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[SIZE=1]This the Underground thread for Rave Master: Overload. This has extra info and any questions about the RP. I will also post the cast on this, so check this daily. Again, any questions, please post here.

[B]Extra info[/B]

[B]The World[/B]- In the world, Adol and his companions inhabit, the towns and cities are named after styles of music. Punk street and Ska are examples. The Million city that Adol goes to is the only city with no name meaing a style of music.


[B]Human[/B]- easy.
[B]Demons[/B]- Alot of demons are weak in this world. Middle average demons are the Demonoids and the strongest on with the Demon Card or in other gangs. They are probably only take less then 2% of the world.
[B]Dragon Race[/B]- Very complex race, yet one of the strongest. I will show the steps of the race.

When someone is born of the Dragon race, he or she looks human. When they reach 20, they Half-Dragonize and enters training. After one year, A Dragon Trail is undergo at a Dragon shrine to expel the evil drgaon spirit within.
When the trail is complete, the person is turned back to his human form and becomes an Adult. His/Her powers are sky-rocket. [B]Do NOT[/B] get this mixed up, this is [B]not[/B] a human, A Dragon Race. If anyone wants to be Dragon Race, PM me.


[B][U]Rave Master Crew [/U][/B]

Lionheart- Adol Knight: Rave Master
Kuroshin13- Lyra: Etherion Child
Vampire_Fox- Ianthe Damia: Earth Mage
Rurouni992- Suzu: Sword Saint
XYZ- Gikido Musica: Silverclaimer

[B] [U] Demon Card[/U][/B]

Sin- Abaddon: leader of the Oracion Six
Raze_3103- Jack "Hellspawn" Jones: Member of the Oracion Six
Starwind- Dorrian Grey: Member of the Oracion Six


Okay, it's a crappy map, but give me credit for at least making it! The red line is Adol's trail. Rave Crew, You can either meet him in Million city or Edge Kingdom. PM me where you want to meet Adol. Demon Card members, you can pick a place and cause trouble. We will all meet at Edge kingdom for our first face-off. Don't worry Demon Card. Your Headquater's is being made, there are four maps for Four continents. This is the Song Continent. Luka Continent is where Demon Card Headquater's is. Big world. Check up at the underground daily for map updates.

(PM me for any questions)[/SIZE]
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