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Guest rikuza

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Guest rikuza
I am making a manga company called Soul .Co , I am currently working on the plans on the first manga of this company, it is going to be called Souls Entwined and here is the basic plot: It is a story about a male warrior fighting in a long war between Countries, his lover a female princess longs to see him but is forbidden to do so, she oneday gets past the border and finds him, they finally reunite, then she gets found out and is trapped in a crystal is banished forver :animeblus , then the main character, the warrior is on a quest to rescue his beloved Girl friend
I am thinking of names any sugestions,
This what i have called the warrior, Mishi , Myanato
And i need help on the girls name, but the bad guy is a general, and he has a evil advisor!
Anyone interested in this project?
If you are please email : [email]jamesrikuza@fsmail.net[/email]
Okay, thanks for reading from Rikuza!
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