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Sign Up Neon Striker: Fate [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=1]Sho walked down the ally way near his house. School had just gotten out as the day was the fairest all week. A normal 14 year old boy would be hanging out with his friends at the mall after school, but he had a job at home to do. Watch over his grandmother. Grandma had been sick for 2 months, showing no clue of getting better. The doctors don?t know what this disease is and said to just care for her at home. Since it?s only them, he has to take care for her. He easily opened the back door, not to wake grandmother doing her afternoon naps. He settled his bag on the couch as he turned on the tv. Immediately a I siren sound came from the tv.
?We have visual contact on the unknown machine that is attacking downtown Tokyo right now.? Sho took a seat on the closest chair to the tv. Sho just stared at what is left of middle Tokyo. Machine? No, it was more like a it. A large red figure assaulted a large building. From it?s chest part, it shot a bright beam that blind the camera for a minute. Sho himself had to turn away of the brightness. After it settled, a path of more destroyed buildings was shown to the monster. Tokyo wasn?t that far from where they lived. He bounced up and looked from the porch. A black cloud from the blast cover Tokyo. Sho need to act. He hurried inside the house to wake grandmother. She was sound asleep, but awake quietly from Sho?s pushing.
?Grandmother, we need to leave. Tokyo is being attacked!? She coughed violently. Sho knew that grandmother didn?t hear a word he said. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
?Dammit.? He ran back outside to see people start to run from their houses nearby. He didn?t know what to do, even with help, his grandmother was in no condition to move from the bed. Though he had to try. He ran into the ally to hear the police sirens coming by. They would surely help him. He ran into the road and raised his hands in the air. A police car that was speeding at him, slowed down at Sho?s appearance. A police officer jumped out of his car and grabbed Sho?s wrist.
?What the hell you still doing here?! That thing is almost here!!?
?My grandmother! She?s inside and very sick to be moved!!? He started to resist, which the police officer had enough. He called over his partner, which he stepped out and hit Sho with a night stick. He blacked out on the street.

Sho awoke in someone?s lap. He jumped up, startled to his new surroundings. A woman, maybe in her 30s was sitting on a bench near a lot of other people.
?Thank god, your awake. I thought they where dumping a dead boy on me.?
?Where am I? Where is grandmother??
?Your in the waiting room of a secret base of the government. After Tokyo was destroyed, they placed us here.? She pointed above her to a tv set hanging from the ceiling. Mountains of flames burned through what was left of Tokyo. He fell to his knees, not for his city, but for what was destroyed.
?...Grand-mother.? tears came streaming down his face as the doors of the waiting room open. Soldiers of the government came in, releasing the people into a large hall. The woman came towards Sho, but he glared her down when she reached a hand for him. She didn?t look twice as she left into the halls. He finally followed, but went left in the hall instead right with the crowd. The soldiers didn?t seem notice. Sho knew that the crowd was heading to some-kind of ship to take them out fo the country. He walked down the empty halls, until he spotted through the window what he was searching for. A weapon. There was many people that seemed to be working on the giant robot. Sho got down low as he continued to walk down the hall. He didn?t want to be seen through the window, walking around in a secret base. He took a right that lead to a elevator. It seem that they needed soldiers either escorting the people out of the area or fighting the beast. He pulled the lever for the elevator as it began it?s journey up. Some people would say why he was doing such a thing. To fight a monster for revenge? His grandmother was closer to him then anything in the world. It was more then revenge. He rolled into the elevator and pulled the level again. The elevator stopped at the base as he jumped onto a bridge that lead towards the middle of the robot. A man working on the bridge controls, spotted him.
?What are you doing here?! The people are suppose to be boarding the planes by now.? he began to walk towards Sho. Sho didn?t hesitate as he tackled the man to the ground and ran towards the robot center.
?What the hell??!! Hey, you can?t go that way!! Help!!? People around him stopped what they did and chased after Sho. He leaped inside the cockpit and closed the door. The workers bang on the door as Sho took a seat. He looked around for the big button or the ?on? one. He finally found the button on his right as a computer in front of him turned on.
?Systems on, battery energy at 100% full.? Sho gripped the controls right by his hands as the computer asked him a simple question.
?Ready to launch??
?Hell ya.?

