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King Kong: Kong vs. T-Rex


Who do you side with?  

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[FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Now, as most, or some, of you know, there is a new King Kong movie coming this December, directed by Peter Jackson.

Here's my problem:
As anyone that saw the trailer would know, [SPOILER]there is a fight scene between Kong and a T-Rex. Kong grabs the T-Rex by the jaws and breaks them, killing it.[/SPOILER] Now, just for this reason I will not see this movie. Why? Between mammals and reptiles, I always go with the reptiles, no exception. Plus, how the hell does this work? Seriously, a Tyrannosaur, even against a titanic gorilla which rivals it in size, would slice the fingers off Kong as soon as it closed its jaws. I mean, the Tyrannosaur is a killing machine, built with 8-inch serrated teeth backed by jaw muscles that could break bone and tear through any other creature with the slightest of ease. As soon as the Tyrannosaur got a shot at Kong, it would tear off a nice-sized chunk.

So, I side with the Tyrannosaur on this one.

Who do you side with?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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I side with Kong, because Peter Jackson is remaking the original King Kong (1933), a version that included the same fight with the same results, plus in a movie about King Kong, with the ape being King Kong, you wouldn't exactly have him die...because then you'd have no movie.

Kong all the way.
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