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RPG Fell Took [PG-13]

Dragon Warrior

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[left]The air seemed fresher once August and Wilhelm arrived nearer to the end of the forest. The light shined through the canopy and the various insects latched onto their horses, but were quickly assailed by the fast movements of flailing tails. August demounted his horse and walked over to a small stream that, from there on, lead to the town of Nappingville where they'd make camp in a local inn.

He removed a small, metal cup from his satchel on his horse and scooped water from the stream. Sipping it, he nodded and stared up into the tree leaves. The sun quickly caught his gaze and he squinted to evade the blinding light. Helmet leapt down from his horse and examined the area, as if conducting experiments on the soil and atmosphere. Soon after, he joined August for a drink. He stared out over the stream to where Took's gaze led. "It truely is beautiful," he said, breaking the silence between the two.

Took looked down at his friend and nodded. "Nightfall will come quicker here, though. Back on your horse, Wilhelm." Took made his way to his horse and hopped on while Helmet grumbled behind him.

It didn't take long to arrive in Nappingville. The place wasn't too far off from the forests and was clearly in eyesight from the forest entrance. The town was desolate and not many people appeared outside the buildings, which were barely pieced together themselves. Took and Helmet shared an unearthly silence as their horses slowly walked down the Nappingville streets. They both knew why the people probably were in their homes at this hour. The night belonged to the mystical and the mysterious. It was all mainly unknown since no one cared to find out what it was. Fear or lack of interest plagued the minds of the townsfolk.

August and Helmet decided to settle their horses in an old man's stables. They graciously overpaid for the farmer's services and took shelter for the night in a nearby inn. After being shown their rooms, August and Helmet decided not to leave for the rest of the night. Instead, the evening would belong to planning and restocking of items needed. Perhaps even a hunt or two if at all possible (and if something was foolish enough to show up in town while the witch hunters were around).

August laid on his bed and twirled the revolver on his gun, mostly out of sheer boredom than anything else. Helmet poured himself over papers and gadgets, adding more to his book of tricks, stradegies, and cures. He often did this up to late hours of the night, but Took didn't mind as long as he kept the candlelight on his side of the room. Witch hunter or not, he needed his rest.

Helmet mumbled something Took didn't quite catch and then leapt up with a shout of, "Oh my graces!" Took jumped up as well, gun ready for flaring.

"What is it, Wilhelm?"

"This town," Helmet said, still looking over papers and books. "I knew this town sounded familiar."

Took lowered his gun and sat up on the edge of the bed. "What do you mean?"

"Look, have a look at this." Helmet brought the large, leather-bound book over to Took and sat next to him. "Right here," he said, pointing at a large paragraph of technical lingo. "It says here that Nappingville is the town closest to the entrance to Fell."

"The world of magic," Took nodded. "And?"

"And?" Helmet said surprised. "And what? That's incredible! Do you realize how magic-oriented this place must be? It's got to be riddled with witches and warlocks and werewolves and werecats and goblins and trolls and fairies and-"

"And bookworms like you pretty much having sexual fantasies about magic," Took snorted. "You read too much into everything."

"Ah!" Helmet smiled, ignoring the insults. "But how else would we be so successful without knowing about our opponents first?"

"What's Fell's entrance have to do with anything? Nothing can leave Fell, especially not through the entrance."

"Wouldn't you think the place would be swarming with magical folk because of the essence coming from the entrance? I'd believe the gateway to Fell would have fuel for their mystical forms and it'd feed their souls to make them stronger."

Took stared blankly at Helmet. "Yeah, you think about that. I'm goin' to sleep." He kicked off his boots and got under the sheets before turning towards the wall and away from Helmet. "See you in the mornin', Wilhelm." His candle went out and Helmet was stuck in only his own light at his work station.

He walked over to his papers and shuffled through. "He'll see tomorrow that I'm right."

"Hey, shut it!" Took shouted, and he threw a boot, which missed Helmet by a long shot and instead smacked the candle, lighting a page on fire. Helmet squealed as his work went up in flames and he quickly patted it out with August's coat. "My jacket," August whined.

