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At my school, there is a class called I-CAT (Interactive Computer-enhanced Academic Technologies). If you join that class, you inevidibly join a very large club called Business Professionals of America (BPA). First off, I'd like to ask is any of you in BPA or something similar to it.

And second, I have to create a promotional video for the 2006-2007 National Leadership Conference in New York City. If you can, discuss the BPA if you are in it and whatnot. Also, please toss some ideas up.
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Oh my goodness. lol.

I was in BPA in my senior year of high school. I actually went to the National Leadership Conference, too, in Chicago. I competed in a Power Point presentation, and we did it on the topic of e-commerce, which I thought was difficult because there were few books that talked about e-commerce in a critical or educational way since it was quite new at the time.

So is your video to promote having a conference in NYC? I don't quite understand your question. I remember my friend did a presentation one year to promote having a conference in Houston. The thing is that it wasn't possible because the conferences can only be held in cities that had hotels large enough to hold the entired organization. And it's a humungous organization.

If there's anything specific I can maybe help you with, feel free to ask. =D
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