the talking. Let's say I just scored with Lebron James. Sometimes the announcers or the commentators would say someone else scored. Or they would do something like Lebron just scored a 3 pointer when I went for a dunk. It's nothing major, but you would probably look at the screen like it's stupid or something.

I haven't figured everything out as of yet, but I know most of the crossovers, spins, and such is done with the left toggle. If you're trying to get use to the controls you will find yourself traveling for a bit because of the L1 button. (hop step)

That's pretty much it. Like I said, the game is fairly decent. (above average for a B-ball game)

Oh yea, I would still like the answer to those questions if you know them. Thanks in advance ^_^
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