Helmet finished patting the flame out and threw Took back his coat with a glare. "Oh, stop your blubberin' and get some sleep. Tomorrow I prove you wrong."[/left]
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[font=trebuchet ms][i]"David, go outside and play. Your mother and I must discuss something in private."

"Ok, daddy."

"Davey, I love you. Remember that."

"I love you too, mom... Hey dad, what's that in your hand?"

"Oh... uh... it's nothing. Just shut the door behind you."

I remember there being more than one thud as I was leaving. One was the sound of the door hitting wood. The other was the sound of my mother's body... hitting the ground. I knew what was going on. Dad would check the windows first, to see if I was watching. I didn't need to watch. The walls were thin enough to that I could hear every curse slither out of his mouth, every wound inflicted on her face... all vivid enough to wake one up from a deep slumber.[/i]

"Wake up! The sun is about to rise!"

[i]Illiya said this from next to my bed. Widdershins had worn a path in my sheet from prancing back and forth in an attempt to wake me. I didn't feel good, bad dreams have that effect on me, you just want to kill someone when you have the kind of dreams I normally have. Instead, I just faked a smile, I faked being okay. I felt better already.[/i]

The first words out of Davey's mouth were, "What's for breakfast?"

"Porridge! We already had it, so what's left is probably cold by now," rang Illiya like a song, "I guess you can just heat it up a little, yeah?"


Davey pointed a crimson ring at his serving of porridge. He felt the pain, he enjoyed it a little, he saw the faces of those killed for this ring. He calls it the Blood ring, raw rage, raw frenzy, he's using it to heat his breakfast. Emotion bottled up for so long creates magic, you just have to learn how to use it. Davey crystalizes it. Davey sat down and pulled a chain out from under his night shirt. Its charm was a wedding ring, he studied it, and placed it close to his chest and had a moment of quiet reflection.

"Your mom again, right?" Widdershins had a knack for sneaking up on people, being a cat and all.

Davey put the chain down and ignored the question. It was an obvious answer. Instead of faking a conversation, he simply said "Today's the day."

Widdershins gave a nod and walked upstairs, in the silence Illiya could be heard shuffling around, getting ready. In a half-hour's time, Davey had eaten his porridge, bathed, got dressed, and met the others in the foyer.[/font]
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[left]Morning fell gradually on the slumbering hunter, who reluctantly eased out of bed and peered out the window to see the bustle of villagers. He was relieved to see the townsfolk being active despite their absense the night before. Took turned to see Helmet already missing from the room, some of his books gone as well. August decided to gather his coat and gear and cowboy hat to top it off and go downstairs to get a quick meal in for the day.

Like the outside, the inn was busy with patrons not previously seen or heard from. Took could not find Hasburg in the crowd, so he decided to seat himself at the bar and order an ale. "This early, lad?" said the barkeep, who was oddly Irish in an English inn. Took gave him a fierce look and the bartender gladly abliged the order. "Whatever you say, sir. Yer the boss." The mug of ale was placed on the counter and August took a sip.

While drinking, August could clearly study and understand the type of people that existed in Nappingville. More or less, they were all simple folk leading even simpler lives and lived around a basic belief system. He could tell from their mindless babble and rants about magic that they disliked it very much. One could not blame them, for they suffer the horrific fate of making settlement next to the only entrance to Fell. These beliefs would be that all magical creatures or anything related or involved with should return to their home in Fell and never come back. Took could not agree more.

August finished off his drink just as Helmet took a seat on the stool next to him. He laid down his books and papers and smiled with glee at his fellow hunter. "Now see here, August," he smirked behind large goggles that enlarged his pupils by five times, "I was right all along. Fell's entrance is here. I saw it with my own eyes."

"You mean those huge owl ones?" Took mocked.

"Listen to me," Helmet persisted. "Not only is Fell here, but I have gotten ridiculously high magical readings from this area. Even the town is swarmed with mystical energy."

"Sounds like we'll have a good hunt," Took said through chewing a sandwich that had appeared in front of him moments ago.

"Most undoubtedly," Helmet agreed, sniffing through his papers again. "Now I have taken the liberty to figure out a plan to study the Fell entrance and track down any..." Wilhelm stopped when he spotted the empty mug that reaked of ale. "Back to that again, aye?"

