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Art Painting for Graphics (images)

Shi no Tenshi

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Lots of people seem to have little art portfolio's posted on here - so hey why not? I already posted a link to my full and up to date (so to speak) portfolio online located at my website (my banner is a link).

The title is based on a quote my tutor said to me which was that I am a "painter trying to be a graphic designer". I think it has an edge to it.

I do a variety of work ranging from photo realistic still lifes (when I'm bothered) to crazy little cartoon creatures. In the end I smash it up and turn it into a graphic I can use on my website.

Here's a recent one. I made my sig and av set from it, and it's simply a layering of close up's of one painting I did about a year back.


I know it's rather grainy looking, I blame the photo quality as well as the painting being quite sharp in colour and texture. Some con-crit would be appreciated because I need ideas to spark me off!
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[size=1]On the whole, I like it. The colors are rich and varied, there is obvious texture and feeling to it, and I just love the abstractness of it all. However, I think the white is quite overpowering, and overall just seems to be one huge focal point. Try to either tone down or disperse all that concentrated light -- it really throws off the composition (not quite the right word I was looking for) of it all.

I'd personally just cut down on the white, rather than disperse it about the picture. I'm sure you're familiar with changing the colors of images in whatever graphics editing program you used to do this.

As for a painter trying to be a graphic designer - I think that you look to be just a painter. There's not really any of the elements that would strike me as being graphic design, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.[/size]
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Heh, yeah the key word is 'trying', *lol* I don't know the first thing about graphic design, I only know what's fashionable in the graphics industry and how to produce graphics, but my heart is telling me to draw up a blank image and challenge the idea of the pixel. I could write an essay on the complications of translating fine art into graphics and ways to overcome it, trends and such, but I doubt anyone would read it ;p

I do believe composition is the correct word - the balance of light and shadow is very uneven and not in the 'purpose with purpose' sort of way either. I will re-edit it when I have the time and put more thinking into what I want from it as a composition rather than what I can do by layering it. I might slice up the image too, try and make it appear more graphical by introducing more conventional elements (er, it sounds fancy but I'm not too sure what a conventional element would be)

Time for research methinks.
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