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There are the living and there are the dead.We belived
that this all there was to it , where we wrong.We found
out later there was another.

The fallen , souls that have not passed on nor
complete.These are the souls that are tortured to the
point that when they are supposed to fade , they fight
death so only a small part of them leave , the good
part.This is where come in.Special forces that eliminate
these souls.

Once every decade twenty gifted people are chosen from
around the world to attend a special school in Tokyo.
They will be trained to move without being seen or
heard.These people will be trained in marcial arts and
the mistical techniques to distroy these fallen and
protect them from the truth.Someone is out there to get them.

Fallen - Have dark powers based around the shadows.They
accumalate weapons and have exessive strength.they
appear normal but the Gifted have the power to see their
dark aura

Gifted - Have the power to see auras of people.They
accumalate weapons when they get to the school.Their
powers reflect on their past.

name :

age : between 16 and 21

race : the gifted or the fallen

gender :

power : needs to tie into the bio

apperence : a picture or a detaled discription will be fine

weapon : no guns

snippet of character in action :This is where i will be macking my decision

Bio : about three paragraphs be creative

p.m. me if you have any questions I will be posting
mine after I get a few replies at the same time I post I will post in the underground arena
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