"I never left."

"Never left? You told me you quit back in Organstein."

"I was drunk when I said that."

"You were [i]what[/i]?!"

"Listen," Took eased, "don't worry so much about me. I make it okay every time. What's alcohol going to do to me?"

"It'll be the death of you someday," Helmet threatened.

"Oh, and a large ogre the size of a church tower won't be?"

"Well, you can't very well fight that ogre intoxicated like a second-rate carpenter."

"Hey!" came a shout from the crowd of patrons.

"Sorry!" Wilhelm apologized. He turned back to Took. "Today is too important of a day for you to go on one of your booze runs. Keep it sober and let's check out Fell."

"Yeah, sure." Took looked over the counter at nothing in particular. Helmet packed up his stuff and started towards the stairs that'd lead to his room.

"I'm gathering the equipment. I'll be back in a second to go. You stay away from the liquor."

"Get going," Took snapped and Helmet was already jumping up three steps to save for lost time. August turned to the barkeep who stared innocently back. "You heard him, no liquor. Give me a beer."[/left]
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Widdershins sat on the windowsill of the foyer in the house they'd stayed at the last week, waiting for Davey. Illiya sat next to her, scratching her ears.

[B]"I don't like this place...." [/B]the cat spoke, shifting into a more comfortable position. [B]"It feels weird."[/B] Illiya gave a slight shrug, opening the window. The sun was bright and the air was warm, but there was still a strange chill on the breeze.

[B]"Davey wouldn't lead us anywhere we couldn't handle, no?"[/B] She said, staring out at the landscape. The Inn was on the very edge of the village, and they could see the trees and mountians that eventually swallowed the paths out. [B]"We'll be fine!"[/B] Widdershins blinked slowly.

[B]"He said today's the day....what did he mean?"[/B] Again, Illiya shrugged.

[B]"There's a witchhunter in town...maybe that has something to do with it...?" [/B]Widdershins shuddered.

[B]"I hope not..."[/B]

The two waited for Davey, talking of nothing and everything and anything that came to mind, as usual.
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[left]"How incredibly fascinating," Helmet cooed as he looked over pieces of bark that were scattered around the entrance to a large, dead forest. "These pieces of bark are unnaturally strong with magic."

"So this is really the entrance to Fell?" August said, admiring the path.

"Yes," Helmet smiled without looking up from the bark. "They say that once you cross over the threshold of the forest entrance, you are suddenly in the middle of the woods with no entrance to our world in sight. No one can return."

"If no one can return, where do the stories come from?" Took questioned. Not even Wilhelm could answer that, for he sat with a puzzled expression on his face, something Took rarely saw. The witch hunter stared on into the opening of Fell. The trees twisted around each other forming a wall and only a hole in the center made the entrance. It was so dark within it that you could barely see two feet inward. The place looked dead and rather unnerving.

August walked toward the woods while Wilhelm worked. The inventor, without looking up, warned Took of the dangers. "Don't go too near the entrance. We don't want to wind up in Fell for good." August ignored and felt about the trees. He touched their bark and found it surprisingly cold, despite the warm summer day. In fact, it was as cold as ice. He took a knife out and cut away at the bark only to see it ooze out some type of goo.

"Wilhelm, c'mere," Took muttered to his companion. The inventor came, but not very pleased to be disturbed from his work.

"This better be goo-" Then he saw the goo. "Fascinating!" Took looked at his friend queerly. [i]Fascinating[/i] is all he can say? What about explaining what it is. And just as if Wilhelm had read his friend's thoughts, he stated, "I'm not sure what it is, but it's quite abnormal. This is definitely the entrance to Fell." He skipped over to his pack and took out a glass container. He then frolicked back over and handed it to Took. "Scoop some of the goo into the jar while I gather everything together. We're going back to the inn for tests."

Took scraped the goo in with his knife and stared at it through the glass. He then turned to see Wilhelm jumping around with his gear like a kid in the candy store. "You like this stuff too much," August commented.

"You should learn to enjoy more than just killing, August," Helmet replied with a smirk. He thought he was so clever sometimes. Witty even. Nevertheless, the two traveled back to town, which was only a mile down the road.

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