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RPG Stone of Bain [M-LV]


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It is said that in the time of old, a stone was created. It was to give its power to its weilder, making anything that their owner thought of. To prevent someone with a dark heart from taking the stone for themselves, a test was created. This test looked through the skin to the bottom of the person's soul and looked at everything that was possible.

No one had passed the test if they had even the smallest part of evil in their soul. For centuries, this test worked, until one day. Four people came to take the stones power, and use it for their own purposes. After a long hard fight, they were finally able to split the stone inot four and control it.

Fearing for the worst, the stone picked people it could trust and gave them a small amout of its power. It left them with one final thought, "Find the ones that have more good than evil in their hearts. Help each other return the world to the way it once was. You are all there is." From there, it began.

Tame opened his eyes. The sun was already beating down. He rolled over and looked out the window. He quickly jumped up and looked around. The room, it didn't feel right. Something in it felt a little closed in. He couldn't stand it. He grabbed his cloaths and put them on. He walked over to his bow and slung it over his shoulder. He then grabbed his sword and help it tightly. He looked out the window and sighed. He was at least twenty stories up, and someone was knowcking at the door.

"Sir, are you ok? The manager at the front dest was wondering if you were staying another night, or if you were planning of checking out." Tame looked at the door then shook his head.

"I'm checking out. I will be down in a short while to pay for everything." He loosened the grip on his sword and let out a deep breath.

"Not at all, sir. The poeple of Bale wish only for your comfort. Do not worry about the tab, it is nothing." With that, the servent was gone.

"Strange, I do not remember asking to put it on a tab. This place is freaking me out." He frowned, and slid his sword into its sheath. He looked around the room and then left. He had decided to look around town. Maybe there was something there he could use or someone he could find.

Ok, you have the intro. You will be starting in a place known as Bale. It is a small town on the outskirts of a wasteland. The only stop before the capitol, and the four who have the stone. Start off any way you like, but in the end, everyone must travel as one across the wasteland.
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Simple walked down the dusty road, his cloak waving in the breeze. The shops were just opening, and he was a little hungry. He decided to stop at one of the pubs, The Broken Sword. Upon entering he sat himself down, and waited for the waitress to take his order.

[I]Bale sure is a lively city,[/I] he thought. [I]For one so small, I've never seen such activity.[/I] The waitress walked over, and he ordered fried eggs, fried fish, and a glass of fresh milk. Once they got there, he started to eat while he thought.

[I]Today is the one-year annaversery of my trial from the Stone. Alot sure has happened since then.[/I] He glanced up, and saw a peculiar man walk in. If it wasn't for his bright-red hair, his appearance would have been menacing. The bow slung across his shoulder, as well as the sword held lightly in his hand, were curious to Simple, and it got him thinking.

[I]That one seems important for some reason. I'm not sure what for, but I'll let the winds of fate take me wherever they will.[/I] He quickly finished his meal, grabbed his spear, and walked over to the man.

"Hi," Simple started. "My name's Simple, and I'm new here in town. Mind if I sit and talk with you?"
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