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Sign Up From Pluto With Love [PG-VL]


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[I]Over a million years ago, the people of Earth created a base on the planet Pluto. People lived in climate controlled bubbles that spread out across the planet and contained entire cities. But the people of Earth have long since lost contact with this colony, and have pronounced the entire population dead.

Now, in the year 5890, they have finally realized their mistake. Pluto is over populated with mutated creatures that have adapted to the conditions. They have technology that would make Earth scientists' jaws drop.

But despite all of this, Pluto is far too small to home their growing population. So now the current Mathribus, the ruler of Pluto, has announced that Pluto will set forth to conquer Earth, so that that it can be used to further house her people.
Of course, Earth won't stand for this.[/I]

Okay, Okay. So Pluto is going to attack Earth, in hopes of conquest. And, of course, Earth will fight back. The conclusion is up to you. Who will win: Pluto or Earth?
If Pluto wins, Earth belongs to them, and the Earth people will either end up slaves or dead.
If Earth wins, the Plutonians go back to their planet with their tails between their legs. Got it?

In the sign-up, you will either be an Earthling or a Plutonian.
[B]Human[/B] the Earth's only defenders. You're all humans (I hope so), right? So you know what they look like. They rely heavily on their highly advanced weaponry.
[B]Cyro[/B] One of Pluto's two races. They are humanoid in appearance. Their genetic make-up however, is adapted to the harsh conditions of Pluto. So a weak cyro on Pluto, would be a strong cyro on Earth. They rely on their minds and technology.
[B]Norflaks[/B] The second of Pluto's races. They are odd creatures that are basically cubes of purple tofu with eyes, mouth, and spindly arms and legs. They have no real intelligence and their strength is in numbers; they are exceptionally dagerous when they swarm. Norflaks are strictly NPCs. They will be Pluto's equivalent of soldiers. You may be in charge of a swarm of Norflaks, as a cyro, if you would like that.

Race: (Human or Cyro)Your race will also decide which army you're with.
Appearance: Pics or detailed description
Status: What are you? A general? A foot soldier? Norflak comander? It is your choice. My character is the Mathribus, and is, as such, reserved.
Short Bio:

Have fun with this. I'll post my character after several people have signed up. If you need help or have a question: PM me.
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