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Shadow's BoOm BOOM rOoM/ Hip Hop discussions thread


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[center][size=1][color=darkred][b]Welcome to shadow's BoOm BOOM rOom. Please enjoy your stay, however long it may be with us.[/b] [/color][/size][/center]
[size=1][color=darkred]Ok, Mugen's thread on southern hip hop gave me the Idea that it might be cool to start a thread dealing with hip hop/rap in general. Feel free to post recommendations, information, up and coming artists, favorite artists, song ratings, album ratings, and whatever else deals with hip hop from all over. Also, I thought that this might be able to clear up alot of peoples dislike of hip hop. I personally think a lot of people dislike it because of misconceptions about the music and artists. The majority of what is played now days is very trendy, and some of his barely passes for music in my eyes. Hopefully we might be able to provide artist that people will liek who are just getting in or intrested in the music. As well as recommending songs, albums and etc.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]One thing, I don't want any trash talking on this about members. So what if they don't like your favorite artist, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I want this to be friendly and fun for all, not another west coast, east coast beef. If you are going to criticize an artist try to do so in a manner that will not offend anyone else.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Anyways shoot away(not literally), I have high hopes for this, so I hope it goes well.[/color][/size]
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