The hardest part of controlling a giant robot was walking. He didn?t know what he was thinking, going through all this trouble and not know what to do. Messages from the government officials, but Sho canceled every single one. The giant robot was amazing to look like in the window, so Sho thought it would be the government?s strongest weapon. It was painted white with a black cape from the back. It look like a knight to Sho. He started off slow, following the computer?s directions. Soon the computer started to get warning ratings.
?Warning! Warning! Unknown object heading this way from the north. Showing Image.? Sho flared with anger at the sight of the monster. It was like a zombie, walking towards him.
?I will rip you apart!!!? He pushed the controls forward as he headed at the beast. The zombie pulled back it?s arm and slammed right in the head of the robot. Sho cried as he was hit again and again. The cockpit began to blink in red.
?Warning! Shield power is running low!? The monster showed no clue of stopping it?s assault. Sho gripped the controls tightly as he was thrashed again and again. Visions of grandma went through his head as a beam of light was shown on the computer.
?Oh my god.? He cried as he blacked out again. Sho awake again, breathing deeply. He was in a field of grass, the sun brightly shining on him. He saw his grandmother, looking great like she was long ago over him.
?Life is something not to waste, Sho. I am in a better place now, do not join me right now. Live life by the fullest. Live.? Everything disappeared.
Sho opened his eyes, ready for anything. He pulled the controls to make the white knight robot raise as he stared at the monster, who didn?t move an inch from last time.
?I Will Kill You!!!? He roared as he attacked the monster, bashing the monster?s head in. He kicked the beast down to the ground as Sho pulled back.
?Knight mode.? The robot pulled out a black sword from the right side as the monster tried to get up.
?You ruined my life. You killed my grandmother. Rest in hell!!? He cried as he charged the enemy with full force, striking the monster in the heart. The enemy monster looked down, and cried. It exploded as Sho turned back. He breathed heavily as he relaxed alittle.
?I...did it.?

Sho sat silently in the dark room as he waited the government official. The door opened as Sho didn?t make a move. The official took a seat as he scanned through a file.
?You sneak around a government base, assaulted a worker, stole a weapon from the government, and destroyed half of a the base, fighting that demon.? Sho bowed his head, knowing that he was in deep trouble.
?Yet you destroyed the demon and saved the whole country from destruction. That?s got to count. Your moves where unreal, better then our test pilots. No one seemed to bring the full potential from the computer, knight mode. You will be offer two options here.? He got up and walked around the table. ?One, you can do you time, which is like around 40 years. Or two, work for us. Fight against these demons.?
?There?s more??
?Yes, but we can?t beat them with normal weapons. We need people like you. Well, what will it be?? Sho stared at the table surface. He had nothing left, no family, no money, nothing.
?...yes, I will stay and help.?

Okay, the world is being over turned by demons from a unknown source. Some say they are from the depths of hell, others say from space. That?s where we come in. The Strikers. A group that fight and investigate on these demons. They come in all different sizes, most of them giants. It seems that only the strikers have an impact on the fate of the world, for normal weapons have no effect. The strikers need you.

(no more problem, the robots are now called Lucifers)


weapons: [from long rifles to long iron swords]
abilities: [not like, shoot out fire, but like can sense a demon around. Etc.]
Character snippet:


name: if ya want one
mode: [like mine at rage, takes a knight mode. Which uses a long black sword. Be creative.]

