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Sign Up Vampires [M-LVS]

Blaze Girl

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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=DarkRed]Leah sat on the top of a building looking onto the street below her. She was watching for a target. Many of the Vampires were making their attacks more and more frequent. Some were even attacking during daylight hours, which was rare for a vampire. Even through vampires could be out in the sun most did not like it. She was waiting for a specific vampire to appear. Her brother, leader of the Killers was the one behind most of the attacks. He was always sending people into the more risky part of town.
Now all she needed was for a Killer to show up. Her best friend was wondering the streets looking for anybody acting odd. Leah and a few others were a small amount o loners that banded together to try and stop her brothers vampires. They were doing well but her brother?s forces were going stronger everyday. Her people were always trying to stay ahead of the Killers, but that never happened.
In this story you can ether play as one of Leah?s men her one of her brothers. Here is a little background on both of the clans.
[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Loners: [/SIZE][/COLOR] These vampires have no leader unless they form under one person. Very few vampires of this clan work with other vampires. If they do decided to work together there is never more then 20 vampires together. They hunt humans any way they please weather they drink their fill or bled a human dry.
[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Killers:[/SIZE][/COLOR] These vampires are united under one leader and do all he/she says. They never question orders. They almost always bled the human they are hunting dry, hence the name killers. These vampires are some of the world?s deadliest killers; they can sneak up behind any person or animal and strike only in a matter of seconds.
[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Vampires: [/SIZE][/COLOR] Vampires in this story are a bit different; they can be in sunlight and not burst into flames. They are generally easy to tell them apart from people in public because even in doors they are wearing extra strong sunglasses. A stake in the heart or even a gunshot in the head can kill them. Even a wound that would be fatal to a human would not kill a vampire unless an organ such as the lung was hit. They can?t bleed to death but a vital organ could kill them if hit. Their wounds will heal in a matter of hours.

[COLOR=Red]Here is what you need to sign up to play a human:
Age: 15-19

Vampire sign up:
Name: (have a name that suites your vampires age)
Age: (age they look and vampire age)
Side: (killers, loners or Leah?s side)
Note: If you chose to have a loner or a human you will eventually be a killer or on Leah's side. AHave any problmes or questions just PM me[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Felix
Age: 297
Gender: Male
Side: loner
Weapon: sighs
Appearance:He has blood red hair and deep black eyes. He wears all black like a sweatshirt and a pair of baggy black jeans with a bunch of chains hanging off of them.
Background: He first became a vampire when he was walking home from a friends house and was attacked by a vampire. So ever since them he has been a self hating vampire that can't kill himself because he is a vampire. His family never liked him and said he was an outcast and that nobody liked him.
His family was killed by the killers and he thanked them pretty much. So he went on to become a joksterand then went on with his life and told himself that he would never become a killer or fight he was just there to suck blood and sleep.

I hope this is enough
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