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Request Kingdom Hearts II - Banner/Avatar Request


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Hello all! To prepare for the Japan Release of KH:II, I would like a banner/avatar set made. I would do this myself, but am currently overseas and my beloved computer and imaging programs are many thousands of miles away.
I would like to use the Blonde-haired boy as the focus image for the set, and try to stick to the colour theme of the previews so far: please keep things dark, secluded and hidden - much like the way things get in the twilight hours. Otherwise let your talents run wild within a twilightish/nighttime theme ><
I would like the banner to read:
[I]The answers always lie in the darkness[/I]
If you can think of something more fitting for the banner, please put it in instead ^^
Here is a [URL=http://ffkingdom.net/kh2generalimages/kh2.jpg][U]link[/U][/URL] to the image I would like used. You can add anything else in, or change it for a better quality image that you find more suited to your abilities. Maybe try to refrain from using grainy images though hahah ><''
The avatar needn't say anything, unless you find yourself bursting with ideas. If you want to put anything there, keep it to just one or two words in a matching font with that of the banner.
I think I've listed all of my criteria.
I'm going to give you all as long as you'd like, seeing as it's close to Christmas and you may be busy; but if you can work with about 5 days, then Thursday is a good day to have the set done by - the release date ^^ (please note: this is not 100% necessary, but if you can get things done by then, that would be awe-tastic).
Hope I'm not asking too much of you guys. Thanks all,
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Hullo!! I finally did something for you!! It was hard, but I made it through....almost. XD

Anyways, I tried to do what you asked for and I tried to keep it dark and secluded. I hope this works for you:



I used some filters to make it dark and make it look a little cool. I used a little shine on the guys Keyblade and I used a three line border because I thought it looked cool.

Anyways, I hope you like it and if you want me to change anything, then please tell me.

*bows* XD[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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I love it KW, you followed everything! ><
Now that I look at it, and I'm sorry to say this, but could you remove one or two filters?
Sorry ^^'' its just a tad too dark.
If it's too much trouble we can leave it as-is. Thank you so much for replying to the thread on the day of KH:II's release! Am rapt as I am holding the game right at this moment ^^
So yeah, just remove one or two layers/filters and hey-presto! Otherwise it's awesome.
I will leave this open to anyone else who wants to take a shot at a KH:II banner/avatar set. Maybe there will be a better selection of screenshots on the net now that the game's actually out
>< (I should've thought of that)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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