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Sign Up Lunar X: The fall of Lunar [M-VLS]


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[COLOR=DimGray] [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif] The mighty vessel, [I]Passion[/I] rode through the midnight sea. The light form the blue star above them made where they didn?t need any light from the boats. One of the sailors had just climbed to the deck for some fresh air when he stopped in shock at what he was looking at. Not very far ahead, water began to make some soft of twister. It was a minor twister, but it was continuing to grow.
?Captain! Captain!!? Now, the whole ship began to look over at the odd twist of water. Captain Colt, walked at the edge of the deck to inspect the irregular phenomenon. He studied the twister as he turned his attention to the Blue star above.
?Get Lord Sieg to see this.? He motioned the sailors to do so as he continuing to study the water.
Lord Sieg walked in his bright white clock to the deck. His clock shadowed his whole face as all of the sailors where afraid from the Mystic. He stood by the Captain?s side and made a short gasp.
?I?ll take this from here, Captain. I suggest you and your men back away.? The sea captain grunted as he waved his men back. Inside the shadows of the clock came a small smile.
?I finally found you.? He lifted his arms straight into the air as if to touch the blue star. Black aura began to surround him as his clock brushed off his head.
?The great warriors locked the demon king for too long. I summon the great spirits to release the Demon King, Valkurm!? The winds picked up tremulously as the captain and his sailors where pushed away by the might. Sieg?s black aura left his body and filled the sky with darkness. The twister was out of control as it was bigger then the vessel itself. Then Sieg fell to his knees as the black sky disappeared. The twister slowly went back down. Though a figure stood, floating in the sky. The sailors stood in awe at the figure as Sieg started to chuckle.
?Men, your in the presence of the Demon king himself, Valkurm.? Sieg stopped his laughing as he gripped his throat and was levitating into the air.
?You are the one that released me from my prison?? His voice was rough, as if he hadn?t used it for hundreds of years. The Demon king blinked as Sieg let out short breaths.
?Yes...I am.?
?I thank you, but I have no use of you.? Instantly, a sword formed into Valkurm?s hand. He began to pull back when Sieg drew out a golden necklace.
?This is the necklace of Ameria. A very old object.? Valkurm seemed to show emotion as he stammered at the sight of it.
?Ameria....What do you want with it? Give it here!?
?I want power and I want it from you. You swear allegiance to me and I will give you this and much more.? The Demon King thought for a moment and then nodded slowly.
?Excellent. Your first objective.? He looked around, then spotted the vessel behind him. ?Is to destroy that ship and everyone on it.? Valkurm held out his hand as a green black torpedoed down at the ship. The ship exploded at that instant as Sieg grin at the power. He had found the first half of the greatest power in Lunar, now it was time to find the last half. One step closer to be ruler of this, not just the world but the entire Universe.
?Come Demon King. We have much more work to be done.? He grind his teeth as he nodded.

Roy let of a breath of relief as he fell on top of a rock near the trail. He had probably been walking for hours through the hot sun on the trail.
?Oh Roy! You can?t stop here!? He looked up to see Lion, the winged cat like creature land on his shoulder. ?We need to get tp walking, or we?ll never reach to capital.?
?Easy for you to say, you don?t walk. You could just fly there with ease.? Lion huffed as he smiled. Roy and Lion where heading towards the capital, Narnma where his grandma lived. Him and Lion where coming back from a trip into the mountains.
?Come on, Roy. Let?s go already!? Lion whined as Roy sighed.
?Alright, let?s go.?

The great capital was now bruning in flames. Roy stood staring in shock as the flames where brewing.
?Hey, here?s another one!? Two bandits, dressed in black garments, pulled out there short swords against Roy.
?Roy, watch out!? Roared Lion as Roy refocused and drew his sword. The first bandit attack, but was cut off half way by a thrust into the heart by Roy. He shift away form the bandit to the next one, slashing away at his throat. The bandits laid in a pool of blood as Roy stood in the middle of it.
?Let?s go Roy! We have to go!? Roy went back to reality as he ran into the dark forest from behind him.
Roy stared at the camp fire as Lion laid across the from him.
?They never believed that evil had returned. That the Mystic Sieg and the Demon king would ever come over here in this small part.? Whispered Roy as Lion looked up. ?They thought it would never affect us. What does this Mystic want with us??
?He wants power and the people to bow to him.? Lion exclaimed as Roy nudged closer to the fire.
?I will never forget him for want he did.? Roy?s hand trembled in anger as he continued. ?Only if I was stronger, I could make a difference and save Lunar. But I will not make that an excuse to get revenge. I will find him and kill Sieg.? Silence filled around them.
?There was said that when evil returned, that the Blue Star will send someone that will destroy the evil and save the land once again. Once that someone would arrive, so would her followers. Once when evil spread the land, a Dragonmaster came and fought against evil.? Roy had heard of these legends before.
?Yeah, Alex and Dyne. Though the armor and the great sword was destroyed when defeating the evil. Then, no more Dragonmaster.?
?What would happen if I told you they weren?t??
?I would say your crazy.?
?The Dragon armor is locked away in the Dragon shrines, while the sword is sealed in Vyse City.?
She floated into the air, eye level to Roy.
?We first though must travel to the Blue Star and find the one to save Lunar. Then will find a way to make you the 3rd Dragonmaster.? Everything seemed alittle too quick, but Roy was determined to get ride of Sieg and the Demon King, Valkurm. He gave a short nod, then ended with a smile.
?Alright, Let?s rest and We?ll start are new adventure tomorrow.? They fell asleep, unaware of what this journey will do to Roy and the rest of Lunar.

