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This quiz will span the entire DragonBall series. Let's see what you've got!

1) How does Gokou defeat Sergeant Metallic?

2) After Tenshinhan dies in the battle with Nappa, Lunch has a scene that was cut out of the American version. What was she doing in it?

3)What was Mutchy Motchy's pet named?

4) What was the old man's name that fought Tao Pai Pai in the Cell saga?

5)How many members are in the Moose Family?

6) Who killed King Moai?

7)What is Ebifurya's special attack?

8) Why was Goku immune to Akkuman's technique?

9) Where does Suu Shenlon come from?

10) Why does Gokou have trouble defeating Super 17?
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1. Punchs his head off?
2. Drinking in a bar
3. Who?
4. ..Old guy?
5. Who/What?
6. Who?
8.A Pure heart
9.A dragonball
10. He absorbed all of Goku's energy attacks.
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You know, no one is gonna pass this quiz... the dubbies are gonna sit here and wonder what the hell you are talkin about... There are only a few people that could even attempt to take this quiz and not score a negative 10...

I can't even remember half the stuff you are talkin about, i doubt many more people will.

I think this was some attempt to look like a smartass... which you succeeded in... There's no point in making a test 99% of people will fail, thats just being stupid.

If anyone wants to answer these, you can PM CWB.
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