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well...cuentame...isn't he beautiful!!!

i was going to post another pic....but i'll do that later...

he's from one of my fave groups!! even though they're broken up...

but oh well yoku aru koto yo...

anyhoo this is Mana! ^-^

[B]Mana:"If a woman can wear a skirt and get attention so can i."[/B]
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heh I love Mana..... he is so cool.... and sexy :)

And Gackt..... in the Bel Air video.... OMG i about fainted... he's hot! Yu~ki and Kozi on the other hand..... ugh what were they smokin... I still don't like that whatever outfit for Yu~ki..... ugly... Kami.... Kami's cute too :) he looks similar to gackt in that vid, although you never get a close up of him on drums.... too bad he had to pass away :)

Who else.... oh yeah. I took a comptability test for Dir en grey today... heh one of my friends wanted me to, I would have anyway.... ironically enough It matched me with Kyo! WHEEE i love Kyo...... and Gackt and Yu-chan, Mana-chan, Kaoru, Die, an occational pic or two of Yu~ki and Kozi :) and Kami, my little butterfly man! heh

Where's Mizer when you need them at 3:50 am.... oh yeha haha on my play list heh ::awaits Merveilles in the mail:: :)
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