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Discuss Jade Empire RPS -Spoilers!- [PG-V]


Who beat the game, and thusly, how was our world effected(affected?)?  

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  1. 1. Who beat the game, and thusly, how was our world effected(affected?)?

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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Garamond]Well, as the more observant of you may realize, I am currently addicted to this game...Almost 600 saves! Anywho, I was hoping for someone to show some interest, and possibly some feedback.

The story line goes something like this; you're the child of those that were in the game the first time around, and the Water Dragon has been attempting to replenish the Spirit Monks (one person can only do so much!) and you just happen to be a chosen one! Or not, if you so wish. (Did you support the older ways? An ex-Lotus Assassin, perhaps?) And you must travel the Empire binding souls to you to take back to Dirge and put back on the Wheel of Life. Or something to that effect, anyways.

I'm not quite sure yet what the conflict is...With the Sun brothers dead, I need a villian!

Well, that's where you all come in. Now have at it![/FONT][/COLOR]
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