(Any questions, PM me.)[/SIZE]
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Name: Naoko O'Neill
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Appearance: brown eyes with long black hair usually tired up in a green ribbon (not in a bow). Usually wears a military uniform. But in outer circles wears jeans and a tee shirt with a jacket and army boots
Personality: Kind and protective. She?s a care free easy going person, kind and talkative. Makes friends easily and would do anything for them one she gets to know them better. She can snap and get extremely angry when someone torments her but that?s rarely.
Bio: She is half Japanese and half American. At an age of 15 she was pulled out of boarding school because of her near genius grades and entered into a military academy by the government. Her parents died when she was 10 and she was looked after by her only other living relative. Her uncle ever since. She spent the pervious 6 and a half years of her life on missions and training hard in hand to hand combat, Demolitions and tactical support but majored in Sniping and came top of her class. From then she was recruited into piloting the giant robots that defend the city from the daemons. She can be ruthless is need be.
Weapons: She uses a sniper rifle and pistols when in combat. But if things get close quartered she uses 2 swords, one long and one short. The longer held SEAL-style
Abilities: Another reason that she was chosen as a pilot was because she has the ability to 'sense' the weaknesses of daemons. To find their most venerable spot and fire a well placed sniper shot. This also helps out her team mates.

Character snippet:
This was her 5th mission in a 3 week period. Another assassination, this was becoming almost too easy. As usual the target had been assessed weeks in advanced and a whole log was made of exactly what they did and when they did it. Naoko looked down the list ?. ?5:15 am opens back door to let out cat.? This was all too easy. Even the set up for this opp had been easy. Enter the neighboring house via the back alley way. Gain access to the second floor bedroom (which had been a synch because all she had to do was by-pass a security system, the owners were away on holiday).

Set up and leave everything untouched. She would have all day to sit there and chose a time of death for her target she had his complete daily routine in front of her. She didn?t know why this man had to die, what he did to anger the wrong people but the ?whys? were not her problem. Her problem was to get the job done the most quickly and effective way.

The time was now 5:14. He should be appearing any minute surly enough 30 seconds later the back door stirred and her target appeared. She looked down the sight of her set up sniper rifle his chest filled the sight supperimposed was a set of red croshairs. She looked around for any possible 'unknowns' there were none. Naoko sighed the cat. She moved the crosshairs slowly up aiming at the point right above his left eye. Taking three deep breaths she readied her self and held her breath at the end of the third. She counted in her mind 3?2?1?mark. She pulled the trigger.

The man immediately snapped backwards gray mater splattered everywhere. The man fell un-moving and dead. Naoko left the house exactly as she found it. She exited the way she came through the alley and into the street. She instantly changed her appearance. Donning a wig and quick change of cloths. She checked her watch 5:20 just in time for the 5:30 train?


Name: Archer
Appearance: Tall with very little amour. This robot was built to maintain agility and not for "heavy hitting attacks". It has advanced long range capabilities preferring not to be in the think of battle but at a distance placing well aimed shots. The robot is adept at hand to hand combat but it?s not preferred. A satellite up link is up kept to the robot at all times giving the pilot the best possible way to calculate shots and assess the battle field. It is Jade Green (main color) and black (secondary color) with a humanoid appearance (but NOT like an Eva). It has four horns that stick out of the back of the robots head (antenna for radio signals). And a green visor that is always in place over its ?eyes?. It has two jump jets at the back for quick relocation when in battle.
Weapon: High powered supersonic sniper rifle (can take different kinds of ammo). Assault rifle and two pistols as back up
Mode: haven?s Rampage: When the pilot reaches her anger limit the robot creates a ?magnetic vacuum? into which metal is pulled. Sharp and deformed spikes of jagged metal are created and rain down on the targeted enemy causing chaos an alternate version of this mode is when the metal pulled into the vacuum is created into one long massive deformed spike that is hurled at the enemy instead of many small ones.
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[SIZE=1]Name: Yuuko Uzumaki
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/v111/Dark_Misstress/?action=view¤t=Yuuko.jpg]Clicky![/URL] She wears the same shirt and hoodie shown on the picture. She has a short gray skirt and knee high black combat boots.
Personality: Yuuko has a lousy personality. She is mostly rude and can be kind of stubborn. She doesn?t consider peoples feelings. She will say out loud what she thinks of you. She tells your flaws quickly and mostly right about them. She is very critical of everything a person does. Yet Yuuko is nice to a rare few. If you happen to be the rare few you can say she is the nicest and caring person you ever meet.
Yuuko grew up always in a military base. Her father and she always traveled place to place never really settling thanks to her father?s job. Either way Yuuko was happy just to see her father to time to time. She spends most time at her house alone. These continued for years until Yuuko decided to join her father in his work.

