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Writing A little Sasuke story^-^ LOL


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ok! I finally found a nice place to post my sasuke story! Hope you like it!(i like naruto best tho):

My name is Sasuke Uchiha. My goal is to kill my brother, who killed my parents and destroyed my clan. I get closer to my goal every day, and so do Naruto and Sakura. Naruto is doing well... too well, in fact. As for Sakura, I'd best not insult her. If Im to complete my goal, I cant let their nonsense get in my way... but today is my birthday, and I think it might be inevitable...

*sasuke enters a ramen shop and finds sakura and naruto (uh-oh)*

Sasuke: Great... :animeangr
Naruto: Happy birthday sasuke! We were looking all over for you! Stupid showoff! *naruto cracks a smile*
Sakura: Yes! Its good to see you!*glomps sasuke*
Sasuke: Aghhh! 3 second RULE!!!*flails to escape sakuras grasp*
Naruto: all right, its time to celebrate! Sakura, lets go!!!
Sakura: OK!*drags sasuke out the door*
Inner Sakura: Naruto, for once i agree with you, but my gift'll kick yours butt! CHA! :
*Naruto laughs as sakura drags sasuke all the way to his house for a get together.*

Sasuke: LET ME GO!!! :flaming:
Naruto: No way! Were at my house, and were gonna celebrate*eyes glare* whether you like it or not!
Sakura: yup!now, close your eyes! Naruto, Kakashi sensei and I have a surprise upstairs for you!
Sasuke:NO! :flaming:
Sakura: I. SAID. WAIT!!!
Sasuke: :animedepr
*naruto and sakura get the gift. Its a HUGE cake with the Uchiha symbol on it*

Naruto: Surpriiiiiize!!! Happy birthday, moron!
*Sasuke stares at the cake in shock *
*Suddenly, Kakashi poofs outta nowhere*
Everyone: :animestun
Sasuke: where'd you come from, sensei?
Naruto: that was part of the plan, but it caught us by surprise too...
Kakashi: sorry im late, guys! :animesmil
Inner Sakura: You'd better not ruin my Sasuke's party! CHA! :mad:

*Kakashi suggests giving sasuke his gifts*
Kakashi: Sasuke, now that you are older, I think its time you read this*hands sasuke "come come paradise" book.

Sasuke: but sensei, this book... is about :animeblus :
Kakashi: yes, but its about time
Naruto: lemme see!EH?... :animeblus
Sakura: I wont even ask...
Naruto: here*shoves box at sasuke* :shifty:
Sasuke: what did you get me now, moron?
*Sasuke opens the box to find a silver kunai with his name engraved in rubies*
Sasuke: You got this for me, moron? -_-
Naruto: yeah, so! Happy birthday! Now take it and lemme alone!

*Sasuke turns reluctantly to Sakura. She blushes*
Sakura: sasuke, I got you something, but close your eye if you want it, close your eyes :luv: :love2:
Sasuke: I dont think so
Sakura: DO IT!! :mad:
*sasuke obeys. Sakura draws closer untill...*
:blush: *the sound of a kiss is heard*

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:mad: :devil: AND THE STORY CONTINUES...

*Sasuke opens his eyes to find Sakura embracing him and kissing his lips fully*_*

Sasuke: :animeblus :animeshy: :animestun
Naruto: :animestun :animeangr
Kakashi:*thinking* Just like chapter 15 of the book :animesmil :animeswea
Sasuke: RRRR... GET, OFF!! :animeshy: :animeangr
Sakura: You... didn't like my gift, sasuke?
Sasuke:... :animedepr
Naruto*thinking* I cant BELIEVE she did THAT!!! :mad:
Sasuke:Im going home! Thanks for the party, see ya later... :animestun
Inner Sakura: I REALLY thought he'd like IT!!! :mad: :devil:
Naruto:*thinking* I gotta go apologize for Sakura's idiocy! Sasuke probably was having fun till she did that! :flaming:
Kakashi: Untill the next party, goodbye!

*Kakashi leaves as Naruto goes after Sasuke. He finds him sitting near the docks*

Sasuke: Naruto...?? :shifty:
Naruto: I... came to apologize for what Sakura did. She ruined the party, and your good time.*sits next to Sasuke* :animesigh
Sasuke: Its alright, moron. Thanks for the gift, anyway. At least you acknoladged my birthday. :animeangr :nope:

*Sakura also goes off to find Sasuke and apologize*

Sasuke: Naruto? :nope:
Naruto: Yeah? :animeangr
Sasuke: Thanks... :animeangr
Naruto: Sure...*gets up and goes home* :animesmil

*Sakura finds Sasuke and approaches*
Sakura: S-sasuke? :animeshy:
Sasuke: You? What is it now? :animeangr
Sakura: Sasuke, did you really hate my kiss? I'd never have done it if I thought you would. I... I just... love you...alot, Sasuke. :animeshy: :drool: :heart:
Sasuke: But did you have to do it in front of THEM? :nono:
Sakura:...?? :animeshy:
Sasuke: You're right, I didnt hate your kiss, but I hate myself for not hating it... :animeangr :animeshy:
Sakura: Sasuke... :animeshy:
*both move in closer, and kiss again (awww)*
Sakura and Sasuke: :animesmil

*suddenly, in a puff of smoke, Naruto's sexy jutsu form is where Sakura used to be!*-*
Sexy jutsu Naruto: Hi Sasuke :animesmil :blush:
Sasuke: WHAT THE HELL?! :flaming: :excited:
Naruto: Well, you...
Sakura:*jumping out* Just... :animesmil
Kakashi *appearing*: got... :animesmil
All together:a happy birthday PUNKED!!!BWAHAHA! :animesmil :smirk: :laugh:
Naruto: :laugh:
Sasuke: Damn you all... :animeswea :mad:
Sasura: you know, you look like you actually enjoyed that, Sasuke. :smirk:
Sasuke: :flaming: :animeangr

* Sakura, Kakashi, and Naruto all enjoy teasing Sasuke, and do not notive a pair of piercing rad eyes watching them closely...*

-Who do these eyes belong to? What do they want? Could Sasuke's day be ruined any more than this? And, what other birthday surprises are in store for our young shinobi?

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