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Discuss A two-part RP Concept, though rough [m]


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I rated this M just to be safe.

Here's the idea:

When one dies, their soul is transferred to a shadow world, one that does not exist as this world does, but sort of a reflection of this world in another dimension. This world would be called Necro-something.

In the year 2050, or something futuristic but not too far away, these dead souls come to earth, by a gateway or something. They take on the forms of terrible mosters, born from our subconcios fear. I imagine them being a pale blue, almost human though deformed, with sadistic qualities, such as sewn shut eyes, needle-pierced throats, and purple buldging veins.

Death of a Ghost

The first part of this Rpg, would be a post apocalyptic earth, where humans dwindle in numbers, and the dead rule most of the earth. The Earth itself is distorted, bordering surreal. buildings are slanted, fragments float in mid air, and everything is cold, dry, and covered in ice. (no snow, though) Humans fight the dead, but their weapons are completely ineffective-guns, bombs, swords, nothing works. Except for glass, strangely enough, or other rocks with the same qualities (diamonds, obsidian, ice, ect.)

Humans live in the sewers, which have long since dried up. They have almost no way of communicating with other colonies. The basic gameplay would be battling and surviving, consisting of small scale warfare with four or five man troups. I can see them using glass, ice, and other similar swords, arrows, and things of the like, though I don't know if glass weapons is a good idea.

Death of a Planet

This part would be set before the first part, while the dead were first destroying the world. It would be a quiet thing, more human vs human warefare than anything else. The world is quietly turning from ours, to the surreal nightmare it is in the second part. This part is totally inspired by the end of Wolf's Rain, and is extremely rough.

I'd love to find people to brainstorm with and pretty much brainstorm the entire thing. I don't even know if I should make this a story or a RP. There's a little more to this than I wrote, but it's mostly in the way of plot twists and secret stuff, that I wouldn't want to just blatantly post for everybody to read. It's basically Underworld style, generic monster killer stuff right now, but I'd like to make something great out of this.
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