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  1. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]To be honest, I haven't really looked all too much into the movie, but I do enjoy the books so far (I've only read the first 2, I'm waiting for my girlfriends mom to finish the 3rd). I would definatly have to agree with Darren that Anne Rice's are still my favorite vampire stories.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]Although I did find Stefanie Meyer's twist on the mythology to be interesting and unique which I liked but you are right the books are lacking in alot of detail, except for Edward.[/COLOR
  2. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]Right now I'm currently playing Suikoden Tactics for the PS2, although I'm hoping that the Allmighty Game Gods will grace me and send forth a PSP and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions to my doorstep this saturday (it's my birthday). But since I doubt that will hard earned cash might just have to do, we'll see after I pay the bills......[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  3. [quote name='MistressRoxie'][COLOR=#9933ff]I don't think you're expressing yourself quite clearly. Do you mean to say that if the period of menstruation coinsides with the full moon, women are more crazy? :rolleyes:[/COLOR] [COLOR=#9933ff]The fact is that if you believe the moon affects the moods of people, it affects ALL people, and that ALL people exhibit some sort of craziness when the full moon rolls around, REGARDLESS of gender. Don't make this a gender issue or I'll be all over your *** about it.[/COLOR][/quote] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]The same concept applies to the word lun
  4. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]Well to begin with I'm kinda zombie-ish normally, but with me it doesn't really matter what it is, anime, movies, books, games, I don't really read fan fiction, although I have in my younger days. After I watch or read something my thoughts are caught up in the story, I just try break down the story from every angle, the parts that I liked, the parts that I'd change, what I think the characters are doing after the story ends. There is so much stuff to think about that I lose most sense of reality, and I just tend to sit, stare and think. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. [quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR=darkorange]Not to mention it's liable to cause a revolt in which everyone goes straight to fansubs if they haven't already. The rallying cries echoe over the internet.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange]Anyway, many such as myself are militaristically forming our lists of 'to buy' Geneon titles and preparng for a storm of purchases. My friends, tonight... we dine... in your local retailer or online shop![/COLOR][/quote][FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray] I tried to make a list but it started to get too long, there is just too much stuff that I'd like to see. It's li
  6. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]Yes it is horrible news indeed, it's a real shame ADV dropped out of the deal to pick up all the Geneon titles. I just hope that someone rises to the occasion and picks some of the titles up, because having a half finished anime isn't any good any way you look at it.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  7. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]Hmmm it's been awhile since I've been on here to post, anywho Basilisk has been the latest anime I've been watching, and I also had a chance to see Shinobi on the AZN channel.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]First of all, as of yet I've been thoroughly impressed with Basilisk in the sense they just fight like Raiyuu said. The skills each one of them have seem very unique, and the animation they use in executing these shots is very well done. (I love the animation for Gennouske's secret ability). As well
  8. [QUOTE=2007DigitalBoy][color=darkorange]1. The overall thought doesn't mean I'll like it >_> I don't seem to like uch else that's popular... 2. Babies? I doubt I could ever allow that. I have no confidence in my ability to raise children. I am a lot like my dad, and as great as my dad is, if I have a kid he'll end up like me. 3. I can feel guilty bout just about anything >_>[/color][/QUOTE][size=1][color=gray]Hmm it actually sounds like you could use some good loving my friend. Sex while being a good work out is also improves moods, energy and a few more things if I remember right. The
  9. [size=1][color=gray]Honestly there is nothing wrong with being a virgin, it's a personal choice we all make. Though also on the other end, there is nothing wrong with not being a virgin, for the same reason. I'm like Gavin, and think time is whenever a person is ready. As well as losing your virginity does nothing to alter ones personality, it's just been a coveted title since anchient times, but in todays society the signifigance it once held isn't as strong. [/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]I'm guessing your friends sister is about 14 to 16, and at t
  10. [quote name='Gavin][size=1']I did give Basch a katana for a while, but eventually normal swords became more powerful so I switched him back.[/size][/quote] [size=1][color=gray]If I remember correctally katana damage is determed by the characters magic att. not strength, so they are good weapons for characters with high magic strength. I had Ashe using one for the majority of the game.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]Ninja swords on the other hand deal damage based apon a characters speed. I used them for a bit with Vaan. Overall I liked it as a weapon,
  11. [size=1][color=purple]October sat still within her Volkers cockpit, the battle was over but her adrenaline was still pumping. Quickly coarsing through he veins, blood slowly dripped down the side of her til it reached her chin and fell dotting her legs with drops of crimson. Her grip on the controls was tight and her breath short and shallow. [/color][/size] [size=1][color=purple][/color][/size] [size=1][color=purple][b]"October Long, are you there, can you respond?"[/b] A voice rang through her Volkers intercom.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=purple][/color][/size] [size=1][color=purple]
  12. [size=1][color=gray]I thought of another thing that scares me, this is related to me as a man more than my prior fears.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]Being a Father.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]The thought terrifies me. I guess you could say my dad has been around, but he has been far from a father. I have had other influentual males in my life, but nothing truely comparible to a father, all I know is I never want to be the kind of father to my children as my dad was to me. Also just the impact you have on your childrens lives, and that how they develop and grow at an early a
  13. Veritas

    The Departed

