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While Yoshitaka Amano?s work has been mentioned before in other threads (namely the ones pertaining to author Neil Gaiman, Vampire Hunter D and the Final Fantasy game line), I don?t recall there being a general art thread regarding Amano?s work (search turned up little). Certainly his name is big among Japanese watercolor enthusiasts and fantasy fans, so I?m sure there are a few fans out there.

Do you enjoy Yoshitaka Amano?s work? If so, do you own any Amano art books? What pieces would you say are your favorite? Has anyone ever seen Tenshi no Tamago? A big Oshii fan, I'm dying to see it.

Dream Hunters was one of my favorite Sandmans because of the collaborative work of both Gaiman and Amano, though I?m also quite fond of his traditional Japanese watercolor works. One day soon I hope to own Amano: The Complete Prints. I'm also in love with his work from Tenshi no Tamago and from the Ryunosuke Akutagawa series. Unfortunately most of his work I've seen only online... the rest has been from the few art books available at a local Japanese bookstore, so I really look forward to seeing replies to this thread.

Yoshitaka Amano?s style ranges from traditional Japanese animations (he?s assisted on a number of such projects), to watercolor work, from watercolors to popular paintings. Surprisingly the talented artist has also appeared in a movie by the name of New Rose Hotel.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the artists work, I would like to respectfully post a link to an Amano fan site (it doesn?t advertise any of his art books I don?t think, so it should be fine). [url=http://www.elevenland.com/amano/amano.php3]Click here if interested[/url] in seeing some samples of his work.

Recently I was in a Japanese bookstore with forum member Tigris and I crossed an interesting art book featuring Yoshitaka Amano?s artwork. The style was much different than I usually associate with him and yet it still had a very ?Amano? feel (a lot of use of gold and stencil-thin, delicate images)? the art book featured beautiful, sexually charged bondage-type artwork.

Unfortunately the name of the book was in Japanese (I have a friend of mine that usually translates Japanese for me but she wasn?t there), does anyone happen to know which art book I?m referring to?

Anyhow, it?s my sincerest pleasure to open up what seems to be the first Amano thread on the OB? truly a great artist.

[b]Edit:[/b] Makes sense Raiyuu, was originally going to post it there too... don't know why I didn't. Misread the description I think, thought it was only for OB member submitted works. ;)
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[COLOR=#A18A58]Waiii~♥ Amano-samaaaa!!!

Ah, ehrm. I've always found Amano's works hauntingly beautiful. Creeps the hell out of me sometimes, but his pieces never fail to amaze me. Loved his renditions of FF character, especially IX's 'cause they look so whimsical (and Amarant looks bitchin'). Seeing Wolverine and Elektra rendered in Amano's style made me want to develop my own style of drawing and experiment on different media as well, just to get those wispy lines and lovely, lovely colors. Yoshitaka Amano wins over Ayame Kojima anytime.

(How odd that this thread came up just after I found out that a certain "Yoshitaka Amano" was involved in the concept design of some movie about the Heian period. Google reveals: [i]Onmyoji[/i].)

(BTW, persocomblues-san, if what you saw looked something like "天野喜孝", that's just Amano's name in Kanji. But hrmm, it turns out that Amano [i]did[/i] release some bondage-themed artbook with a really pink cover and "花の蛇" written in black strokes. It reads "Hana no Hebi" or something like "the flower's snake". Mmm hmm.)[/COLOR]
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Oh yes, Raya quite right on all those points. I feel just the same... haunting in my opinion because typically his "characters" (at least as they pertain to watercolors), have almost a cold beauty to them. Not too much emotion (although he does do an "evil/powerful" look rather well, lol), but utter beauty and majesty.

Truly one of the greatest artists in his field that I've seen to date... at the top of my list.

[quote name='Raya'](How odd that this thread came up just after I found out that a certain "Yoshitaka Amano" was involved in the concept design of some movie about the Heian period. Google reveals: Onmyoji.)[/quote]Oh wow, Onmyoji looks really interesting, not sure whether or not it'll be good but I added it to my Netflix (apparently they have a sequel as well)! Both receive adequate-to-poor reviews, but I'm planning on seeing it simply as a nod to the individuals who worked on it.

[quote name='Raya']"天野喜孝", that's just Amano's name in Kanji. But hrmm, it turns out that Amano did release some bondage-themed artbook with a really pink cover and "花の蛇" written in black strokes. It reads "Hana no Hebi" or something like "the flower's snake". Mmm hmm.)[/quote]From seeing his art works before I knew how to spot his name but that's about it. As for titles of things... oh well. Yudoku Hana on the forums is my translator (tm) but she wasn't there (if you are reading this gurlie, you should start posting).

Thank you! I think that's the title! I'll try to find out for sure later. :) Truly beautiful work in there, while it keeps to his "style" the content is drastically different... in an utterly amazing away.

[b]NOTE:[/b] Well the book I saw was a very pink cover, with a multitude of different colors mixed in and a very pretty looking individual on the front. I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same one... thanks a ton!!! I really want to buy it but the damn book is around $75 (and it isn't even that big). So it's going to have to wait, but yeah, if anyone out there likes Yoshitaka Amano I'm going to have to recommend this art book.
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Guest YudokuHana
*sighs* I always get pestered into doing things for you, dont I? *smirks* Anyhoo, to get to the point...

Yoshitaka Amano has to be one of my favorite japanese artist of all time. Although I just got into his art because of forum member persocomblues, I already enjoy most of his work, if not all.

My favorites would have to be included in his main categories, which include paintings, animations, video games and miscellanous things such as kimono designs (they are beautiful! *wants one*), stained glass, ceramic work and theatre design. I absolutely adore his paintings and sketches of different operas, including Tristan and Isolde, and the Flying Dutchman. Along with that, I enjoy his growing collection of video game characters (final fantasy <3), as well as anime characters (Vampire Hunter D being my favorite).

I tend to do most of my research either within art museums or with books dedicated especially to such things, but sadly, for Yoshitaka Amano's work, I have been seeing his paintings and sketches online. Though, I have, when snooping around Uwajimaiya (a large japanese store in Seattle), found a few books based on his artwork and other collections, yet I never had enough time to really sit down and look through them all. And yes, just as persocomblues said, my inheritance of such a book, would have to wait, for they are rather expensive.

As for his style, I would have to agree with you all. Yoshitaka Amano has a way with curving his brush strokes to bring out the life in paintings and creations of people and things. His edge has a quality all its own, and often makes me wish I have as much talent as he. Also, to me, agreement with Raya should be said. The coldness of many of his pieces, though slightly creepy, always has my eyes traveling across the entire "canvas" ready to take in more.

((there, I posted. ^ ^ Not that great, but I hope it will do for my first post))
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=#333333][i]Dream Hunters[/i] was beautiful. I have been meaning to look into Amano more after reading that at the bookstore last year, but I have yet to do so. This thread may be just the spur I need.[/color][/font]
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