Yuuko father works for the military as the master mind of the development and structure of the robots. She helps him with his work as a secretary. She saw the scientist and engineers develop the robots. Yuuko secretly read the blue prints for these robots in her father?s file. She thought these robots were absolutely amazing and wanted to pilot one. She finally got to test some of the proto-types and few of the finish products after extreme begging to her father to let her. She typed most of the combat data for some of the robots. Even though she tested some robots none of them seem to respond to her.

She felt enraged when she saw a boy jumped into one of the robots and pilot it. She thought it should have been her and not him. She hated to see her work go to some amateur with extreme luck. She couldn?t stand to hear the day after that incident how good of the pilot he was. How talented he was to pilot one with no proper training. It made Yuuko sick. She hates him with a burning passion.
Weapons: sniper, falcon gun
Abilities: none
Character snippet:
Yuuko sat down a front of the robots computer system. She was typing in the combat data for one of the robots. Her father asked her too because he said she was so good at it. Yuuko thought it was just a excuse to get her out of his hair. Yet she didn?t mind much she loved these robots and called them her babies even though it was clear they were not exactly hers.

?Yuuko! Where are you??? Someone screamed from outside. Yuuko opened up the chest of the robot and peeked outside.

?There you are your father wants you to test one of the new models for him. Now stop typing in the data for the robots and come down.? The women said and grinned at her.

?Ugh?I be down?? Yuuko rolled her eyes and climbed down the robot ?He works me like a dog. Yuuko do that, Yuuko do this?.?

?Isn?t it what you wanted??

?Yep.. Don?t you just love it?? Yuuko smiled ?There so beautiful! Ahhh the thrill to pilot these things! The battle field is where the most needed and beautiful. It brings out there true glamour! Don?t you think??

?Yeah, I guess so now let?s go??

?Roger Ma?am?? Yuuko said and saluted to her. Yuuko climbed into one of the robots. She turned on the system and gripped the controls.

?System is on. The energy?? Yuuko said over the intercom

?85% ??92%...100% and stable?? Someone talk to her back

?Okay now let?s see what this baby can do?? Yuuko tried to make the robot walk. She succeeded on that part.

?Okay everything looks fine now?? Yuuko was interrupted when the computer system blinked red with the letters spelling out ?Danger?

?Danger! Danger! ENERGY UNSTABLE! Prepare for system shut down? The computer said and a few seconds later the robot completely shut down.

?Ugh we?ve failed on this one guys?? Yuuko said and sighed.

Name: Odin
Appearance: [will edit]
Weapon: Long Rifle and sword
Mode: The mode is call ?Celestial Moon?. This one responds to depression instead of blind rage. The robot weapon turns into a chain sickle. The chain part is expandable to any length and can wrap around an enemy. Once it is wrapped around it sends volts of electricity to paralyze the opponent. The sickle is to hack away once the enemy is paralyzed. This is only when the depression meter is only half full. When the meter is completely full the robot chain separates into many. The chains dig into the floor and send billions of volts into the ground in which can 1) Make a huge explosion killing the enemy on impact 2) Create a massive earthquake trapping the enemy, killing it, or the earthquake flips the earth surface completly or 3) electrocute many enemies at once. Since the power is so destructive the meter is set higher then the rest of the robots making it harder to reach its peak. The robot rarely uses ?Celestial Moon? because it rarely achieves full power. [/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Sho Kazuki
age: 14
sex: male
appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/y286/Steve_Fields/?action=view¤t=AnimeBoy.jpg]pic[/URL]
personality: Sho Kazuki is very quiet at times and likes to think to himself about his past memories. Ever since that attack in Tokyo, Sho never seemed to get a grip of himself. He seems lost everytime someone talks to him. Sho thinks that it was his fault that his grandmother died that day when that demon arived. He can though go into a state of beserk and just man-handle something. He always seem to drift into a place of his own when someone talks to him. Now that he joined the strikers, he seems to be in a worst state. He doesn't do anything very special doing break hours, just go in his room and lay on his bead, wondering what life would have been.