    [size=1][color=gray]I watched this movie the other night, aand I enjoyed it very much, even if it made me very mad at the end.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]The characters were amazing, Damon had some funny lines but at the same time I hated his guts during this film. His character just bugged me, though I think he was supposed to.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]Nicholson made the movie my opinion. He was hilarious, and just slammed everyone, who didn't he make fun of. All the thoughts that we normally think
  14. [size=1][color=purple][b]"What the..."[/b] October muttered under her breath as she ran through the halls. She had already made two wrong turns. [b]"This ship, men must have helped design it or something."[/b] She muttered again running and opening a door. The Volker hanger stood before her practically empty of all other Volkers, but her eyes instantly locked on hers as she jumped down the stairs.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=purple][/color][/size] [size=1][color=purple]Her Volker was down on one knee, waiting for it's pilot to bring it to life. October all but bounded into the cockpit, an
  15. [size=1][color=gray]Dorian barely noticed as Brian left, headed off to bed. This was starting to get too out of hand, things were really being put on the line and how long before it stopped. Quan has everyone, well most everyone boxed up, caged in like a singing canary. Whatever his intentions they aren't good, that was one thing Dorian could be sure of. Dorian couldn't help but ask himself how dark would he have to become to protect everyone and make sure there wasn't another Cat.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]A yawn from Eden brought Dorian away fr
  16. [size=1][color=gray]I just came to a realization after seeing Hillary's picture without make up. She just looks normal, not outstandingly gorgeous but normal. Now I wouldn't even want to see Michael without make up, I don't really want to stare at Michael with make up, thats the stuff nightmares are made of. [/color][/size][size=1][color=gray]Yeah if I could go back in time I would hang out with black Michael, I would but since that is very unlikely to ever happen that's ruled out[/color][/size]
  17. [size=1][color=gray]I watched the first episode the other night and it seemed rather interesting. As Raiyuu already stated the Sword Fighting very pretty, emphasized with odd camera angles. I feel more like Dagger, that it crawled to the cliffhanger ending.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]One of the first things that caught my attention about the show, is how they use a First Person View alot of the times, when d'Eon is traveling places. An interesting touch in my opinion. [/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]I was
  18. [size=1][color=gray]I'm ok with that idea as well, and I like Rev's idea about just sending his mind since my power makes normal people crazy anyways. But we'll see what everyone else thinks of the ideas.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]Anyways I'm going to try and get a post in before work, it long overdue.[/color][/size]
  19. [size=1][QUOTE=Gavin]That's the truth man, I mean seriously she's young, hot and likes to party, and really do any of us want to "party" with Michael Jackson ? I thought not, watching him do Thriller would probably be cool, but watching Hillary shake her thing would be a lot better.[/size] [size=1][/QUOTE][color=gray]Or you could watch Hillary do Thriller, acomplishing both the shaking and the dancing. [/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray] [/color][/size] [color=gray][size=1][quote name='Big Sky][/size][size=1']Hillary Duff isn't even sexy, man... she's just makeup and lighting, and even the
  20. [size=1][color=gray]Ah mans fear of rejection, so sad yet so true. I do have to admit that this is one of my few fears. [/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]One of my others is paranormal stuff without a physical body. Why? Because I can't fight them, my natural response when I'm scared or threatened is to get mad and violent. So since they have no physical bodies I have nothing to attack and thats not cool, if I'm gonna die at least let me die fighting. (In case you didn't notice Death is not one of my fears.)[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][
  21. [quote name='only1specialed][color=darkred][font=Georgia]he gets sent to some other dimension. [/font'][/color][/quote] [size=1][color=gray]Actually that wasn't far off from my own thought process. I was thinking that Dorian's powers might not be simply creating darkness but drawing a darkness from another dimension. It also kinda could explain why consumes light and acts so unusual. And some how intentionally or unintentionally Cairo gets sent to the world of darkness.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]This idea was kinda inspired by the Marvel characte
  22. [quote name='Gavin][size=1']Hillary Duff obviously, it's not even a real choice. I mean on the one hand you have a hot chick for the entire day and on the other you have a musical talent from years ago, sorry Mike, but I'm sticking with Hillary.[/size][/quote][size=1][color=gray]My thoughts exactally Gavin. I'm trying to get me a SuGaMaMa. [/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]Plus I don't even want to know what Michael does on a normal day, or any day for that matter. Sorry man no disrespect but I'll take the better scenery any day, my vote goes to Hillary.[/color][/size]
  23. [size=1][color=gray]I personally think its hard to put up 1 song to describe someone, because most people are so complicated and can excert many different sides and emotions. I consider myself an excessively complicated person and there are alot of songs I feel could describe me. I'll try to put up a few though.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]"Withered" By A Static Lullaby.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]"I Understand" By Bizzy Bone.[/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray][/color][/size] [size=1][color=gray]"H
  24. [QUOTE=Vicky][size=1][b]Cairo's Death/New Character[/b] No new character this time. That's where the problem lies, though. Last time there was a death, Bella replaced Cat, this time Cairo must die without a replacement. The death has to be unique in a way that can explain why there won't be a resurrected character. It'll be clearer later on.[/size][/QUOTE] [size=1][color=gray]I think I could whip up something with Dorian's powers that might work for that, I've been twirling around some unknown side effects of Dorians power and some could either kill/dispose(Not dead, but out of the story) of
  25. [font=Tahoma][size=1][color=purple]October sat in the dining quarter eating a small plate of chicken alfredo. She didn't have much of an appetite, it was too hard to eat when everyone was so close to their edge. [b]"Well most everyone"[/b] She thought as a female mechanic walked around introducing herself to almost every man in sight. Other than that you could cut the tension in the air with a dull knife.[/color][/size][/font] [size=1][color=purple] [/color][/size] [font=Tahoma][size=1][color=purple]Twirling her fork in the noodles she looked up and over at the men,[b] "What? they're not eve
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