Extra Info
the story takes place in a medievil type setting, the Goddess Althena gave up her powers, many years before the original game title takes place, to be with the Human she fell in love with, Dragon Master Dyne.

[U]Lunar 1[/U]

The Dragon Master, After collecting all the artifacts from the 4 great dragons (white, blue, black, red) a man had the ability to control the dragons, thus the title Dragon Master....Dyne had achived this to save the planet...fast forward many years. To young Alex, Alex had always dreamed of one day being a Dragon Master just like Dyne. Alex and his friends take an adventure to find a dragons diamond in a cave just north of their small town. What they don't know is their adventure turns into the adventure of a lifetime. While this is going on, the evil Magic Emperor is kidnapping young girls who have a gift for singing. He kidnaps Alex's love Luna. Which finally sparked the adventure. Along his quest to become the Dragon Master Alex meets up with, a young apprentice mage who later becomes the leader of a Magical city, a priestest of a fallen religion, a drunk, and a femal mage. The group finds out that love can cross even through the bounds of time. The story ends with Alex and the others defeating Magic Emperor Ghaleon and the realization that Luna is indeed the reincarnation of Althena on earth......

[U]Lunar 2[/U]

Young Hiro much like young Alex many years before him dreamed of becoming a Dragon Master just like Dragon Master Ghaleon(no not a mistype the evil Magic Emperor is now the dragonmaster and serving Althena) finds a young girl from the Silver Star, he takes the girl to the Temple of Althena where the duo discovers the goddess isn't all she claims to be. The Emperor strikes Hiro.....for the sake of time I'm going to fast forward. Hiro meets with similar characters except with a Gender swap. The group once again finds that love conqueros everything, and the love shared by the Dragon Master Hiro, and the Goddess Althena once again saves the planet....

Lunar X is going to be taken place 500 years after Lunar 2. Where the land is once agin under evil by a Mystic by the named of Sieg. His powers reach beyond any magician in the world. He seeks though more power and to rule not only the world, but the whole Universe. He had found the great Demon King, Valkurm. Now he searches the land for the a power thats even greater then Sieg and Valkurm's power combined! NOw, Roy and abunch of other warriors will team up and try to save the Universe from the Sieg and his plans for ultimate power.

[I](Note: To start the RP, I need someone to play the next Recarnation of Athlena. Someone that is fairly good at writing and must be ready for an very important role. Better the Sign-up for her, the better chance in.)[/I]


Character Snippet:

any questions, PM me. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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I loved the game. Good choice.

Name: Clay

age: 17

gender: Male

personality: Very happy. He is proud that he is a majic user from Vale, but he does not try to be cocky. He likes to see the better side of people, the side that makes them laugh and smile.

apperance: Below

weapons/abilities: The staff in the pic is his weapon. It is called the 'Blade OF Time.' It has the power to slow his enamies down to nearly no speed.

His abilities focus on mainly slowing the target down. Either with electric powers, fire, water, and ice. He normally uses earth to slow them down, sand is his favorite.

Bio: He was born in the floating city of Vale. It did not take long for his nack of majic to be seen. Soon after joining the Majic Guild, he became one of their top students. He was becoming one of the strongest mages the world has seen to date.

Then one day it all changed. He was traveling to meed up with a village that was told to house the white dragon. On his way to the village, he felt a very cold and dark wind pass through the skies.

Character Snippet:

"Clay, wake up. You need to get up or the master will get angry." Claudia, Clay's partner in training said, shaking him while he slept in bed.

"I'm up, whats the rush? Is it not sunday? Don't we get sundays off?" Clay sat up and yawned. He loved the guild, and he loved the town of Vale, but the training is wat killed him.

Clay rubbed his eyes as he held out his hand. In a flash of light, a small sand tornado was sent flying at a corner of the room. "Nice try, but you will have to do better than that to trick me." He stood up out of bed as Claudia sent a wace of water at the shaddow.

"Who are you, what are you here for?" Claudia said, taking a step twards the figure.

"Young littel ones. You do not know of the times that will come. Now that there is to be a new dragon master, the littel girl swarn to protect the goddess shall be no more." The figure began to laugh as Claudia took a step back.

"What the hell are you talking about? Claudia, who is this guy?" Clay tried to take a step twards Claudia, but she turned around and knocked him back. A warm smiled showed on her face as she spoke.

"Clay, please, protect the goddess. Travel with the new dragon master and protect her. You are the only hope for her." A single tear fell from her cheek as a black void consumed her. In a flash of darkness, Clay was sent into the next room, out cold.

The next morning, when he woke, he saw the staff next to him. A single voice quietly went through his head, 'The Staff Of Time.' He began to cry as the immage of Claudia flashed through his head.

I think that about does it for me. PM me with any changes.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Name: Roy
age: 17
gender: male
personality: Wishes to explore the world and see what it really is. He doesn't allow his anger to overcome him alot, not saying that it never happens. He follows life and goes with the flow. He knows if something has ot be done, fate will guide him through it.
weapons/abilities: carries just a normal long sword. its light, so easy to control for lightning swift attacks.
Bio: [edit]
Character Snippet: [edit][/FONT][/COLOR]
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