bio: Sho's mother died at birth as he was raised by his father to age six in the country. One night, after playing with the farm animals, he came into the house to see his father had left. Alone, he stayed in the house, didn't have the slightest cue what to do when his Grandmother came to visit and found that her son had left Sho. She took him in at her house in Tokyo. She tried night after night to reach his father, but with no sucess.
Sho began his new life with his grandmother and soon forgot about his father and his where abouts. He and his grandmother did everything together as life continued until he turned fourteen and his grandmother became very ill. It seemed that the doctors didn't know this weird disease and told that she needs lots of rest. Istead of hanging out with his friends like a normal teen, he would come home straight from school to care for his grandma. After two months, a demon attacked Tokyo as Sho tried to get his grandmother out of the city. he called for help, in which the police took only him as the demon closed in. After he awoke, he skipped the line to the airplanes out of Tokyo base and went deep into the government base to find the a Lucifer Knight. He assaulted a worker to make way to the robot and stole the machine to fight the demon himself. Sho was so caught up in revenge that he totally forgot what he was thinking, fighting a demon. He could barely walk when the demon showed up and almost lost his life when he saw a glimse of the after-life, where grandmother saying, its okay to feel angered. In rage, he attacks the demon and goes into a state of anger which brings out Knight mode, defeating the demon. After clean up of the base and the Lucifer. A government official presuaded him to join the strikers and the rid the earth of the demons.

weapons: Sho carries a rapier around his belt, though still an newbe with the short sword. His teacher insist on him training three hours a day, though you be lucky if you can make Sho do one. He deosn't use the rapier that much, more of a show. in a foot mission, he stays away from the battles and let's his teammates handle the demons.
abilities: his anger is the key to his Lucifer's knight mode. the government officials try and try again to tell him about how to control his anger, yet his anger just happens. In a battle, he seems to go inside his head and let everyone else handle the demons.

Character snippet:
Sho climbed out of the Lucifer as police cars rounded the robot. He was too tired to be worrying about what his punshiment might be. He knew he did the right thing, even if it could have cost his life. A fire trunk arrived at the scene as they raised the ladder to the Lucifer. Sho climbed down as he was surrounded by grown men. It looked as if they could tear him to pieces. Then, out of the crowd, someone began to clap. Slowly, everyone started to as Sho followed a policemen to his car. Roots and praises came as he climbed in the car. deep down, he felt better. The car started as the rider turned to him.
"You might have stolen government property, but you saved so many lives." They drove as Sho just stared out the window. He stared at the sky, kept hearing his grandmother's speech to him.
"My I ask you a question?" asked the driver as he turned the wheel.
"Yes." Sho whispered.
"Why...What drove you to do it?" Sho stared at the back seat and then turned back to the window.
"...I really don't want to talk about it..."
"I understand..." They parked as he lead him inside the base.


name: Knight
appearance: A white massive Lucifer that has a black cape from the back. a black sword comes from the robot's right side. It's armor is above average as its speed is also above average. This seems the perfect robot, yet the pilot is not even close to reaching its potiental.
weapon: A long black sword and is only used when in knight mode. Other then that, the lucifer uses its hands to beat a demon until the pilot goes into anger, which triggers the mode.
mode: As Sho goes in into a burst of anger, the Lucifer knight is able to use its sword and attack at its fullest. there's hardly a demon that can stand up against the sword.[/SIZE]
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