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Art Inspirations?

Shi no Tenshi

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Any artists you look up to because of their style or technique? There's a few I like, all for different reasons...

Photographer: Nan Goldin - she's spontaneous and sexy. Capturing transvestites on film has never looked so good.

Painters: Dorothea Tanning - my favourite surrealist. Simply because I love the imagery in her work.
Frida Kahlo - more because of who she was rather than what she accomplished.
Egon Schiele - don't look him up if you're sensitive to images of a sexual nature. Angsty and bold, and it's intresting to see where his life melts onto paper/canvas ;3
Gustav Klimt - extremely art noveau but it's not gay! A million colours in one skin tone and the people still look real - how does he do it?

There's also a couple of illustrator's I like and whatnot. I suppose I also like some anime styles - for example the artwork for Lain. Then there's FLCL, Blue Submarine 6 and such, simply for their animation and sometimes the illustrations made for them.
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[size=1]People themselves aren't my inspirations - I'm sure some have been extremely influential to me, but more art [i]trends[/i] that have made my style evolve to what it is today.

First, the generic sig-making started me off in my artistic endeavors. I followed tutorials by the letter for some time. It wasn't until about two months of using photoshop that I realized that I should take what I need for OTHER projects, and mix-and-match certain skills learned in these tutorials. That really got me going.

So I made relatively generic images - the abstract background with the cool anime stock dynamically placed on it - you know, the regular. But the next 'evolution' in my art was going to deviantART. There, I subscribed to a bunch of really clean, minimalistic photographers. Even though I'm not really a photographer, it gave me a taste of what I enjoyed the most in art, and what I might want to later re-create. Seeing a few images done without abstraction, and only with adding clever typography raised my eye-brow, but nothing huge.

The largest change in style was seen during the spring of this year, where on dA, I read a description of an interesting photo that read "Influenced by the Dada Revolution." I searched it on Google Images, and I absolutely fell in love with what I saw. I started to use words more and more as art, just as the Dada Revolution tried to do. Well, technically, the Dada Revolution was more of an anti-art movement, where 'artists' wanted to challenge the classical definition of art being a beautiful drawing, painting, or scuplture. They used alot of new-agey methods that really caught my eye.

So here I stand. Very interesting times in this last year, as far as my art went, and I hope to keep moving forward.[/size]
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Yeah I was into Dada Art a long way back. If you really like Dada Art you might like some of Duchamp's paintings on glass - they're fantastic. I also like Hannah Hoch - german dada artist has some great typography in her work.

As for movements, I find I like German Expressionism a lot. It's the one genre where I can say I pretty much like all the work! Emil Nolde was an awesome painter, but he also believed in the more extreme Nazi ideology ;/ I should probably get some of my paintings up - the influences that this movement has had on me is really obvious in some of them ^^;;
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