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Star Wars Prequels - Like them?


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[b]Thumbs down IMO, here's why...[/b]

I?m fairly certain that this topic hasn?t been brought up before, so I thought I?d give it a go. Recently I recently Star Wars Episode III from Netflix and gave it a watch. Truth is I wasn?t expecting very much to begin with seeing as how I was disappointed in the first two prequels, but this movie just topped it off for me.

I can honestly say while I?m a huge Star Wars fan (deeply into expanded universe as well as the original trilogy) I absolutely hated the prequels with such a passion that I cannot possibly describe. George Lucas really should have went the way of the expanded universe and tried as hard as he could to make these prequels ?magical.?

Does anyone else on the OB feel similarly about the prequels?

I found the acting to be of exceptionally poor quality (the whereas the young Anakin was too much to stomach, this Anakin featured in the last two movies whines out his lines and overacts every part in my opinion). Also noteworthy, the CG in my opinion was perhaps the worst to date (Episode III was slightly better because they didn?t bother with the hordes of humungous alien-animals which looked plastic and downright fake in past Episodes). Action sequences are much too quick whereas in the original Star Wars they were more timed, slow, in line with the events in the story transpiring.

CG set/background design was atrocious, as most marble pillars appeared to be plastic and flying moving in perfect synchrony across the background only looked half convincing.

While on the story of the Episodes, I found it engaging and yet improperly executed. While I love Star Wars and therefore know and love the story of Vader, it seems that Episode III was extremely? underplayed, I suppose. Palpatine?s rise to power should have been through the military as well as through gaining the influence of fellow senators. More impressive speeches were expected and yet Episode III featured none of that. While on the story, the relationship between Anakin and his love was really watered down: not only were their lines to each other terrible and childish throughout the prequels, but they were also followed by abrupt battles and other things which only served to take away from the prequels as a whole.

Seemed to me as though these Episodes were geared for a younger audience.

Having officially reviewed each of the 3 Episode movies for other places I can go into considerable detail as to the flaws I found within the film, but I?m curious to know whether or not anyone here disliked it as much as I did. On the same note since this is about the Episodes, I would very much like to know if anyone here liked them and why they disagree with me on certain points if they do.

In one of my official reviews I noted how Episode III was basically about:
[quote name='Review Info Withheld, PM for source - can verify']Gold contacts... plastic looking ships, angry lines which are spit out decently enough but ultimately sound as though a youngsters mentality was behind them... childish comedy and no sense of class leaves this movie, as well as the Episodes before it without any redeeming qualities. These prequels could have been and should have been so much more.[/quote]It just seems to me that with as much money as George Lucas undoubtedly had in making the prequels, that it could have been spent better to create a more memorable experience? an experience to truly live up to the Star Wars legacy.
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Seemed to me as though these Episodes were geared for a younger audience.[/QUOTE]

[size=1][color=crimson] Yep, you can tell, that scene with [spoiler] Anakin being fried to a crisp[/spoiler] and the PG13 rating really make it a kiddies flick. I just had to say that. :p

The NT gets more bagging than it deserves. Anakin is meant to start out as a little brat, like anyone could be, he's supposed to be angsty and angered in the last films, after all, is it not what leads him to the Dark Side? I had no problems with Christensen's delivery of his lines, they fit the character and how the character was acting at the time, either being angsty lines full of anger or cheesy love fluff when he was with Amidala. I think people are being nitpicky about this series because they have fond meories of the OT and are constantly matching them up against each other.

[spoiler] Vader's "Noooooo!" at the end of the movie also gets a lot of bagging, but to me, it seemed like classic villainry. Remember those old films/series where the good guy would always prevail and the bad guy would cry out Noooooo! or something similar? Coming from a series that has been modelled on the old ssaturday serials, I'm not surprised that this part was put into the film at all. [/spoiler][/size][/color]
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[font=Verdana][color=blue]We already have a thread dedicated to Star Wars [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=43668"]here[/url]. Please just use that one to discuss anything Star Wars related.[/color][/font]

[font=Verdana][color=blue]Thread closed.[/color][/font]
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